Discussion in 'Physics & Math' started by JimmyJames, May 20, 2001.

  1. Porfiry Nomad Registered Senior Member

    Merlijn, (welcome, btw!)

    Well, this seems to be an equivalent question to whether or not one's consciousness is unified through time. My experiences of the last 5 seconds (not to mention the juices flowing in and out of my brain) make the 5-second-ago me entirely different from the one typing these words (because I wrote this whole message in one atomic splurge

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    If it were possible to save the 5-second-ago me and compare him to my current self, we would undoubtedly react differently to identical stimuli. But for some reason, we are defined as a single unit.

    But anyways, teleportation (for some reason my spell-checker is telling me 'teleporation'!?) would probably involve killing the original, for sake of the lawyers who would need to sort things out in the end (insert lawyer joke here).

    Well, this may be true. But, I'm not convinced that the self is at all defined by quantum effects, or even effects at the level of the particle. It seems that the human brain is functioning at a level of abstraction above these -- at the level of cellular biology (case in point - the human brain runs at a very slow speed (absolute max ~ 500 Hz, but in reality closer to ~ 50) which is indicative of the slowdown one finds with an abstraction layer)).

    More simply put, cells (and neurons) have implicit error buffering, just in the nature of their construction. Chemical concentrations are error buffered (you generally need an order of magnitude difference in concentration for an event to be triggered), so I think that uncertainty at the particle level isn't ever going to be noticed.
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  3. Merlijn curious cat Registered Senior Member

    thanks for the remarks
    You are right. Still, do not underestimate the elegancy and intricacies of the neural system.

    I agree completely. Luckily, there is continuety. BUT if a copy was made from you, the second you and the first you will drift apart.
    The fact that we experience and learn accounts for both the (percieved?) constancy of our personality as well for the drifting apart of two copies of the same person.


    by the way:
    1. I am sorry, I meant millisecons, not microseconds.
    2. Actually the remark on Heisenberg was not intended to apply on living tissues per se, it was a general remark: you cannot make an exact copy of anything. I admit that was not clear in my original message.
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  5. Lynx Registered Senior Member

    Oringally Posted by JimmyJames

    um...I think that if you teleport only the instructions then where does the consious mind come in? It wouldn't. So I think that t he method of only teleporting instructions would be reserved for non-living objects...and yes if the consious mind is not teleported then a exact repleca would be made...which in turn would be cloning not teleporting, plus what would happen to the original person or living bening???</i>

    When you walk across the room does your mind stay where you were standing or sitting before? When you get into your car and drive down to the store or too your parents house several cities away does your mind stay at home? When you get into a plane and travel to Viji does you mind stay at your departure location? NO, I really can't forsee this being a problem in teleportation. Well, for some it may be, heh.

    "Common sense is more uncommon than it is common."
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  7. daktaklakpak God is irrelevant! Registered Senior Member

    Have you ever thought about how much information will be generated during the scanning stage on a simple object?
  8. pragmathen 0001 1111 Registered Senior Member


    Ever read those <i>Hyperion</i> series? In them, (Dan) Simmons eventually postulated that when humans are transferred via a teleportation device, the computer system (or those running it) have the option to either store information in the humans passing through, or to make a blueprint of them as they pass through.

    Then there was that short story by Stephen King where he wrote that perhaps the transfer process, while not killing us, would take seconds in our time to accomplish, but the teleportee would experience billions upon billions of years of limbo until he emerged out of the other pod--completely insane.

    Just some thoughts to throw around ...


  9. Quanta Registered Member

    Phase entanglement (quantum entanglement) would probably be a good way to instantaneously transport something (as said before, it is like sending information actually). The only problem is to entangle the phases of particles that are located possibly light years apart. You would have to cause them to interact, but you would have to transport them, taking away the whole purpose of the transport system. There has to be some way how to use phase entanglement.

    Space-time manipulation enabling non-linear travel would be the best way to transport an object/organism (wormholes are such an example, but there are easier ways than creating wormholes). When the object/organism uses the transport system it is still the "same" object as before. Therefore one could still use the machine with no fear of "cloning".
  10. Pabu Registered Member

    I just saw an episode of "The Outer Limits" that dealt with this very issue. They would transport a person to a location so far away they couldnt travel there in their lifetime. Once they received confirmation that the person arrived safely on the other side they had to destroy the person still remaining in the transport chamber on their end. Well, needless to say, an accident happened where the transportee didnt arrive on the other end (or so they thought). After a couple days, they received word that the other person had arrived and there was some sort of error in the system. So they now had to destroy the original person still at the transport station. This would cause many problems. I dont believe that this will be an acceptable solution (at least not anytime soon) because you are not really transporting. You are just creating a clone of yourself that takes over your life as yours ends. Although it does have your same memories and is in essence an exact replicant of the original, it simply is not the original and that is what disturbs me.

    I do think that transportation will be a necessary technology in the future, just not in this way. I need to know that it is me, the original, appearing on the other end and not a replicant.
  11. rlpete2 Registered Member

    Uncertainty makes it impossible

    It will not be enough to tranmit the information of the position of each atom/particle; it is also necessary to relay the motion (direction/speed) of that particle. According to Heisenberg, it is not possible to determine both simultaneously. "Beaming" people around is just a storytelling artifice, necessary to keep the story moving fast enough for the TV audience, no more realistic than hearing explosions and "whoosh" sounds in space.
  12. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member


    Suggest that you read the thread in life as an upload. It covers some of this very stuff.
  13. HOWARDSTERN HOWARDSTERN has logged out.... Registered Senior Member


    A few years ago, well about 15 years ago, I was in a Head Shop in Tulsa Oklahoma. And there was this tee shirt that had a picture of Spock (the vulcan) drooping over a Bar Stool & speaking into his communicator. Said Spock: "JIM BEAM ME UP!!!!!!!

    <font size="4"><font color="brown">Yeah there ain't much worse than a drunk Vulcan plastered on Jim Beam........................</font color><i><font color="royalblue">

    But getting back to teleportation./...............I saw that!!!!</font size></i>

    Of the many things that Gene Roddenbury and others have written about, I have to say that I find the greatest difficulty with teleportation!

    To de-materialize, as presented on the outer limits & other sci-fi writings and then to re-materialize is something that opens up a variety of possible scenarios for me.

    In the Outer limits, why is it necessary to destroy the original when the copy could be made on another planet in another galaxy without the original be disturbed at all????

    If this is possible, then wouldn't it make more sense to look at "the copy" as being a sort of a personal Deep Space Probe for each distinguished scientist of Earth? When the "copy" completed it's task on another world, perhaps it's information could be relayed to the original, at which time it would be "BALANCED"!!!!!

    Startrek by Gene is pretty cool. But in this area I think that it would be easier & safer for Capt. Kirk to "fax' himself down to deal with the hostiles, rather than leaving his post on the Enterprise. If the FAX gets knocked off, then there are always the copies.........

    To teleport to another world, I must say that I am much more aligned with the "Stargate/sliders" idea. To walk between space/time dimensions actually seems much more acheivable and practical than the total de-construction & then re-construction of a traveler or trekkie..................

    o'hell.......opinions vary........JIM BEAM ME UP!!!!!!

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  14. Oliver Registered Member

    forget about those tv series!!! We are trying to think about teleportation seriously..... Stop using Startrek, Stargate and The Outer Limits as material !!!! use your brains!

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  15. knocker81 Registered Member

    teleportation has been done!!!

    In 1999 in Geneva a single photon was succesfully 'teleported' 12km. The team used a newly installed comercial optical fibre cable (the sort used fer cable telly) I know 1 photon is hardly the same as an organic entity, but its a start ! The experiment was more to do with quantum computers than teleportation, but it was realised that 1 photon with its polarity reversed (dont ask , I dont know

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    ) would arrive at its destination AT THE SAME TIME as it was sent. This is clearly impossible, however it happened and the experiment has been checked thoroughly.
    If anybody can actually fully understand what they are on about (buggered if i can

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    ) then you can find reams of info at the BBC web site under Radio4s 'Weird science' section, theres loads of links to other interesting stuff as well, it worth checking out.
    If anybody does bother to look deeply into this and then understands the very very technical bits, then id be gratefull if you could explain it to me in laymens terms. Cheers!
  16. HOWARDSTERN HOWARDSTERN has logged out.... Registered Senior Member


    EVEN ONE PHOTON: how do you precisely transmit (transport electronically) this one Photon from one point to another?

    What is teleportation? What are the rules? Are we talking about literally converting say <u>the one photon (electron)</u>..... into a transmittable stream that is exactly re-materialized at a destination point? Or are we talking about scanning the original and then producing a facsimile at a destination point?

    I'm a hard-headed bastard, for which I make no appologies. And I have long considered the possibilities of travel in ways of collapsing space/time, as a means of traveling many kilometers without a space ship.

    It seems to me that all the teleportation people out there ought to be learning how to crawl (working on the simpler ideas of Matter Replication) before they decide to run - with the idea of teleportation. In other words, try to figure out how to produce a tomato by the scanning and thus the gas/carbon production necessary to produce a simple vegetable, before you decide to transport it to a far away land!
  17. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    How about a ketcup factory for the "didn't make its"?
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2001
  18. HOWARDSTERN HOWARDSTERN has logged out.... Registered Senior Member


    I WAS JOKING AROUND WITH A BUNCH OF PEOPLE OVER IN ...???? ANOTHER FORUM....... some six months or so back during a discussion of time travel...wormholes, ect....I think???...anyhow, I made an off the cuff (Vodka-ism remark) about collasping spacetime down and mentioned that before any of the Wormhole proponents decided to send a man or ship through a wormhole across the Galactic Void, that they ought to first try to make a wormhole which would span on a couple of nanometers in a laboratory, rather than across a galaxy, or even a kilometer, for that matter.

    That to first learn how to make two different s/t points to quasi-occupy the same point, even if the two points are separated only by a distance no thicker than a sheet of notebook paper!

    Certainly the energy necessary to form a wormhole that spans only the thickness (or even much less) of a sheet of notebook paper will require much less energy to form than by attempting to span large, galactic distances! The idea being that if it becomes possible to form such a short distance wormhole, that the process of continuing to form more such short distance wormholes ought to be possible. That if <B>"A machine (or ship)"</b> could repeatably form wormholes just ahead of it's intended direction, (a few nanometers at a time) that the travel ability in regards to superlight velocities might actually have a possibility of working.

    Such a "wild-assed" idea may not seem to have a lot to do with transporting a living organism or inanimate object from point A to point B unless the ability to form slightly larger (longer) wormholes becomes realized. However, if such a thing does become possible, then it seems to me that opening a portal from one point in space time to a destination point would make it a very viable way of transporting animate and inanimate cargo to virtually anywhere on the Earth instantaneously!

    <I><b>Which would be easier to accomplish.........teleportation or wormhole portals? </I></B>

    The advancements to human technological capabilities would require us to completely re-examine all of our past beliefs and pretty much look back on all past human technological accomplishments as being much in the same way as we now look at human technology of say, the Bronze Age, whether teleportation or wormhole portals were to be developed.

    <B>TELEPORTATION.</B> Certainly it seems that if teleportation becomes possible, then the teleportation of inanimate (non-living) matter will be first in the order. If it were then possible to transport large amounts of matter, then the entire business of freight moving, (I.E. trucking companies, railroad, ocean going vessels, and eventually even trips to the grocery store) would become obselete. Beyond that, it becomes even more likely that the transmutation of matter itself will make it likely that all manufacturers of appliances, tools, food, .........will also become obselete.

    If a device is produced which can store the exact data on virtually anything, living or not, then it seems that one has only to have a desire, and a machine which can take simple basic elements and form just about anything that one desires! I say this because such a possibility must exist if one believes in the idea of de-materializing & then re-materialing matter at a destination point.

    Such a thing may very well become possible. In fact it becomes even more likely if upcoming future scientists continue to believe in such a Science fiction fantasy that it was originally. This is why I threw in the Startrek/Stargate comments. If it can be dreamed up and believed in enough, then it is a pretty good bet that someone will eventually find a way to make it happen. In other words, I have no doubt that a teleportation device can be built, and I actually see no real reason as to why such a device could not be built. I do believe however, that a first step to teleportation would require the ability to construct an object out of the base elements ......carbons & gases, in a laboratory experiment. Computing power will have to be........hellishly great in comparison to what we have these days. Equipment will have to be able to scan say, a <i>*tomatoe </i>inside and out. Such a scanning device would make all present day CAT scanners, ect..... which are used in the medical areas look as primitive as as an old Kodak Box Camera. And yes, if such a machine were to be built, then an incredible new form of medical science would also develop as a result.

    <b>I have actually spent some time considerig the possibility in past years. </b> One of my first realizations that led me to to form opinions regarding the future of teleportation came from my extreme desire to understand the formation of living matter.

    <i>I'm not intentionally going to try to offend all of the anti-maijuana zealots, nor am I going to put forth a Pro-marijuana public opinion, but that I did come to visualize, within my mind's eye, a much improved way of seeing carbon/gas combinations, one night many years ago........</i>

    About 15 to.......O' about 90 years ago (joking), I was sitting around a campfire with a bunch of my friends at a keg party/smoke party. Unprincipled teenage years! As the party was about over with and most everyone had left, I was siting on a stump staring at the embers of the fading campfire. (Like TAZ, I never know when to quit!!!) However, as I was staring blankly at the burning coals of the wood in the fire, I noticed that ash in the burned wood often pulsed with an extra amount of gas from within the burning logs that seemed to <b>re-infuse the burned outer carbon of the logs & briefly re-form wood itself ......all over again!</b> Although I had learned about gases & carbons in the classroom, as a teenager, I didn't quite put the idea together until I finally noticed such a thing, especially since I was under the primary influence of marijuana.

    It seemed to me to be an incredibly awesome thing that the inner gases of a burning log would be boiled off towards the outer surface & then to momentarily re-infuse into the already carbonized Oak log(s), before being ignited in a chain reaction of simple combustion ! ! !

    Certainly it has occured to me that I may have been halucinating, since I was smoking marijuana at the time. However, since that time, I have watched many a campfire & continue to see the same effect. It is not a hallucination on my part. If you haven't noticed such a thing, then simply imagine a simple wood log burned down about half way through, then to realize that truly it is the gases that are burning, with the carbon left behind. Occasionally the unburned gases from deep within the log will be boiled out and just prior to combustion, they will briefly re-combine with the carbon (ash) on the outer edges of the log.

    What I noticed was that the carbonized parts of the log seem to become "magically" wood, all over again!!!! And in a way, this does happen. For it is a fact that most of the very basic properties of the inner parts of the log are boiled outwards and do (in FACT) briefly combine with the carbonized outer regions of the already burned parts of the log of wood!

    <b>This was a fantastic realization to me at the time</b>. For I realized that if the callus, undefined burning of a log of wood could still cause the base carbon matrix of the carbonized portion of the log to re-form (if only briefly), with the wood itself, then what might realistically be possible if a laboratory experiment were to attempt to take a carbon matrix of ....basically..wood, or even a higher living organism & reinfuse the gases back into it!

    <i>Howard-fucious says<b> Don't try to build a Corvette until you have built an ox-cart first"!!</i></b>


    .......................<font color="royalblue">I feel like..(believe) that a first step would be to build a device which can precisely form mutiple three dimensional layers of carbon patterns (maxtrixes), which would be held in a field of some type?????.......Since carbon does seem to be somewhat controllable by electrical fields, then I think that this would be a pretty good place to start. Once it becomes possible to form a carbon matrix(pattern) as it would of course be scanned from a patterned-, say-, living organism, then I believe that it would be possible to then infuse the delicate gaseous combinations into the carbon matrix of the proposed living organism. In other words, one can kinda look at the carbon matrix of a human being like yet another (3rd) skeleton of say, a human being!!!! The constitution of the many hrdro-carbons into the carbon skeleton of say, a human being then becomes obvious!((((No-brainer) a child could do it!!)))...</font color>

    <b>WHERE WAS i???</B>...........INTERMISSION......BRAIN OVERLOAD.........

    ////////////////.......................??????????????????............<B. SO WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE WAITING ON?......... A FORMAL INVITATION!!!!!


    No problem!..........Here's how you do it:

    .......or maybe a couple of theories toward the goal.........

    a) Build a machine that can hold the entire three dimensional CARBON pattern of say, a *Tomatoe, in a chamber which would be held together somewhat precisely by a very delicately balanced electrical field. The carbon of this proposed *tomatoe would match the carbon matrix of the average tomatoe from farmer Bob's garden, (more or less), and

    b) infuse hopefully, the very types of methane gases into the above carbon matrix. though I realize that this may seem a bit haphazard, it would obviously be a first step to take. otherwise, I would think that the gaseous matrix might also be required to be held in a similiar field to be combined into the carbon matrix.

    That's it!!!!!! CERTAINLY IT WON'T BE THAT EASY! But if it becomes possible to SCAN everything within a tomato, and then to take the scanned data on the tomato to build a Clone, then it seems that a resonable fascimile might soon be produced.

    Even if a perfect tomato clone cannot be reproduced from the "originally scanned tomato", then I would guess that a possibly safe form of edible substance may be produced! In other words, it may look like a tomato & taste like Chicken, but what the hell!!!!!!!!1 If anyone of you young upcoming brains out there can engineer a machine which can make tomatoes that "taste just like chicken", then you will be assured of having your name in the sci-history books forever. For if you can do such a thing as provide food to a starving world in less time that it takes to microwave a convienience store burrito, then you will have truthfully taken the power of evolution out of the hands of Mother Nature...............


    ......more to come??????.......... maybe!

    <b>*<i>TOMATOE...courtesy of Dan Quayle</I></b> ...all rights reserved! (denotes a conservative republican who thinks that the media has crucified a man because of a simple spelling faupaux over the obviously media slant to protect a drug pushing, bunch of criminals in a past administation that the author will not name here.)
  19. Crisp Gone 4ever Registered Senior Member


    Hi Howard,

    I do have a small remark on the "injection of methane into carbon" to turn it back into wood (which is the intention, I think, or the idea behind).

    When you burn organic material (such as wood), you're basically breaking the carbon-hydrogen bounds in the object (organic materials usually are composed of long chains of CxHy molecules). Burning something involves oxygen, and I am pretty sure that what happens is that the hydrogen gets removed from the organic material (combing to form water H20), some carbon gets lost aswel (in the form of the gas C0, carbonmonoxide), and most of the carbon remains (which is the black material that remains after burning something, plain and simple graphite).

    So to actually insert gasses back into carbon (which would be quite difficult, considering the fact that the spacing between carbon atoms is something like 2-3 * 10^(-10) meter, and methane molecules are larger than that)... so to insert gasses back would not revert the proces I think.

    Anyway, keep up the thinking work... It's only by thinking something over and over again that you can ultimately come to comprehend it

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  20. thecurly1 Registered Senior Member

    Teleportation isn't possible.

    I'm a traditional science lover. Once again mathematics prevents us from sending anything larger than a hydrogen atom to another place via teleportation. Theres a big problem: atoms move, and oscillate. To get them you'd have to know where every atom, or molecule is located at a specific point in time, a nanosecond or less where they aren't moving. You can't predict where atoms will be a nanosecond from now because they can move to one of any infinite points in space, in a space of time ultra minute. Be carefull, science fiction can give us false hopes.
    Don't get me wrong teleportation would be tight, never being late for work or a date would be great.
    Then again I don't want to show up at the Ritz with my lady and having my hand sticking out of my ass, accidents will happen.
  21. HOWARDSTERN HOWARDSTERN has logged out.... Registered Senior Member

    Yeah I know

    Yep! I completely agree that forming complex chains of living matter involves a lot more than I briefly touched on.

    The point that I was attempting to make (at least at the beginning) was how difficult it would be to just try to put a teleported object (living or non-living) back together. Of course I love to speculate & get in over my head on a regular basis, if for no other reason but to get responses from knowledgeble people .....such as yourself, for instance.

    Also, I thought that I had previously mentioned to teleportation fans that athough I believe that teleportation may very well be possible, I was of the opinion that many of them ought to realize that a great deal more needs to be understood about the science of matter replication.

    <b>Anyhow, I realize the importance of the previous subject in regards to the first tests which have been alleged to teleport an electron. </b>Very likely, the people who are working in the field teleportation with simple particles will develop their ideas alongside with the matter replication crowd, including bio-chemists, geneticists, ect... I expect that at some time in the future, the teleportation crowd will be in serious need of the research being done by the replication researchers.

    In my opinion, Matter Replication is such an unexplored territory, that I believe quite a lot of upcoming scientists ought to consider working in that direction. Consider the possiblities.....

    - The ability to precisely form hydrocarbons as fuel sources.

    - The ability to take base (waste) elements and make food which could be as real as anything produced the old fashioned way and feed the starving people of the world. To even make such food safer (without the natural carcinogens).

    - The ability to build machines & tools far more efficiently than present production techniques, as well as the ability to build tools and machines which are design capable, yet impossible to build using present day technology!

    - The abilty to heal the sick, as such research in matter replication can only serve to increase man's understanding of hiimself and thus would obviously increase his understanding of providing real cures to the varieties of ailments which afflict hummanity.

    As far as my saying that matter replication is simple....1...2....3... voila, I like to fire up peoples imagination. Who knows, maybe someone who is now having a mental block may read some of the discussions at Exo science and solve a problem simply because of these discussions, though probably not because of the lack of technical information which is hardly ever offered here!

    As far as gases being forced back into the wood in a campfire, what I have noticed was something that was a very brief occurence (1/8 to 1/4 of a second at a time). I am not saying that that the ash completely became wood again, but that the unburned parts of the wood at the center of a burning log were "boiled off" and naturally boiled off (evaporated) toward the surface of the already burning log. That these soon to be burned gases were taken up by the carbon on the outer surface of the burning log. As you well know, carbon is an excellent filter for various gases & such gases would readily combine with the outer carbon lattice structure of the same log, since the gases, ect.. in the inner part of the log would be <b>compatible</b> and would tend to be boiled off in order (progression) with the relatively undisturbed carbonized structure of the outer parts of the burned log.

    What I am trying to say is that the relatively undisturbed carbonized outer edges of a burning log will readily accept the chemicals, gases....... which are being brought to the surface of the log, and which are of course going to be burned almost immediately. As these chemicals "well up", THEY WILL HAVE TO PASS THROUGH THE OUTER CARBONIZED PORTIONS OF THE LOG, and as they do, they will briefly recombine to nearly form the wood all over again. Granted, I have not seen the gases held in place and they do burn almost immediately.

    The process of combustion has always been seen by me as virtuallly the same thing as acidic oxidation. A way that I like to think about it is that the infrared radiation resonates the matter in a 'combustable" and allows the erosive oxygen catalyst to break the molecular bonds of the matter in question and thus release the stored up energy in the same form of infrared radiation.

    In the campfire, the infrared electromagnetic resonation which is being produced by combustion (same as), has the effect of making the base matter of the stored energy in the wood to resonate so as to make it unstable and thus release the energy of the log in the infrared band primarily (most noticeably). Obviously ((gamma radiation)as an example), other electromagnetic bands will not have the same effect as the infrared band. I have been attempting to visualize "fire" not necessarily as a destructive thing, but as yet another way of altering states of matter and energy.

    GOD I LOVE SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That a plant (tree) takes in solar energy and combines it with the Earth elements, seems like nature's way of efficiently making a hell of a solar battery!!! In the idea of matter replication, I expect that a variety of useful things could be developed even more efficiently than to rely on a living "tree" to take years to grow and finally produce a source of energy of building product. In matter replication, hopefully much more useful things could be made in a fraction of the time (seconds,minutes, opposed to years).

    To my main interest, though certainly not the only one is that </b>, there are Carbons and there are Gases. And there are the frequency resonations which break apart.....and quite possibly build matter. My point of view in regards to teleportation and the materialization of teleported matter is the great need of the in depth understanding of controlling matter construction by the utilization of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, which is responsible for the formation of matter itself.

    I appreciate any responses & thanks for keeping Howard on track, in regards to the possibilities and facts.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    <i>ps. I yeah, in response to the following by Crisp:</i>

    "Quote from Crisp:"<b>When you burn organic material (such as wood), you're basically breaking the carbon-hydrogen bounds in the object (organic materials usually are composed of long chains of CxHy molecules). Burning something involves oxygen, and I am pretty sure that what happens is that the hydrogen gets removed from the organic material (combing to form water H20), some carbon gets lost aswel (in the form of the gas C0, carbonmonoxide), and most of the carbon remains (which is the black material that remains after burning something, plain and simple graphite)." </b>

    <i>Howards reply:</i> Actually I think what you mean to say is that during the combustion process (oxidation), Oxygen is combined with Hydrogen to form Carbon Monoxide, not Water. The carbon left behind (ash) is a residual minus the unburned gases (smoke, soot)........

    Futher quote from Crisp:<b>"So to actually insert gasses back into carbon (which would be quite difficult, considering the fact that the spacing between carbon atoms is something like 2-3 * 10^(-10) meter, and methane molecules are larger than that)... so to insert gasses back would not revert the proces I think." </b>

    <i>Howard reply:</i> To me, if the energy of the combustion process is capable of breaking all these molecular bonds, then at the moment of the break up, the molecular bonds ought to temporarily reverseable, if even for a few thousandths of a second.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2001
  22. wants to know Registered Member

    fairly ez but needs to be figured out . ok imagine the signal on your tv (if using an antena) is sent from the studio satalite broken up and sent across along range in a very short amount of time. and arrives at your tv. I would imagine transporting objects would use a simular thing. but a problem would be will it come out whole? or like your tv has fuzz . not be fully completed meaning are sent and broken down into billions of pieces and some may not arrive at its reciever. but besides that being in billions of pieces is justa secit would feel like a sneeze does. because a sneeze stops all body funtions for a sec
  23. Chagur .Seeker. Registered Senior Member

    What needs to be figured out?

    Hell, it's so easy I've been bopping around the galaxy for seven hundred and fifty four years now (subjective time, I'm only nine Earth time) and most of the time came out whole. The few times I didn't I was lucky enough to be able to do a quick reverse and pick up the parts that didn't make it.

    One thing though, it's not like a sneeze: It's more like a humungous fart with all your atoms going through you know what. But the best part is that you feel really clear headed afterward for a while.

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