What is "Time" made of?

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I got this strange idea while reading this thread.
time goes forth in our universe and we observe it, but does time go forth in black holes? can we really (when we find one) tell that, because the black hole has a seperate reality, time than our universe and if it maybe goes backwords to our own time........hmmm very advanced timetravel comes in mind. (requires a great leap in technology) or maybe particles sucked in from the future get to our time...
If the universe were a a wheel, one side matter and the other anti matter . And energy between the two absorbed the like counterpart until the point where matter on both sides equaled out. when this equalization occurs a big explosion occures seperating matter and anti matter once again. Then time would be a point on the wheel ever renewing. If this is the case then travel in time could occure once you were able to move faster then the spin of the wheel.:bugeye:
JimmyJames, wtf? I've got that book, why do you put it here??? it has got nothing interesting to tell about time
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Time is a strange thing... if we interchange time and location in the following sentence:

an object can be on the same location at two different times

we get:

an object can at the same time be at two different locations

The first we agree all upon, but the second... Maybe the last holds for foton-pairs



time isn't really made up of anything, time is simply explained as a thought, or theory, that humans have taken to explain the way we pass along, time is all in the brain, somthing that we have been told since our birth, so it is imbedded into our minds and we know no other way. so we begin to think of time as a thing, or an object, when time is a thought
time is a 4th vector of a particular area in/out of the/ space

just my definition

an interesting concept......

I have given the idea of time... much thought again of late... probaly proving I have to much of it too waste. lol

I guess I didnt write this post initialy to get an answer as much as i wrote it to see the responses.

For all that we as a species assume to know about most things, the only fact in my opinion, that can be relied upon fully, is that all things are indeed possible, no matter how inept they may seem.

We in our infinite wisdom believe we understand and comprehend science and indeed life to a degree that allows us to make statements of fact about almost any subject.

I believe its simply not possible for us to stamp an absolute definate answer upon any subject, including time.
This comes from two ideals i hold...

1) reality is based upon perception.....perception is what helps us form opinions, .... since no two people perceive life, events and information the same way.......Reality is more likely to be a personal definition of what we perceive to be factual or true in our own individual opinion.

2) Those that do infact believe they know everything, should also know they do not.... some things cannot be answered, for we as a species have a level of comprehension that is limited.
I could show you a few simple examples.. but at this point I will leave things as they are... enough said.

Just understand... its great fun and quite normal to ponder, to try and make sense of all that we encounter in life.... as long as we keep an open mind.

Time is just another dimention we homies kick it on. We travel along it just like we travel along the other 3 dimensions. Its not "made" of anything. It's just something that we can interact with just like the other 3 dimensions we reguarly interact with. Its "made of" the same stuff space is, and interacts with gravity the same way.

I'm glad we only have the 4 dimensions we regularly interact with. My car would be much less fun in a calabi-yau (sp)configuration.

In one of his essays, Einstein said something like the following.
When an individual thinks about the events in his life, he can order them using a criteria of before and after. He can assign numbers to the events in such a way that he considers an event with a larger number to have happened after an event with a smaller number.

A device called a clock is a mechanism which provides a systematic way of assigning such numbers to events.

The concept of time cannot be analyzed beyond the above, and if you want a definition of before and after, you are being too pedantic for me.
I once took a philosophy course which had a text that took 30 or more pages to describe concepts relating to time. When analyzed thoroughly, it did not describe it better than Einstein did.

Albert was not as difficult to understand as some people think, and he did not waste words or try to sound scholarly.

BTW: I recently read an article which claimed that the concept of time flowing is nonsense. This article said that measurements of time are analogous to measurements of space. When you use a meter (or yard) stick to measure the distance between two objects or events, you do not talk about the flow of distance. Why should you talk about the flow of time?
Time in a black hole

I've thought about time a lot. My theory... time is a result of our universe being trapped in an extra dimensional black hole.

I started thinking about this after reading about multiple dimensions referred to in string theory (see "The elegant universe"). I wondered why we don't see these dimensions. String theory suggests that they are very very small circular dimensions. But I wondered why they couldn't be very large. Maybe we don't "see" these dimensions because they are time-like in nature. That is, we move through them in one direction and therefore we do not have a way to measure them... or in fact we measure them as time.

Then I read that when you enter a black hole (assuming you could), you are drawn to the singularity (center). This motion towards the singularity (center) is inevitable. In fact, this motion (dimensional direction) can be thought of as becoming time, since you are always drawn in one direction. Therefore, if you enter a black hole (past the event horizon), we could think of it as entering a 2-dimension universe. Where the normal 3rd dimension (towards the center) is now a one directional time dimension.

Of course, we don't live in a 2-dimensional universe as I described above. But, if the universe does contain more spatial dimensions (as string theory implies), isn't it possible that our entire universe is actually contained within a giant 4 dimensional black hole? In this case (following the thinking above), 3 dimensions would remain available for us to observe, but we would constantly be pulled in the 4th dimension in one direction. This single directional dimension is what we observe as time.

My actual theory is a bit longer then this. It includes explanations for the expanding universe, the speed of light (speed limit), increase in entropy, time-dilation (special/general relativity). It suggests that time really runs backwards, there is no real motion in the universe. It does not explain: our temporal awareness of time and why we have free choice.

...but I'll save myself the embarrassment of going on.
Time is made of illusionary stuff.

It does not exist outside the human head, so never let it go because if you do eventually you will not exist.!
i don't really think time is a fundamental dimension.

i think motion is a fundamental dimension. motion and distance/space. time is calculated by dividing space with motion. time is considered to be a dimension because this better suits human way of experiencing the universe.
space and motion are sine and cosine of the same angle when considering relativism.
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