War between US and Iran/Iraq/Syria/Lebanon

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Schmelzer, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. LaurieAG Registered Senior Member

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  3. CptBork Valued Senior Member

    Right, so this guy's knee-deep in doo doo and his involvement with Russian lobbyists is just one small part of his overall rap sheet. That just shows how much concern there should be over the fact that Trump was taking millions of dollars from this guy while he was busy making deals with the UAE and Putin and discussing them with Trump's transition team, and here's Schmelzer telling us all along that it's just a Democrat witch hunt.
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  5. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    It seems to me Assad is responsible for the deaths his regime has inflicted.

    I must admit, though, I was not aware of this ethnic cleansing (I presume you must mean religious cleansing, as there is no ethnic difference) in Iraq. Can you direct me to a source for that?
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  7. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    We will find intentional ignorance, or at least claims of intentional ignorance, supporting falsehoods.
    We will find frequent use of long-discredited sources of "information", which a pretense of believing allows falsehood without accountability.
    We will find falsehoods posted in the same language and from the same viewpoints simultaneously being pushed by the corporate rightwing authoritarian media feeds that supply the US Republican Party (in domestic US issues) and Russian government media feeds or troll farm outputs (in US dealings with the Middle East).
    I have never posted about what you "probably think". I have reminded you of what you have actually posted, and where it came from.

    That is an example of you posting falsehood which you can claim was unintentional.

    And all of that undermines your occasionally accurate and informative posting, which you provide in situations of actual wrongdoing by the US in Middle Eastern countries; situations in which the histories and facts on the ground align with your posted falsehoods in other matters, providing what appears to be an agenda - the speculation involved not one of thought, but origin.
  8. LaurieAG Registered Senior Member

    So the first enquiry to get the goods on Trump didn't because it relied on dubious people but they proved Russian interference while Trump gets crucified for doing in an official capacity what Biden did on camera?

    All I can say is that blind rage along with turning a blind eye is anathema to people with two eyes.
  9. CptBork Valued Senior Member

    Not sure what you mean, they had and continue to have plenty of "goods" on Trump, and plenty more which still needs to be investigated or unredacted. The fact that such dubious people were working with Trump is a cause for serious concern in addition to the nature of the work they're alleged or admitted to have done.

    Huh? You mean Biden used his powers as president of the US to withhold security aid to a foreign country for his own personal benefit? Or do you mean how Biden spoke on camera about grabbing women by the pussy? Or how he was given advance notice about Russian hackers stealing emails from Republican candidates without duly informing the FBI?
  10. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    All inquiries into Trump's doings will involve gathering evidence from dubious people - there are no other kinds of people anywhere near Trump.

    And the goods have been got on Trump for years now - evidence of Russian election interference correlated and associated with Trump's campaign was in FBI hands months before he was elected, and that area of investigation was just one of several being pursued by various law enforcement agencies.
    Discarding the silly bs regarding Biden: one can only hope Trump gets "crucified" (as the drama queens of the US authoritarian right describe the kid glove treatment they receive from ordinary law enforcement).

    Trump's abuse of his "official capacity" has been little - if any - short of treason. If all that happens to him is some bad publicity and loss of an election, he should count his blessings - treason is a capital crime, traditionally.
  11. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    What sort of crime is unilaterally deciding to assassinate someone using a reaper drone?
  12. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    there are some really incredible archeological sites in iran
    some rumored to date back many MANY thousands of years
    one example
    there is some which they say have such massively huge foundation stones it defys modern engineering ability to lift and place.
    if they managed to connect all the old sites it would be an amazing tourist tour.
    i would love to go and see them syria turkey egypt iran ...
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2020
  13. Schmelzer Valued Senior Member

    The next serious action in the war against the US occupation forces: The US embassy in Bagdad has been attacked with a lot of missiles. The cafeteria or so of the embassy has been destroyed. Information about some injured, and about US helicopters evacuating the embassy.

    Then, a very high ranking CIA guy, Michael D’ Andrea, the head of US intelligence operations against Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, also called "Dark Prince" and "Ayatollah Mike", has probably been killed in Afghanistan. This guy was also responsible for the Suleimani murder as well as the false flag murder of demonstrators in Bagdad. What is already confirmed is that a Bombardier/Northrop Grumman E-11A plane plane was downed.
    If this will be confirmed, one can guess who is responsible. Taliban? Iran? Russia? Or was it simply falling down, because of some technical problems? The last version is not really plausible, even if the US would officially support it.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2020
  14. Schmelzer Valued Senior Member

    It should be "vice president", and the "on camera" should be in the first sentence. (The second is simply BS.) The video of Biden proudly saying that he will withhold a billion or so dollars if Shokin will not be fired immediately is. I think, well-known, too lazy to search it. Same for the evidence that a short time before this, a lot of property of the chief of that Burisma where Hunter "worked" has been seized because of those corruption and that all this ended in nothing after Shokin was fired.
  15. Schmelzer Valued Senior Member

    double posting
  16. CptBork Valued Senior Member

    No I don't agree. Yes I believe the US and other western powers have done plenty of things to complain about over the last half century, none of it involves ethnic cleansing on the scales we're currently seeing in Syria and Iraq, or the ethnic chaos Iran is deliberately creating in Lebanon and Yemen. If there's a bully who goes around school intimidating people into cooperating with them, and meanwhile there's another bully who goes around smashing peoples' heads in including women and other people half their size, the two individuals cannot be said to be "equally bad".

    Assad would have been turfed by his own people within a couple of years if not for the Russian and Iranian interventions, plus the massive financial and military assistance they've provided to him from the very beginning. Even before Russia directly entered the war, they were transferring billions in war fighting equipment to the Assad regime under the pretense that it had already been contracted and paid for before the war began. Therefore Russia and Iran are as responsible for the killing as Assad is, because they're the only ones empowering him.

    It's difficult to find good sources talking about Iran's ethnic cleansing in Iraq because the popular media prefer talking about ISIS and the Kardashians, but here's one source that covers much of what I'm saying: https://www.hoover.org/sites/default/files/research/docs/balanche_iraniancorridor_pdf.pdf
  17. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Fair enough.... however that is not what I was asking...
    I was asking if it could just as easily be perceived by the recipients of USA influence that that influence could be considered in as an intrusive manner as that of Iran's.
    Attempting to force an ideology upon other cultures etc...
    It often amazes me how the USA so often fails to empathize with, thus understand other cultural/ideological perspectives.
    Your response only highlights this issue IMO.
    While I agree that the crimes committed against humanity are miles apart in significance it doesn't change my point.
    Open questions:
    What do you think would happen to the majority of Syrian civilians if Assad was assassinated in a USA drone strike?
    What would happen to the stability of Syria?
    When would the Syrian people find stability again?
  18. Schmelzer Valued Senior Member

    He would be replaced by some other person, probably a military. The population would support him as well as they now support Assad because this would be the only hope for peace.

    There would be, of course, some danger of instability, but this would be a short time problem. One can expect that the successor will try to follow Assad. Assad will become a mystical hero, with even higher status than today, and following him will be obligatory. So, this would be a danger for stability only if the successor is much weaker than Assad.

    Everything else will continue as usual.

    Now, some information about the actual situation in Syria. Don't worry, I will not try to revive the Syria thread here. Once the administration has decided that they don't want to receive objective information about the military situation in Syria, their choice.

    Nonetheless, I think a few exceptions can be made for some key events. Such a key event happened today. Namely, the Syrian army has reached the second strategic aim. After the complete liberation of the main highway M5 Damascus - Aleppo, they have today completely liberated Aleppo itself and its suburbs:

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Essentially the whole region North the road nr. 60 has been liberated today. The defensed of the jihadists have essentially collapsed yesterday, and they have started to withdraw from the region North-West of Aleppo because else there would have been the danger of being encircled. So, the whole region which has been taken today has been essentially taken without fighting. As you can see on the map, up to now the terrorists had control over some suburbs of Aleppo, and were even close enough to the center to create damage even shooting only with mortars, and this has happened often enough, with victims among the civilian population. This is over now. Aleppo is already today 10 km away from the actual frontline, and I expect it will become even more before a ceasefire will be started.

    With this second big goal reached, one can expect some ceasefire during the next days.
  19. Schmelzer Valued Senior Member

    The prediction of a ceasefire during the next days failed, almost a month was necessary for this. And there have been quite serious developments, quite close to a war between Turkey and Syria.

    Turkey has, during some time, send some quite large convoys of the army to Idlib, officially to install some new observation points. The old observation points have been simply encircled by the Syrian army, nobody has considered them as dangerous. But then it started to look like Erdogan going insane. There was an ever increasing support for the jihadists with weapons and instructions and so on. A key event was a Russian (officially all sides preferred to say the Syrian army, and the Syrian side has not objected too) air attack against a jihadist command point, the place where the Turks has instructed and coordinated the attacks with the jihadists. The Russians have, before the attack, officially asked Turkey if around that region are some Turkish forces, but the answer was negative. So the command point was completely destroyed, and among the victims there have been a lot of Turkish soldiers, and it seems quite plausible that among them there were high ranking special forces officers.

    The Turks have, then, started an offensive openly bombing the Syrian army with artillery and drones. The Syrian army was not prepared, and had to take some losses during 2 days, and, while the Syrian Tiger forces were busy liberating the South of Idlib, the Turks have succeeded to take the town of Serakib where the M4 and M5 highways meet. But then the reinforcements arrived, together with air defenses, and the Tiger forces came back. The Syrian army was shooting the drones, answering the artillery fire, and appeared strong enough to retake Serakib and the surrounding villages.

    Erdogan has hoped that the Russians would betray Assad like the Americans have betrayed the Kurds. But this is not what Russia has done. They have supported Assad against the Turks, but have also done everything to avoid escalation.

    Given the failure of the blitzkrieg, Erdogan travelled to Moscow asking for peace, and got, indeed, a ceasefire, but on quite bad conditions. Here is the map:

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    The light blue area are the gains of the Syrian army during the last operations, which includes the complete M5. The ceasefire requires that the Turks have to free the M4 and
    a 6 km security zone around it from terrorists and start patrols together with the Russians forces to control it. If some jihadists refuse to leave, the Turks have to accept that the Russians and Syrians will solve this problem in a military way.

    What remains under jihadist control from Idlib (if this ceasefire is realized) is the town Idlib itself and a quite worthless mountainous region.

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