The Show Your Paintings/Drawings/Images Thread

nice photo....!

Thank you. It was just a weed that stood out as I was walking by this open field so I thought I'd capture the moment. Sometimes the simplest of things are the best things of all. :)
Pricing an artwork can be very complicated, there are a lot of variables involved, especially here in the future. If a person wants a particular piece and can afford it they will then buy it. Otherwise they won't.

Value judgements are like critiques - "everyone's an art critic" and it is vastly easier to criticize a piece than to produce it in the first place. ;)
Hello everyone.... "THE TEMPLE" is approximately 20x24 inches. It's a free hand pen and ink drawing I did years ago of a ruined Roman style temple in Turkey I saw a picture of once. It took about four to five hundred hours to do with a rapidograph drafting pen that draws a line about the width of a human hair. Just stippling (dots), no pencil sketch, no ruler, not a straight line in the whole thing. In fact there are really no lines at all.... just one tiny dot after another. Not the best shot, it's a lot like trying to photograph a giant dollar bill.
Enjoy.... Emile


Impressive. The finished work as well as the amount of dedication involved in completing it.
Fantastic work and shading. I like how the shadow perspective looks accurate.
The way the lighting strikes the very top stones -very little shading which also looks accurate.
Exquisite detail.
Welcome to the Sciforums, pleased to meet you.

Yes, Pointillism is both entertaining and time consuming, has its own unique perceptive flavor. One minor geometric/philosophic point: a line is by definition a series of points so there are indeed lines present, despite that you made them point - wise. Nicely done however. :)
So what exactly did you do there, Buddha (in the landscape and the serpent)?

Can you please elaborate on your question because I do not understand what you are trying to find out about what I did. If you are asking where they were taken or when I can give you that.
Just a simple flower shot I took, in my travels recently. It is a flower that grows 'wild' in Florida.
I'm trying to work on symmetry.
I prefer the black and white one, but I tend to prefer b&w over color photos, for some reason.

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I included a little bait & tackle/snacks 'eatery' that's near the bay, too. Not sure why that is showing as a thumbnail, and not with the others here.