The face on Mars


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I'm not to sure that I should post under this catagory but there doesn't seem to be a correct one at this time of morning (call it lack of caffine).

After rolling the Mars Global Surveyor 25º to get a good shot, new photos have been taken of the “face” mountain on Mars. The new photo is sharper than the original which was taken while looking for possible landing sites. Due to the bad conditions while taking the photo, winter, obscuring clouds, bad angle of sight, ect. The total came up to look like a face.

Old Viking 1 photos:


New photo of face
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It looks like a blown up cake to me :)

another example that all those stories of aliens and live on Mars finally appear to be false....

We never had contact with any extraterrestrial life-form!!!!!
(just needed to note that)
just a quick note when i look at the 3 photos>
it looks like someone shot it with a missile just before the 98 photo :D
does anyone know what the white stuff is?

groove on all :)
Further Proof

How can you not believe when the truth is slapping you in the face! Additional evidence of intelligent life was collected in 1999 when mapping photos revealed:


The Smiley Face!

I think we see what we want to see.
We would like intelligent life to be extraterrestrial. BUT we need not look at Mars to find it... ;)
Here is the butterfly alphabet

I learned about this alphabet when I was studying Biology. The introductory textbook by Keeton & Gould ("Biological Sciences", 5th edition, 1993) showed its title in these letters on the cover.

To my great surprise some people thought this is proof that God invented the alphabet long before 'we' did.
At least I had a laugh out of it.
What an unusal alphabet. It's rather nice. I wonder if I can set it into my fonts?
This Just In...

Controversy continues to mount surrounding the Face.

The first image is the raw data returned from The Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) spacecraft. Public opinion as to origins run the spectrum from "mere coincidence" to "religious fervor".


The following image, subject to meticulous digital enhancement by NASA's most powerful computers seems to remove all doubt...


You be the judge.
hey all :)

DIDNT YOU ALL REALISE that the WHOLE concept of
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groove on all :)
If you look closely at the recent photo, you will see the face of a cat. Martians are CAT people.....

One interesting feature is that the mountain looks like rectangular in shape with perfect straight lines. If so, does that mean it was a pyramid - some 250 million years ago?

Nice to speculate. Even if there could be a very advanced civilization in Mars, say 250 million years ago, no man made advanced technology will survive that long with the collision of a large astoroid similar to the one that wiped 95% of life in Cambrian period....

More importantly, what can we do if we find out that an Extinction Level Event is about to occur say 50 years from now here? and that life will come back to normal in 50 million years? Can we leave a computer running deep sea for that long? Any MTBF experts here?
In a span of 250 million years, nothing man made (except for maybe twinkes) would survive. Only stone, fossilized or other would have a chance and that would need to be buried to prevent erosion. Any idea how hard it is for archeologists to make sense out of what they find that are only a few thousand/s years old? Such finds are usually incomplete, of poor detail, and require a lot of thought on what it might be or how it got there.

As for a asteroid terminal event, (or whatever you would call such) what was at ground zero, so to say, would be vaporized and gone. No trace. Whatever else might be on the planet elsewhere after such a period of time would probably be gone. Worn down to nothing. I doubt that even the pyramids would survive such a long span if you take in to account the weathering from our atmosphere. Nice speculation though. I seriously doubt that any kind of mechanical device stands any chance of surviving even a few hundred years in working order.
That is exactly my point. However, some advanced alien civilization can build a machine to stay 2 miles underground or the sea floor and be the guardian of their knowledgebase that they hope a new and intelligent life form will find after they are gone.

I am working on a project to collect the present knowlegebase to set in a time capsule. Presently they are set to written works and passive devices. I am still at a loss to find an active device that can be maintained in a nitrogen filled capsule for a very long time.
A comment on the "face"...

Hypothetically speaking lets say the Earth had no life on it and Mars did. Say last year the Martians sent a probe to map the Earth's surface. Lets also assume that the Martians look like snakes. (I know this sounds far out, but stick w/me) When the probe's data comes back they see the Grand Canyon. Being snakes, and the Canyon being a huge long winding structures maybe some of the aliens would think that the Canyon was dug out by an ancient civilization to resemble themselves, and so that others may know that they once lived there.

Sound stupid? Yeah, so does the notion that ancient Martians had humanoid faces to begin with, that they existed, or that they would spend considerable time on the galaxy's biggest sand castle.
Just because all traces of civilization is gone does not mean there was none in say 50 million years ago. Now suppose there was, how can we find them, like dinosaurs?

I thoght you are watching the game....
There are only 2 ways that I can think of...

  • To put something in space and surround it with and asteroid and then make something about it odd so that it would be recognized.
  • To modify the genetic coding in life in some unusal way and hope it survived that long.

Either way is slim. Other than that not a clue. But if they existed and no trace could be found then it wouldn't matter. The universe and your world would be as you now know it. Nothing else.
Good point wet1, if we take your ideas further, here is what I propose.

Manipulate the ant gene or whichever can survive millions of years with the asteroid bombardment, to create their habitat in a mathematical precision such that when we know how to do it, we can instantly recognize the pattern. We could encode in the pattern something like "Killroy was here"

Thanks for helping generate the idea. Now if we can patent it....