What's on your iPod?

Been busy since release from quarantine here in Darwin sorting out the tablets which survived the thieves who stole my TV
One tablet has some of my music likes

The Planets

Men at Work
Sultans of Swing
Steamy Windows
If I Could Turn Back Time
Sound of Silence

Checking some of the YouTube video stuff I came across this drummer. How does she remember all of what she is playing?

And the flexibility of her right wrist. In some shots it appears she has no wrist bones

Straight from end of radius and ulna to the tarsals

I saw a Buddy Holly in London at a cinema concert (early 50s) before the band became as famous as it did. They let the drummer loose and he was like this

Also a Gregorian chant version of Sound of Silence. Don't think it pulls it off

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Just because:

Styx, "Music Time"

Thomas Dolby, "She Blinded Me With Science"

Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds, "Shuffle It All"
Steve Earle, Guitar Town (1986)

I had forgotten how good this album is.

Funny story: I had also forgotten that two songs I really liked were actually on another album. It's like, yeah, Copperhead Road is good, but there are those couple songs on Guitar Town, except it turns out they're actually on Copperhead Road. Meanwhile, the rediscovery is enchanting. I have no idea how the hell it's been so long.

• "Fearless Heart":

• "Guitar Town":

Added this gem today

Was about age 16 / 17 sent to evening dance classes to learn to waltz. Sure the class did waltz steps for the teacher to claim "waltz was being taught"

But the students (me included) moved onto the jive and rock and roll in this clip. Frequently classes went into overtime

Hope brings back happy memories for many of you

At 16 / 17 can't say I was ever this energetic though