The Picture Thread Mark IV

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Haha, Avatar those pics look an old Kung-Fu where you training for the fight of your life.
And I think Varda is the cutest member here in Sciforums.
certified psycho said:
Haha, Avatar those pics look an old Kung-Fu where you training for the fight of your life.
And I think Varda is the cutest member here in Sciforums.

Cutest?..nah, I say most beautiful. Cute just doesn't quite work for her. She's too pretty to be cute.

Sorry to talk about you like that Varda lol.
My first attempt at trying fake model photography on photoshop. Still confused as shits on how to get it right.
Heh. Never heard of that before.
For one thing, choice of image would be key.
Yours breaks one of the main guidelines. You'd want an aerial view as you're used to looking down at models.

What's interesting about the example at the top of the tutorial page:
... is that the colors and shading of the houses is simplified vastly. That doesn't seem to have taken place in your photo.

I don't get the blurring thing. Why not make the whole image look like the part that's in clear focus? it'd all look like a model. I guess it's because the camera isn't supposed to be able to focus over the whole tableau or something?

Weird stuff.
the blur gives it that 'real but not real' look. And that stupid blur comes in the middle of my pic and don't know how to get rid of it.
From my graduation @ law faculty. You don't see me in a suit that often.

First time on those stairs. There's an old superstition in our uni, that whoever goes to the uni and uses the central stairs, has bad luck in studies, so nobody uses them, but instead all use the stairs that are on both sides from the main ones.

Legend goes that it's from the beginning of the XX century when the rich kids were brought to uni in carriages and so used the main stairs which face the street not the sidewalks, and the rich ones generally didn't study that hard, so many of them were kicked out.

Strange that that tradition still survives in this modern day. :D
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Well congratulations Avatar, what is your plans now, further studie or are you going to enter our cruel cruel world and get a job?

Nice class btw, 8 girls and 4 boys, the brunette in the black dress :). The guys behind you looks like the fotografer caugth them by suprice, they got that wtf look on there face :)

Well it's not a class really, we were 152 who finished, that is just a part of one group and there were 6 groups at about 30 persons each (a hell of a lot of lawyers, if you ask me). But because our uni (Latvian University) is the most popular and is thought to have the highest quality law education in country, all who want to study it seriously, study it there, at least for the bachelor. Employers take us more seriously too.

I'm going to study the next two years for a Mg degree and try to find a part time job that has something to do with law.
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