The Cutest Animal in the World!


I think if you cut it open, you wouldn't find animal innards, but just fluffy soft sleepy love. <3
xylene said:
True, it's cute, but you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of those m-f-ing claws

They move slowly, but with great leverage - they can sink those claws a good inch into your wrist, and you'll bleed for days.

Unlike my killdeer chick - did I mention that they will let you walk over and pick them up for a little while after hatching? Similar to grouse chicks and others that rely on camouflage - I once had a triple of grouse chicks sitting in my cupped hand, peeping but making no attempt to leave, for more than a minute.
I think some people manage to keep them as pets. I wonder if they are as prolific in breeding as rabbits? Probably not.