What is the difference between a vaccine using RNA vs DNA?

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by Dennis Tate, May 9, 2021.

  1. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    Assuming the thread content included some posts addressing the title topic or related issues, I read most of it - but maybe not carefully: if I missed this, sorry, but anyway:

    the vaccines in use belong to two different kinds, one (the RNA one) new, and reports indicate the two kinds tend to differentially trigger two different aspects or categories of immune system response. They tend to work in two different ways. (one more strongly triggers T cell mediated disease suppression, the other something else - they both do both, but in different proportion).

    Some researchers suggest that is why people who were shunted by circumstance into a two shot regime that included one shot of each kind, rather than two shots of one kind as planned, seem to have enjoyed a somewhat stronger response and higher immunity than the average recipient of one kind either in two shots or one. (A small effect, since either kind by itself triggers strong response without great room for improvement). They also might have avoided some severity in side effects - which as we have seen often accompany the second shot of a standard two shot regime.

    Uncertain, anecdotal, but encouraging. https://www.npr.org/sections/health...-covid-19-vaccine-could-boost-immune-response
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  3. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    Other type of vaccine based on whole dead virus eg Covaxin is not included in this study. I do not understand, how viral vector based and mRNA based vaccines are different except in made of transport or unless we agree that viral vector used for making viral vector type of vaccine also create some immune response(which do not as I understand? In case of mRNA or viral vector vaccine simple spike protein is exposed as immunogentic to immune system, so can create single type of immune protection but in case of whole virus based vaccine many types of proteins eg N, E,S etc are exposed to immune system, so should be creating multiple immune protection. I feel, it will be better to judge variations in immune protection by different types of vaccines, in this consideration.
    Just an example for easy and logical understabding of this idea. A single type of effect from taking one glass of prange juice will be stronger and quick than taking the whoke orange fruit. It will also be different from taking a coctail of many fruits. But in former case, it will be stronger but single and bit unnatural but in later case, it will be less stronger being distributed and slow, but multiple and more natural.
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  5. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member


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    The above image of Covid 19 virus dhows 4 types of proteins composed in this virus. In short, S, N, M and E type. These should be antigenic or immunogenic to immune system so should be stimulating 4 tupes of immune response. I do not know if other parts of virus also act as immunogenic or not. However spike protein will create only one type of immune response which may be stronger but specific.

    Probably, logicalky it appears more possible that in future there may be an preferance of combination of whole virus based and spike protein based vaccine to deal with current and mutiple bariants.
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