What's good?

Oh wow that is wonderful!!

No really that is so beautiful (and I am not referring to your weekends sex romp either).

That's amazing where is that being exhibited? Now that is joyful. That makes me smile from ear to ear. Tell us about your sister's work?

...four times?:D

What did the cicada look like while moving up the tree? I ask because you say he walked up the tree and then left his shell?

I have no idea where the competition is. She was having a yard sale when she told me and we got interrupted. I know the winning prize is $10,000. She has won local contests with her glass art, but this one is a state competition (I think).
I don't recall where that hand blown glass art display by Chihuly is, but if you go here, you can see a lot of his work. He is by far my favourite and I felt truly blessed when he displayed at a local art museum a few years ago.

The cicada looked like this

Do you want to see what the sex looked like? :D
This image is amazing:


It took me a few seconds to realize that it was a ceiling fixture. Thanks for making me aware of him.

You're sister must be good. If you get any pictures of the piece she has at the exhibit post a link I would love to see it. I hope she wins the competition:) But even if she doesn't its an honor to have ones work considered for the competition.
Well that's what this thread is for. To make people aware of the sunshine.;)

I wonder if he ever sculpted for the Ice hotel? They use different artists every year. I could imagine some of these sculpted in ice and with colored installations in the background.
I'm presently listening to Messiaen playing this:


I'll check out your other links. How did you first find an interest in organ music?

I'm a musician and my primary instruments are organs (Italian transistor organs) and, moreso over the past few years, harmonium. While informed by Messiaen, I can't even approach that level; rather, I've been described as "a backwoods Terry Riley." Heh. I got to perform on the largest Wurlitzer pipe organ in the U.S. once. Nothing even approaches the feeling of playing on a massive pipe organ--it's like being the Wizard of Oz.

Anyhow, I stumbled upon Messiaen via Henry Cow (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdCAz7sQo3g)--underground English prog group noted for their notoriously difficult compositions and Marxist politics. Tim Hodgkinson, organist and clarinetist, made a concerted effort to compose his bits in the style of Messiaen.

Kinda strange how there's still such a bias against mid/late twentieth century composers, and not just the weird ones. This does not seem to be the case with other arts and literature.

Watching a short piece on his life they say he never liked to focus on suffering in religion, only its joyous aspects of it.

Yeah, like Bach he was quite devout (albeit Catholic), yet he drew inspiration from so many decidedly non-Catholic sources: ancient Greek and Indian music, Balinese gamelan, and birdsong. Even when dealing with darker themes, there's an upbeat, almost ecstatic, quality to his music.
Brian Jungen is a very interesting artist. These whales are made out of lawn chairs. He uses shoes a lot as well. He's of a Native Canadian Indian tribe and it shoes in his tennis shoe work



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I'm happy cos I'm getting a kitten soon.

My mother changed her mind about not getting another one, cos we have a rat problem, so, we are adopting one in a few weeks when she's old enough.

I saw Gamer yesterday. I liked it.

My wife and I are still looking for a house. We made an offer on one last week and our offer has been accepted. We still have to get the appraisal and home inspection done, but it's a start.

Zombieland comes out in a few weeks.