What are the freemasons?

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by witnessjudgejury, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. witnessjudgejury Banned Banned

    DECEPTION is evil.
    Every freemason is handed a book which must be decoded.
    This is deception. It is darkness and that is only the beginning of deception and secrets of freemasonry.

    Lucifer is the king of Babylon and Babylon the Great will fall according to the Bible.

    Freemasonry wishes to rule the entire world.
    They printed "NEW WORLD ORDER" on the dollar bill a few hundred years ago.

    If you are christians, calll yourself christian. Why must you call yourselves freemasons, and illuminati. (those enlightened above the church of God)?

    I believe anyone will understand and the truth is exposed to my satisfaction.

    God is light and in him there is no darkness or DECEPTION. There is nothing hidden which will not be revealed.

    My multiple personalities, I called superficial, meaning on the surface. Everyone has them.

    I have enough understanding that I don't need to use words to fill the world with light from the spirit. Only the brain which is of the body, needs knowledge to understand the spirit, but, the spirit has its own mind. I will change the world by allowing my spirit, Gods spirit to change it without work.

    If anyone seeks understanding, you can email me at Bawitdaba@netscape.com. I will try to check my mail from time to time.

    Light is shined into the darkness and the darkness could not comprehend the light, it just disappeared and became light.

    Please continue to discuss and expose the darkness and deception of the freemasons so the christians can get out before joining the church of darkness and of Satan which is called freemasonry. Hell is a very large lake and the road to it is the largest road in existence. Freemasonry is worldwide. Even countries which hate eachother have freemasonry as a brotherhood which they can befriend eachother with.

    God is the keystone which the builders (freemasonry) rejected.
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  3. DarkThorn Registered Senior Member

    No, freemasons didn't reject God. They just allow members to have their own God. One of the main rules of becoming a freemason is that you believe in a supreme being [any faith]. They do not discuss their own personal beliefs while at a Lodge meeting so if there is a mixture of satanists, christians, muslims, etc it won't matter.

    My uncle was a freemason and if he was evil in any way it didn't show in his person very well because he was always good to my aunt, his kids and the people around him. He was a well known and well respected member of his community and when he died the masons made sure his family were looked after.

    I may be wrong but i think freemasonry is nothing more than men who want to learn how to earn respect, love, appreciation, etc while still holding on to their faiths but without the corruption or ideaology of the church.
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  5. duendy Registered Senior Member

    witnessjudgeAND jury, hey?
    you are off on one....you r major problem is your fear OF the Dark!....this is te central fear of the patriarchal solar worshippers--which INCLUDES the Illuminati!...fear of the dark. fear of teir own shadows--for shadows are dark aren't they? fear of dark skin. so this fear is an evil fear and causes much of the problems we are experiencing in this Earth, propagated by beliefs --not only of the Illuminati's---but yours also!
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  7. Einstuck Registered Senior Member

    Dysfunctional non-alpha males join gangs, because they are cowards.
    The masons are just another private club for men with small penises.
    But seriously:

    Nothing I have seen probably sums up masonry better than this. But at the same time, it clearly reveals the built-in flaw of masonry:

    (1) Its a fraternity.

    (2) They claim to be Christians following Christian principles.

    (3) In fact, they engage in almost pure favouritisim and elitism toward other members, excluding outsiders from those benefits. This is of course diametrically opposed to a major Fundamental Christian principle as understood by every major branch and denomination. Taught in the Old Testament, and reiterated by Jesus Himself, is the principle of NO FAVOURITISM, beginning with the example of God Himself.

    (4) The main activity at lower levels (degrees) is business networking for the purpose of acquiring all the benefits of favouritism which were forbidden to real Christians, who are commanded not to practise it.

    (5) The even more blatant favouritism at higher levels is startling, but not well understood by initiates until they ascend to those degrees.

    Again, a more concise and eloquent description of Freemasonic philosophy could not be asked for:

    (1) Any God will do. Any religion, faith or philosophy will do.

    (2) This of course is a philosophy diametrically opposed to that of both Judaism and Christianity, as well as Islam.

    (3) This philosophical principle of 'tolerance' above all other principles and precepts is of course a prime example of the absurdity that results when the relative weights of key principles and doctrines in true religions is turned completely inside out.

    (4) Now 'Satanists' and Christians can break pretty much all the laws and ethical guidelines of the world's major religions as they engage in witchcraft and mystery rituals together in secret, providing copious blackmail material to each other and protecting themselves with blood-curdling oaths forbidden by the Son of God Himself.

    (5) Imagine the boyhood-like thrill of dressing up and carrying out ritual functions forbidden to all but real descendants of the Aaronic Priesthood, as well as blatant copies of Easter Maundy Thursday Catholic sacraments, performed in defiance of legitimate ordaining (NT) or birthright of bloodlines (OT). Has any religious any religious essential been left unmocked?

    (6) Of course Christian witness and evangelizing of freemasonic brothers is forbidden, being the last Christian activity left to a real FREE mason. There will be no time for religion as the materialism of this world's business interests take permanent precedence.

    A more eloquent refutation could not be asked for, for anyone who actually is a Christian.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2005
  8. witnessjudgejury Banned Banned

    Your input is awesome.

    Of course most will think I am nuts, but to those who have ears and are not blined.
    I am the biggest fish in the sea.
    Perhaps I (was) am supposed to be the coming anti-christ.
    The problem is that I have learned to hate lies, secrets, blindness of mind, and spiritually dead people who have no thirst for life.
    Also I believe that Jesus Christ is God the Father, and I could never deny him.
    Possibly my rejection of freemasonry and all the religeons and philosophies has twisted me into a christian. I do not seek earthly life. I seek what is now and forever. I seek the Father throught the son who is the Father.
    Maybe I am the only one who seeks the secret things of truth and the Father alive in the world today.
    Jesus said: blessed is the one who came into being before coming into being, that one will return to heaven. That's me, the nut case.
    He also said you should look for the father while you are alive because when you die, you will look for him and may not be able to find him. You will be lost in outer darkness.
    I spend ALL of my time thinking about God. That's all I do. Only the chosen would do such a thing, according to Christ.

    So, either I am the one the world is expecting, as Kid Rock and Dave Mathews has pointed me out by my first name Paul, or I am the one to warn you of the Anti-Christ and will die before he arrives. Either way, at this time, I am the biggest fish in the sea. No boasting or pride involved, just fact.
  9. witnessjudgejury Banned Banned


    Jesus whose real name was Yeshua, called himself the son of man.
    He said the only way to the Father was through him.
    This is because he is the Father, who became a man.
    Born of a virgin, witnessed to the world, brought fire, sword, war, and division,
    was tortured and murdered (nailed to a tree), died and was resurrected after three days. There is no man who could speak such words as he spoke.
    Call upon him, learn his ways and his words, get his spirit in you.
    Know him and you will never taste death.
  10. duendy Registered Senior Member

    you are reading it all literally. where there is life there will be death then regeneration, etc. this is pre-patriarchal insight. Christianity despite--at least in its early stages--its elitist use of psychedelic sacrmant ,,,yet its myth adhered to a patriarchal mysticism. this is shown in their surface myth of the idea one can banish 'evil' 'darkness' 'death'.....NO you cannot!!! but yu CAn gain deep insight into the eternal BENIGN spiral cycles of Nature which you ARE ALSO. Then eternity and time are NOT inany conflict
  11. Einstuck Registered Senior Member

    To sum up then, by their own testimony, we can say this about the Freemasons:

    (1) Their main activity is the acquisition of wealth and power through the practise of favouritism toward their gang members, contrary to Christian principles.

    (2) Their highest ethical rule or standard is religious and political 'tolerance', which has a lofty appearance. But this results in the suppression of all religion and political challenge within the sphere of gang activities, on pain of excommunication: two compelling but completely negative consequences.

    (3) True religion of every flavour is suppressed in favour of an academic mystery religion and an entirely artificial magical ritual practice, designed to induce 'fraternity', that is, emotional and psychological dependance upon and control by the gang.

    (4) True political advance is suppressed and blunted in favour of a 'status quo' lassier faire power elite who can operate unobstructed, favouring themselves and the gang by subverting and dominating available political and legal instruments.

    (5) It is a true 'fraternity' or criminal gang, whose activities are devoted to strengthening and consolidating gang power, accumulating wealth, and suppressing all forces opposing their goals, such as bona fide religious teachings and practices, or political ideologies.

    (6) While the gang freely engages in 'charity' in various forms, and some of it is undoubtedly 'real' enough, charity is a front and a smokescreen for gang activities in the same way that bikers hold huge rallies and charitiable events to convince the public that they are a swell bunch of guys, not murdering drug lords pimping your 14 year old daughters.

    (7) Inevitably, the charitable work is tainted by two factors: the dipping into the collection cookie jar to cover 'business costs', and the FAVOURITISM in the doling out of any charitable resources, steering it toward (as admitted) the family and friends of Masons themselves. Welcome to the nepotistic union of self-honouring 'saints'.

    Masons would probably say,

    "Look at us: we are law abiding citizens, we promote religion in our churches and mosques, and we do charitable work."

    And Jesus would firmly respond:

    "You clearly lack something essential!
    Go and sell off your wealth, and distribute it to the needy.
    THEN come back and follow Me."
    (Luke 18:22)
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2005
  12. Medicine*Woman Jesus: Mythstory--Not History! Valued Senior Member


    Jesus, who was called by many names (Zeus, Mithras, Krishna, Jim Jones, Sun Yung Moon, David Koresh, you get the idea...), never called himself anything. Why? Because he never existed. He couldn't talk. Words never came out of his mouth. The words he was quoted to have said were the fictional writing of someone named Saul (Sol, the Sun), whose name changed to Paul, who probably didn't even exist himself. The Church invented "Paul, a Roman citizen," to write about this fictitional dying demigod savior who controls his people with threats of no afterlife while the Church (also invented by "Paul")
    fills its coffers with the blood, sweat and tears, of the masses.

    Based solely upon planetary movements around "Saul" (the first "King of Israel," the Sun), Jesus, the sacrificial lamb of god (Aries) ushed in the age of the fish (Pisces), since from humankind's perception, the zodiac moves in reverse. John the Baptist (Aquarius), came before the "lamb of god" to usher him into his "ministry." John the Baptist appeared to be beheaded by Salome (a feminine name for the sun) when his "head" seemed to have disappeared in a solar eclipse.

    The BVM, Jesus's mother, Mary, was said to be the perpetual virgin (Virgo). Conveniently, the Church still recognizes Mary's birthday (September 8) in the Sign of Virgo.

    There were many dying demigod saviors of myth who were tortured, hung to a tree, and resurrected in three days. "Three days" is the timing of the solstice (the evening before, one full day, and the morning after). During the equinox, the planets are aligned in such a way to make a cross-like figure across the sun (god). Jesus's imaginary birth occurs at the winter solstice, the darkest time of the year. After the winter solstice, the light of day reappeared, so the ancients believed that god (the sun)(Sol)(and Jesus ) was resurrected.


    Quit preaching. It's against the rules. Start reading. Discuss from a point of knowledge instead of ancient myth. Quit waiting for some mythological everlasting afterlife, and get a life while you're here.

    ~ Medicine*Woman has spoken.
  13. Einstuck Registered Senior Member

    Unsubstantiated repetition of accusations is a cheap trick. Produce evidence, or better yet, produce a coherent definition before you throw accusations or charges around.

    Do not bear false witness against your neighbour. (Exodus 20:20)

    Blind appeal to nebulous 'authority' is an old rhetorical trick, long discredited in educated circles. Try to be a little more sophisticated than Greek debator from 500 B.C.

    But none of the factual evidence I have presented has even been acknowledged, let alone addressed. Oh well.

    Medicine *Woman has spoken eloquently.

    P.S. Freemasons exclude women by the way, except as Stepford Wives of course. It helps to know whose side you're on, or should be on.
  14. witnessjudgejury Banned Banned

    So, who am I and what is my purpose.
    I dont' know. Others (rock and rollers) say they know and try to make me something I'm not.
    Truthfully, it should be insignificant to me because I know I will return to where I came from and I'm totally ready to go.
    However, I must be here for a purpose.
    Perhaps, to find evil and destroy the works of the devil, and to save the world.
    I can find no worthy opponent, only people reciting words of others.
    I am not GOD because I am not free from sin. I am free from the laws of sin and death, but not from sin itself.
    My body came from earth but, I myself did not, as you all did.
    I cannot give life to the spiritually dead because I cannot seem to created the desire in them for life. The only way to do such a thing is by treating them as children and show them fear of hell.
    It is a very boring life being surrounded by the spiritually dead who serve no purpose other than to clutter up the world and cause discomfort to the living and the truly born again.
    I cannot be a good preacher because I was never similar to the ones I would preach to. I was born with the holy spirit which is mine and without it, I would not be. Everyone else has to be born again. When they are, they say they walk in the spirit but loose their thirst for the things of God.
    I was raised on rock and roll and drugs and the peace sign which, by the way, is the sign of the defeat of christianity, as a cross with its arms pointed downward with encompassed by a circle.
    Why do I think myself different? I have more spirit than many people combined. I can calm a room full of wild evil people just be being there.
    If I get drunk, I cannot contain my spirit and I feel my body will explode.
    I know the peace which surpasses understanding. It is the peace from whence I came and will return.

    So you say:
    What of it?
    I say:
    My sentiments exactly
  15. witnessjudgejury Banned Banned

    So the whole world prayed for a few thousand years for God to send someone like me.

    Now, the whole world denies praying and denies that I am here. You only wish that I would go away. Maybe if the whole world prayed that God would take me away, He would do so, and we would all be pleased.

    But, I promise, once I'm gone, there will be no apology for what comes after.
  16. witnessjudgejury Banned Banned

    Here is the proof of the one who rules the world.
    You have been so blinded and lulled to sleep that you cannot even find it in yourselves to humor me, just to see what might happen.

    Don't bother though, I would only tell you to go screw yourselves, but, at least that might wake you a little.
  17. ellion Magician & Exorcist (93) Registered Senior Member

    witness judge jury: i think you have what you deserve, and i think it will continue until you learn to love
  18. Einstuck Registered Senior Member

    "How shall we fuck off, oh Lord?" (John Clease in Life of Brian)
  19. Einstuck Registered Senior Member

    I am pasting this here where it really belongs:

    Most Christians, once they hear the details of secret Masonic practices and their philosophy, are almost unanimous in their appraisal of Masonry (and all its derivatives, like the Golden Dawn, the OTO, & the Satanic Church) as essentially a persistent underground Satanic cult, in opposition to and corrupting basic Christian belief and practice wherever it spreads.

    Masonry & Satanism

    Masonic Ritual Exposed

    Christian Opinions

    Masonic Symbology

    Questions for Christian Masons

    Advice for Satanists

    Personally, however, I don't really care about Masonry. Its one of the milder forms of stupidity on this planet. I would prefer to battle drug dealing and prostitution.
  20. c7ityi_ Registered Senior Member

    wjj... i'm the real messiah...
  21. duendy Registered Senior Member

    please explain to us the UNcorrupted beliefs and practices of the Christian Church?
  22. Einstuck Registered Senior Member

    Finally, a coherent and intelligent question:
    Is this serious, or just a blip on your radar screen?

    Pick an area of interest, and we'll start a discussion thread.
  23. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    Can you briefly explain why you believe the Masons are a satanic cult?

    No links, just your own words, please.

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