The face on Mars

Cal Ripken Jr. won the All Star MVP!

As a matter of fact I did watch the All Star game, (GO A.L.!) it started at eight, and there was a good 15 minutes of junk before the game itself started.

Until I find artifacts or fossil evidence, than there will be no believe in my mind that there wasn't or is any Martian civilization. Single-celled life is much, much more likely.
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I realize I'm coming to this thread a little late but I just thought of something. If you buried something to protect it or kept it on the sea floor (same reason) wouldn't plate techtonics eventually destroy it just as thoroughly as erosion, asteroid impacts, etc?

Now, I realize that mars has no movement in it's crust but don't you think that it would have had a more fluid crust at one time in order to support oceans and life? Can you have a stable, unchanging planet surface and develop the rudiments of life?

Just some thoughts.

manipulating the ant gene


I really like your idea for posterity but wouldn't the cockroach be more suitable? They (whoever "they" are) say that roaches would not have trouble surviving nukes.

Yes Shadow,
Something like that. What I would like to see in these boards is to push our imaginations, think out of the box. We can easily dismiss to that Mars is barren, venus is dead. But in a cosmic scale say during our cambric period if life elsewhere in our solar system did develop. Or even before say 500 million years ago?

Of course that will require understanding of level of solar energy, magnetic field of the planets etc and any new data that NASA has gathered so far.

I think Sciforum will be an excellent place to think ahead say 2 to 5 years if not more, before it becomes general knowledge. Two years ago I did some research into PCOS syndrome for someone dear to me, I came to a certain conclusion for which no cure was available then. Today my conclusion is widely used as a treatment program. So, yes we can stay ahead of the game.

Otherwise it is no fun....
Something else I happened to think of, it's roaches adaptability that allows them to survive everything so any genetic modifications may actually rapidly change over a short time span to the point of being unrecognizable, not noteworthy. Maybe we would need a more stable type of life. Ants probably would be better.

Now that you mentioned it. We have fireants in our yard. They do not have any natural predators. So it is very difficult to get rid of them. I have to use pesticide (I do not like to) to control the growth.

I do not like to use pesticides or herbicides. One of our friend who constantly used it died of liver cancer at a very young age. That is another thread.

Back to ants. If as a society we know we are doomed, I am sure we will come up with something for posterity. Also I believe our destiny is out there among stars too. As I wrote in one of these columns, we will contact aliens in about 100 years. They will be slightly less developed than us (that is good for our moral). Do not ask me how I know. Nothing esoteric.
Over the span of time that we have discussed there would certainly come a predator into the fire ant nich. So much unchallenged food does not remain as unchallenged without good reason. And when there is a good reason it just takes a little longer for the nich to fill. But fill it does. There are very few life forms on the planet that does not have a predator of some kind.

Michrondia DNA seems to last the longest unchanged. At least that I have heard. And it would seem like we could insert snippets with ususal code or prehaps a message that when finally figured out takes the reader step by step from one conclusion to the next. Maybe at the end of the message is the location of the asteroid. A passing thought...
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Good thought. The only thing I can add is that if we are manipulating the ant genome, we could give them some adaptability so that they will find a way to survive.

Are we the result of that adaptability? Hummm...

Or will there be a superior predator coming after us?? Is AIDs one of them?
Are we the result of that adaptability?

So you refer to the seeding postulation? Or prehaps to the idea of alien visitors with (to our viewpoint) "good intentions"? Or prehaps that some previous advanced early civilization with a need to help themselves out?

Or will there be a superior predator coming after us?? Is AIDs one of them?

I not sure that a predator, previously unknown would be required. We already have predators, however unsuccessful in the long term, of the species. Be it bug or fauna. To the negetive side, it may well be that some heitherto unknown virus/bacteria has come down the ages with us. Maybe we have mutated to some degree and lessened/elimanated the threat. Maybe the bug has. Pure speculation....
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cool debate !/topic of discussion
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i have heard that scorpians and cockroaches were found alive in the blast zone of nukes-thus not affected by the rads.
and-maybe a point of more philosophy but AIDS would not be a preditor if we were not around and some people are immune anyway.
soo maybe that gives strength to the addaptive theory of life?
or continuosely cyclecal random variation :D
i think it is time we looked at segrigating scientist from the tax base society so they can concentrate on their work...(or maybe area 51 "was" filling the gap?)

we could use the gravitational feild of the sun to regulate the solar orbit of a message in binairy code. ?

groove on all :)
I question whether the scorpions and cockroaches came away unscathed from the raditation. Prehaps this generation but sooner or later it would have to have an effect. It would seem to me to be a driver for mutation that would indeed show up. Maybe we didn't stay around in the hotspot long enough to witness such a change?

Anyone else have thoughts on this?
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I agree,

Receiving such a massive dose of radiation has to have scrambled some of the DNA, to what effect though...

Something that should be checked out. It would make interesting study to see the effects over multiple generations, especially considering how short a generation span is for a roach.

The lethal dose of radiation has been tried from fruitflies to roaches to a host of species. Detail results are probably classified.

What if a benign virus in one of the species mutates to AIDs? There was some study in Japan after the Bomb. It was found that those who were at the ground zero vaporized but farther out some survived with minimal damage. Conclusion was that the DNA was able to repair the cell damage to a workable state and offsprings showed no sign of damage.
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I know this post does not belong here, I've travelled this site far and wide, but I must say - I'm so glad I found you. I've been living in NC for 10 years and my brain has about atrophied. Most of what I hear here has to do with God or barbecue. It's great to finally come upon some intelligent, outspoken people with widely based opinions and great discussion material. Thanks.

Hellow Shadow:

We will make an exception here for you. Life is too short to do otherwise. Welcome.

You will find that we debate, post our opinions without a knock down dragout fight. A good cebral intelligent discourse is more stimulating than WWF championship. Remember it is the brain that produces the endorphins and adrenalin.

Once you get into that groove you will be rocking again.....
Indeed welcome shadow. If you would care to join in we will happily drag up an extra chair. Or for others for that matter. I would think the more the merrier.

So we are to think that once outside of a certain dosage limit that lower forms will regenerate or self-repair? It's a shame that we higher life forms do not enjoy the same capability. What say you to the advancement stage of medically assisted regeneration? Any predictions in relation to when we might see such as everyday?
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the aids thread?

...and while I am at it, several times kmguru, you have brought in the topic of Aids being a preditator of the species (in thought of Merlijn). Though we have not expanded on it. The topic seems ripe with possibilities.

Also shadow and some other posters have had some pretty good ideas bounced in. I would love to hear some expansion on them.
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