The Show Your Paintings/Drawings/Images Thread


I made this by modeling several layers of 3D shapes in Topmod, rendering them into a 2D image, and then adding effects in photoshop.
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Lols, Gustav. How are ya man? See you haven't left at all. Always good to see old nicks.

Here's another I've done in the past.


There's a few screwups in this one, like the mouse's feet in the tile. This and many of the others are combos of several graphics programs combined.
I guess I've done enough monopolizing this thread. Without comments I can only assume no one is interested and will leave this last one that I did as an avatar for someone.


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It's all digital, done with 3D programs. That complete landscape was done in Terragen2. Terragen2 is a fairly easy landscape 3D program to get to work.

*edit* I don't know if they have it ported for anything other than Windows. I went and looked at the Topmod as I had never heard of it before. I see that it too is ported for Windows and have downloaded it with perhaps looking into how it does. I tend to use a wide variety of 3D programs along with GIMP as my photoeditor. *edit*

Here's a snap while it is rendering the image.


...and here is one where it was used as a background image, as you suggest the clouds might have been done.

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This is one of only a handful of oil paintings I have done. I am trying to learn some digital art this summer through a course at my community college. Hopefully I can add some stuff by the end of summer. But I have been trying to use gimp for years and can't figure out how to even paint over an image. its annoying as hell. wish me luck.
Another painting I did in oils. This was at request of my mommy.She had a nautical theme goin in her house and has a thing for pirates.
Thanks, I was a bit hesitant how to start. Didn't know if I should just jump in or introduce myself or what. So I just jumped in.