The Cutest Animal in the World!




Killdeer chick, a day or two old. They can run almost immediately, and they look like fuzzy baby ducks on stilts.
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EFOC has this kind of cute pet:

I got a few Axolotl's a week or so ago, they are the strangest pets I have ever had. I was reading up on them and after I got em, I didn't realise how unique they are. On the endangered species list and only found living in a single lake in mexico.

They are not rare as pets I don't think though, which is strange for an endangered species. They are very important to scientific study I found out, capable of total limb regrowth and full regenerative ability. they also stay in premature form the entire life span, even though they become sexualy mature while in a larval like state. Bearing in mind that sometimes they are known for complete metamorphesis (E or A? I think a but whatever) completely changing form spontaniously into a salamander looking species with spots.

Im just feeding it whatever I find and think it would eat in the wild, worms small'ish fish, prawns etc (live). they are like half lizard, half fish, half frog with plants on there heads, but they are amphibians.

Strange creatures.