What's good?

A deep mountain hike where at the end of the trail there are hot springs to dip in and enjoy! (There is one such place here in Utah)
Petrushka produced by Basil Twist. I saw this in Washington a few weeks ago. It's a ballet with a score by Stravinsky. The story is about a puppet show in a carnival, but he turned the entire ballet into a puppet show. The puppeteers are quite talented. The stage was blocked off into a small area suitable for a puppet show and to add to the intimacy the music was performed by Russian twins on pianos on opposite sides of the stage. Apparently it was actually performed that way a few times and he found Stravinsky's original two-piano transcription. A memorable experience.
I have helped two people , one to reach there career goals and another who had no confidence

both are doing very well
I love Glenn Gould though I still find his interpretations of tempo (with Bach, at least) a little peculiar.

On that note, a considerably slowed-down interpretation of Bach's "Chorale Prelude in F Minor" (from Tarkovsky's Solaris): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFAlegTEBUU

And the other greatest composer for organ ever, Olivier Messiaen, performing an organ improvisation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSH9sVjpy8g

You know if you dig choral music.. and havent listened to any of it check out the Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir. The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices. It is almost beyond words. It takes your body and mind... somewhere else. the scales, intervals whatever, that they sing.. are ... i dont know. some of that music makes me bawl. some of makes me think i shouldnt be listening to it.. like its holy or something lol. just give it a listen :)\
so whats good? um.. ive been contacting differnt gem and metal artists locally for jewelry and sculpture collaborating. also trying to get a friend who is a wood carver that owns a 4x4 to pack up tools and head for the hills to do wood and stone carving on deadfall trees and old rocks etc. i think those things should be good,

Art Movements of the Twentieth Century

I'm having an argument with my Brother about 20th Century Art Movements. Can anyone point out a well-researched reference book?

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