What's good?

That is pretty sweet. Visual sugar. I had to sit and look at it for a few minutes to take it in properly.

Cosmic is our own beauty magician:) Its not the first time he's used his visual wand on us:worship:

We luv u man!

Its so majestic that it conjures both an awesome wonder and a kind of sadness.

And so of course I meditated on the pic while listening to Joe Cocker's 'spell'. Ha!:p

You rule mother fucker!
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Being able to finally do a parkour move after you've been ferociously practicing it for a week.

That is so fucking cool. I'm jealous!!

Let's see, let's see...happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

Well, for one, I have overcome a shit-ton of very evil, very difficult obstacles in the last 8 months and for the first time in 7 long years I once again feel absolutely wonderful, sexy, confident, strong, and intelligent.

I have amazing friends who love and support me.

I have a best friend who I adore and I feel blessed that he allows me to be part of his four-year-old daughter's life. I love that little girl more then I ever thought I would love a child. The other day we colored pictures, watched Disney movies, ate junk food, and acted silly for hours on end. She heals my damaged soul like nothing other. I am also thankful to my friend for always being there for me, loving me, and taking care of me even when it meant putting his own feelings on the back burner.

I have awesome parents, no matter how much we fight.

I have my health and sanity back.

I feel like life is worth living.

Mughlai food is very very good

Today we had a mix platter of tandoori food [seekh kebab, reshmi kebab, hariyali kebab, tangdi kebab, chicken tikka] with butter chicken, fried mutton, butter naan and yoghurt raita. Now I'm comatose with hedonic delight. :D

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Waking up each morning and knowing the chances are overwhelmingly favorable there will be no tarantulas waiting for me on my blankets.
The most amazing performance I've heard in a longtime, Chavela's 2003 performing at the age of 81. Gorgeous! Its available on CD.

'Chavela At Carnegie Hall'
(This NEVER happens!)

The Vietnamese place me and my wife adore has reopened, literally rising from the ashes of a really bad fire...and tonight-we go have some late-night Vietnamese food!
Now this is GOOOOD!

Glenn Beck gets publicly harassed in NYC:

Sometimes, one can only hope that Glenn Beck is the Republican version of Jon Stewart and that it was all one big joke we didn’t latch onto in good time… but there’s that gnawing feeling that he really does believe the beserk stuff he says.

And it is his views that have seen him and his family being targeted by “hateful” crowds at a screening of The 39 Steps in New York City on Monday night.

While there, Beck & Co were caught in a “hostile situation”, and if you look at his history, it isn’t difficult to see why that will happen from time-to-time. You troll people, there’s a strong chance they’ll harangue you in return. So let us glare at him at his most weird.

Apparently, Beck was at this outdoor screening and someone kicked wine onto his wife Tanya’s back, soaking her clothes and their Stars ‘n’ Stripes blanket. Then, after that, when Tanya and their daughter Hannah went to the bathroom to clean up, someone yelled “We hate conservatives here!”

The Becks did their best to ignore the catcalls and people taking pictures of them, but it obviously didn’t work, with Beck saying on his radio show:

“These people were some of the most hateful people I’ve ever seen. All I wanted to do was watch a movie in the park. I have a right to watch and enjoy a movie in the park.”

Hate? Wanna talk about hate? See, Beck was mockingly applauded as he left the show. While it may be very uncomfortable to be chided in public, you have to wonder where this behaviour comes from. Seeing as the screening was in New York, you have to assume that saying things like ‘I hate 9/11 victim families’ will turn a community against you.

And of course, Beck’s melodramatic response probably doesn’t help matters.

“If I had suggested ‘Does anybody have a rope? Because there’s a tree here. You could just lynch me.’ I think there would’ve been a couple in the crowd that would’ve.”

It isn’t exactly a good idea to bring up lynching is it, especially given that Beck has been accused of ‘race hate’ in some quarters.

Fact is, if you’re on a huge platform like the Fox Network, given the opportunity to speak without fear of immediate reply, if you have views that are, to put it kindly, controversial, then people will build up loathing and weariness which could easily manifest itself as… well… taking the piss out of you while you sit on a rug in a park.

Of course, Glenn Beck has the right to his views and no-one should ever take that right away from him… but y’know, the right to speak goes both ways, so if someone wants to boo and heckle you, they’ve got that right too, especially if you’re the kind of bloke who can lose his bap on-air and furious slate a caller, only for you to call them a “pinhead”.

Public attacks aren’t very nice are they? Mercifully, we revel in it and would love the chance to mindlessly call Glenn Beck names, mainly because he looks like Bobby from King of the Hill.

It goes without saying that, while Beck recalled all this on his show, he got all choked up. It’s not like Glenn Beck to cry is it? Not one bit…

Beck, who launches a live streaming video network in Sept., closed his segment about the incident with a plea for love, “Find a way to love because in the end only love remains. The only thing that is true is love. Everything else is a lie. Do not hate, love. That’s the promise of America. That is the shining city on the hill that cannot and will not be hid.”


Yeah I was sure that was the Tetons . I was at a log house right by that creek that is in the picture . It was the house of a western writer . Man that was a long time ago . Long dead by now . Can't even remember his name or his wife . The Tetons are amazing , course we got good Mountains like that right here in Montana