The Picture Thread Mark IV

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This tree should be easy to climb but I'm laaaazyyy

you know I look at you guys...inzomnia at ocean...tablariddim amongst love and religious satisfaction....Ghost in places of serenity and art. And I think what do I have to show?...nothing, streets, blank, blank, blank streets with regularity so mundane...its hurts the eyes.

I feel the same way...I've never traveled anywhere.
Do you know what kind of tree that is?
What country are you in, there?
What nationality are you?

I don't know the tree name, but the pic is taken in the same island, Helgoland.
Its the only island in North Sea that belongs to Germany. I am Indonesian,
studying in Germany.

Btw everything over there (in Helgoland) is duty free! I bought a box of
cigarette for my friend. in Germany it costs 4 Euro, over there is only 2.7 Euro.
Especially perfume, it was not only duty free, but also discounted 30% :eek:
Perfume, chocolate, wine, etc are so cheap, it hurts my wallet :bawl:
Not open for further replies.