What's on your iPod?

Robin Schulz & Richard Judge, "Show Me Love"

It's funny; I only checked in on this↱ because I have a thing for another song↱ Schulz did, and, well, the stylistic overlap is apparent. Don't get me wrong, it's a good track. And the video is fun. Enjoy.

This game blew my mind

This goes out to Michael , Trevor and Franklin. Man...this was a masterpiece,

...I wanna shine a light on the things you do.
While looking for possible ipod things I stumbled on this. Turns out the source of 'Cotton picking blues' is one Elizabeth Cotten. I am ashamed to find that it has taken nearly 50 years to find out that the musical style I have most sought to emulate originated from a black American woman working as a cleaner. I don't think my own accidental or deliberate racism can be entirely blamed for this ignorance for the last 50 years - I may be a racist but I also try to be fair - on a good day I hope 'fair' wins out over 'racist' but this is of no account in the face of endemic racism.
Rant (mostly) over:-
This is it:-
More more her story here:-