The fourth dimension is not time, but why?

Oh, my rough calculation using my telescope, I can say those are located at the end of the world plus four more street blocks.
Precisely the point.

You have no idea, and no way to find out.

And yet, here you are, wasting time and resources, with nothing to say and no life better than trolling.
Nah. He's not cuckoo. That would give him an excuse.

He's just troll, looking for attention. (I think we're supposed to gasp that a brave rebel would dare impugn the holy name of Einstein.)

What I think is that you have been deceived for so many years, believing that such individual was a genius, but a simple scrutiny shows that he wasn't.

Science has no feelings, and when science is applied, many people might feel disappointed, hurt, angry, etc. However, science when explained in base of evidence will provide you the best knowledge available so you can understand better the universe.

I understand your rejection.

Many, but many years ago, while working in a project, I saw an old woman who was reading her bible. I was curious and appoaching her I asked what was so attractive for her in those readings. She told me she was reading the words of Yashua.

-Yashua?!... who is that?... is it the word for an ancient curse?
-No, it's the name of our saviour.
-Oh, you might try to say Yeshu or Yeshua perhaps.
-No, Yashua because this is a composed name which means....

Another man who was listening our conversation exclaimed very angry

-His name is Jesus!

The man was very upset, just hearing the same name he has learned since he was a child but this time in a close Hebrew pronunciation, and knowing that he might be wrong, such was enough for him to become mad.

This is a normal rection, because he grew up learning that the name Jesus was the "official" name of the son of the god mentioned in the bible. He wasn't capable to understand at that moment that Jesus is a transliteration of a Hebrew name.

In this case, about Einstein, it happens the same. You have received the information thru years and years of propaganda of all kind, that this man was the greater genius in science. Then, here comes Luchito telling you the contrary. Of course you will reject my words.

But calling me a troll won't be a solution, but for you yourself to review about Einstein and check if the information given to you before was correct.

Remember that this is not about likeness of a person because nationaliy, ethnic group or any other kind of affiliation, but this is about if this man was really what others say about him. The only way to know it is by reviewing what he said.

So far, he was wrong, and the more deep his works are reviewed the more wrong he is found.

Again, science has no feelings, and when science is discussed, best is to leave feelings behind and discuss it properly.
Precisely the point.

You have no idea, and no way to find out.

And yet, here you are, wasting time and resources, with nothing to say and no life better than trolling.
But I can use geometry.

So far, the same measures obtained by other methods like the cosmic distance ladder, such will also give you amounts which won't be fully accurate. And I say this because the only way to assert as correct those distances obtained by that method is thru verification. And you just can't verify those distances without actually traveling that far away.
Geometry is math. So: yes, you need math to measure distances to things in space.

You have sufficiently demonstrated that what you think - along with five dollars - will buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks.
That's quite funny. Is it a standard expression in your part of the world?