What's on your iPod?

Clean and pure meditation without a doubt
Don't mek dem take you like who dem took out
Jah will be waiting there we a shout
Jah will be waiting there!

this is the ballad of charlie starkweather -

Ladies and Gentleman...without further adieu...i bring you...Joe Strummer and... The Clash -

One of my favorite bands as well -

I loved grunge, Kurt Cobain was amazing. Watched some documentaries on Netflix recently...but you know? we know each other...

...and then...this came out...

I had just got kicked out of the NYPD for the ingestion of illicit substances like around 1992/

I had already did 19 years in NYPD CSU, by proxy through my dad. So 19 years, my whole childhood. That was all i ever knew...that instenity.

oh it was funny.

...or like...so many other things...but really, this site is...well, the owner - plasma - is real cool.
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...whoops, I apologize for getting rambunctious and literally just woke up from a nightame - I was rolling a tire along this road and i'm running as fast as i can...i got this stick in my hand to facilitate the rolling of the tire...which is odd as its something i'd never done before irl, and i was just a little bigger than the tire...so, i'm runnning as fast as i can and it took hours and yet, i got no where. I looked around and i was just running in place. Then it faded to black and there i am a little toddler crawling across the floor, struggling and everyone around me is laughing and saying "come Sylvester...come, come...come... laughing as i struggled as had not been able to walk yet....naked save for only a diaper and i said, now i couldnt talk yet either due to my age...in my mind was the scream..."i'll get up...i'll get up". Next scene i had this elaborate phone in my hand and it literally melted in my hands as i'm walking, like a picture frame sliding away...and, i just couldnt put it back together, just came apart and, was strange because in a few minutes i walked hundreds of miles...looked around and said "where am I?"...there was more to it but just too peronal. What struck me was the dichotomy of it all. Well, thats enough... I have no videos to post and Leonard Cohen died....

oh, ok will post a video for you guys -

ooooh oh oh oh oh, everybody form a line...what a first track. I love the third track too, so dramatic and the circus midget that gets shot out of the cannon in "wild billys circus story"

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