Sylwester's 'Everlasting theory'

Still it lacks scientific arguments.
Your post has zero scientific content, it is nothing but ignorant fantasy.

Can you see it? Can you see that your posts are very stupid?
The only thing stupid about the post is that I took time to respond to your insane fantasy.

I realize this stupid crap is probably all you have, so I will leave you alone.

Enjoy your fantasy.
Your post has zero scientific content, it is nothing but ignorant fantasy.

The only thing stupid about the post is that I took time to respond to your insane fantasy.

I realize this stupid crap is probably all you have, so I will leave you alone.

Enjoy your fantasy.

You still try to "discuss" cosmology and cosmogony without scientific arguments. It means that you are trolling.

You know, there are the black holes, there are the accretion discs composed of baryonic plasma, so there take place the virtual processes that can lead to the Titius-Bode law. Just there is very high probability that such mechanism is realized by Nature.

This probability is much, much higher than for the nonsensical ideas applied in mainstream science such as, for example, the parallel worlds, travels to past, infinite mass densities, infinity minus infinity equal to a non-zero constant, energy without inertial mass, and so on.
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Significant Simplification of the Neutrino Mixing Matrix within the Scale-Symmetric Theory

The Pontecorvo, Maki, Nakagawa and Sakata (PMNS) neutrino mixing matrix is in the Scale-Symmetric Theory (SST) the unitary mixing matrix which contains information on states of neutrinos when they collide with the neutrinos in the Cosmic Neutrino Background (CNB).

Since in SST there are only 3 Dirac neutrino flavors (there are not in existence Majorana neutrinos) and because the CP phase is practically equal to 0 or 360 degrees, the PMNS matrix is parameterized by three mixing angles only that are calculated from three fundamental phenomena that took place in the nuclear plasma at the beginning of the expansion of the Universe - it fixed the abundances of different flavors in CNB. Calculated mixing angles A(ij) are A(13) = 8.2654, A(12) = 32.8361 and A(23) = 44.5476 degrees. We showed that the mixing angle A(13) follows from internal structure of pions and from the atom-like structure of baryons.

We as well calculated the degenerate masses of the three different neutrinos - calculated sum is 0.287 eV (it is consistent with experimental data).

We calculated mass of tauon (1777.2 MeV), which is an analog to muon.

We answered following question: Why neutrinos are left-handed whereas antineutrinos are right-handed?

SST shows that sterile neutrinos are not in existence.

The matter-antimatter asymmetry follows from the left-handedness of the Higgs-field components.
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The CKM Quark-Mixing Matrix in the Scale-Symmetric Theory

The masses and mixings of quarks have the origin in the Scale-Symmetric Theory (SST).

They arise from the nuclear interactions of the source of them - it is the charge of the core of baryons (mass of the charge is 318.2955 MeV). There are the three dominating bosons: the loop with a mass of 67.54441 MeV (the neutral pions consist of two such loops), the boson that creates the Titius-Bode states for the nuclear strong interactions (its mass is 750.28 MeV), and a Higgs-boson-type condensate with a mass of the bottom quark (its mass is 4190 MeV). The ratios of masses of these bosons to the mass of the source define the three mixing angles that lead to the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa (CKM) matrix.

Notice that contrary to SST, within the Standard Model we cannot calculate masses of quarks and the CKM-matrix mixing angles, Q(ij), from initial conditions.

Within SST we obtain: Q(12) = 13.164, Q(13) = 0.212, and Q(23) = 2.357 degrees - obtained results are consistent with experimental data.
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Theory of Everything Once Again

Here is a brief summary of the issues relating to the formulation of Theory of Everything (ToE). To formulate ToE, we must answer following questions and calculate following quantities from some more fundamental initial conditions applying much less parameters than the tens parameters that appear in the two fundamental theories i.e. in the General Theory of Relativity (GR) and the Standard Model (SM).

Are the GR and SM the complete and mathematically coherent theories?

Can we unify GR and SM within the same methods? If not, then what is the cause and why gravitational constant is about 42 powers of ten times lower than electromagnetic constant for electron-positron pair (it is not the fine-structure constant)?

We must calculate masses of all fundamental fermions (i.e. neutrinos, electron, muon, tauon, quarks, proton and neutron) and mixing angles that appear in the PMNS neutrino-mixing matrix and in the CKM quark-mixing matrix.

We must calculate fundamental physical constants and coupling constants.

We must define the dark-matter (DM) particle and the dark-energy (DE) particle.

There as well should appear a formula that ties masses/energies responsible for all interactions.

We must solve many other fundamental problems in particle physics and cosmology unsolved within GR and SM. For example, why hyperons are created due to the nuclear strong interactions whereas they decay due to the electroweak interactions (the answer that it is due to the properties of the strange quark does not solve the problem)?

All listed problems are solved within the Scale-Symmetric Theory (SST), therefore, we believe that SST is missing part of the ToE.
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The Origin and the Spectra of the Gamma-Ray Bursts

Here, applying the Scale-Symmetric Theory (SST), we described the origin and the spectra of the gamma-ray bursts (the exploding objects/progenitors we will call the GRBs). The GRBs explode due to the inflows of the dark energy into the associations of neutron black holes that are the constituents of the black holes in centres of galaxies.

The GRBs should be placed near the Schwarzschild surface in the plane of the accretion discs. The bursts should be correlated with an increase in activity of the central-black-hole jet and accretion disc because it causes more dense flows of the dark energy. Such flows cause that the neutron black holes swell so their associations can transform into iron object.

The increase in gravitational energy of the iron object is compensated by the decrease of the gravitational energy of the black holes as a whole, i.e. the central black holes become the more compact objects. A half of radiation energy is absorbed by the central black hole so the escaping energy looks as an analog to the Hawking radiation.

The bursts are volumetric, not directional.

Calculated here the typical emitted energy is equivalent to 1.9 solar masses.

Most important are the fusions of nucleons mostly into iron-56 via helium-4, the beta decays of neutrons, and emission of photons with energy about 188 MeV that follows from the atom-like structure of baryons. According to SST, the radius of the observed Universe increased 46.55 times so the spectra of most distant GRBs (SST shows that galaxies with redshift higher than 0.6 all are in time distance about 13 – 13.8 Gyr) should peak near 17 keV, 150 keV, 190 keV, and 4 MeV. The spectra of GBRs placed, for example, in distance 1.2 Gyr should peak near 190 keV, 1.7 MeV, 2.2 MeV, and 46 MeV. But there can be other lower peaks as well.

Most important are two results i.e. the released typical energy 1.9 solar masses and the peak for 150 keV or 190 keV for very distant GRBs because number density of photons emitted during the iron production from nucleons via helium-4 should be highest and because abundance of the gamma-ray bursts should be highest for the distant Universe.


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The Disappearance of High Mass Photon Pairs

Here, applying the Scale-Symmetric Theory (SST), we explain the disappearance of high mass photon pairs that are the two-stage resonances. Their creation follows from the quantum entanglement. We suggest that the observed decrease in standard deviations results from increase in integral luminosity.

Due to the four-object symmetry, instead production of, for example, the Higgs-like bosons with a mass of 750 GeV, due to the increase in the integral luminosity from 3.3 [1/fb] in 2015 to 12.9 [1/fb] in 2016, there are produced the Higgs-like bosons with a mass eight times higher. But such mass (about 6 TeV) lies outside the range of the CMS experiment.

Moreover, probability of creation of the two-stage resonances is very, very low.
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The Expanding Universe as a Magnetic Monopole

The alignment of the angular-momentums/spins of quasars and the perpendicularity of the planes of the main disc of massive spiral galaxies and the disc of a vast polar structure (VPOS) which contains the satellite galaxies, some globular clusters and stellar and gaseous streams, suggest that the Universe as a whole and the massive galaxies have a history that cannot be easily explained within the Cosmological Standard Model (CSM).

Here, applying the Scale-Symmetric Theory, we showed that at the beginning of expansion of the Universe there appeared in the binary systems of protogalaxies two perpendicular discs each composed of the dark-matter (DM) loops. Dynamics of the binary systems of protogalaxies and the early Universe leads to perpendicularity of the main disc and VPOS. During the highest radial acceleration of the protogalaxies just at the beginning of expansion of the Universe (initially it was cosmic double loop with left-handed internal helicity of each loop), to stabilize the main disc and conserve its angular momentum, the binary systems of protogalaxies made a rotation (i.e. a rotation of their rotation and magnetic axes) of 90 degrees in such a way that initially the angular-momentums/spins (and magnetic axes) were mostly antiparallel to their radial velocities, i.e. initially the expanding Universe looked as a magnetic monopole.

But the succeeding inflows of dark energy (locally they could be turbulent and they lasted a few Gyr) that initially caused the explosions of the binary systems of protogalaxies (in such a way appeared the VPOSs), partially destroyed the monopole-like structure of the early Universe. But a statistical analyse should show that described here correlation is preferred.

The initial radial polarization of the spins of quasars explains their alignment.


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Entropy and Distribution of Information in the History of the Cosmos

Here, applying the Scale-Symmetric Theory (SST), we described the origin of entropy and information and their evolution in time in the Cosmos as a whole (the Cosmos has radius about 30 powers of ten of meters i.e. is much greater than the present-day radius of the expanding Universe).

On the lowest level of Nature, the global information depends on distribution of rotational and kinetic energies of all free and bound non-gravitating tachyons all objects in the Cosmos consist of.

The field composed of the free tachyons is the Higgs field - this field causes that neutrinos acquire their gravitational mass. During the inflation, almost whole Higgs field transformed into the luminal gravitating Einstein spacetime that ground state consists of the non-rotating-spin neutrino-antineutrino pairs interacting gravitationally only. Orientation of spin is not important in gravitational field so all such pairs are in the same energetic state i.e. entropy of the ground state is equal to zero and this state dominates in the Cosmos. Moreover, the tachyonic energy frozen inside the neutrino-antineutrino pairs (it is the missing energy that results from quantum physics) is about 119 powers of ten times higher than their gravitational energy.

The SST and the Kasner solution (which concerns the non-gravitating objects) show that there is a left-handedness of the residual Higgs field. The collapse of the outer shell of the Einstein spacetime at the end of the inflation created the returning shock wave. The shock wave plus the left-handedness of the residual Higgs field produced more matter than antimatter - it solves the matter-antimatter asymmetry.

The returning energy-matter wave created the Universe in the centre of the Cosmos. Due to the boundary of the Cosmos, the Universe behaves cyclically.

We start from the era before the inflation and via the inflation and via the neutron-black-holes state of the early Universe and via the present-day, we finish the description in the distant future.

The tachyons cause that information cannot be destroyed by the SST black holes - the same concerns the energies of photons in gravitational fields.

Entropy of the initial state of the inflation field and of the SST black holes is equal to zero.

We can define time as the succeeding changes in the global information.

In an approximation, Information behaves cyclically.

In the Cosmos as a whole, entropy per particle is infinitesimal whereas total energy is conserved.
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The Strong CP Problem and the Transition from Linearity to Non-Linearity

The internal helicity distinguish particles from antiparticles. Fermions, due to the internal helicity, produce weak jets (they are produced in both the Higgs field composed of non-gravitating tachyons and the luminal Einstein spacetime) that are responsible for the CP (so T as well) violation. Generally, according to the Scale-Symmetric Theory (SST), the weak interactions are along the jets whereas the nuclear strong interactions are in plane perpendicular to the jets. It causes that the nuclear strong interactions are CP (so T as well) invariant – it solves the strong CP problem. Both interactions, due to the thermal motions, can be volumetric.

According to SST, there is the two-component spacetime i.e. the Higgs field associated with gravitational fields and the Einstein spacetime associated with the Standard-Model (SM) interactions. To cancel turbulences, there must be produced virtual or/and real particle-antiparticle pairs. But in the gravitational fields, due to their very low density, pairs cannot be produced - it causes that gravity is non-linear and non-linear are phenomena with dominating gravity i.e. phenomena that follow from dynamic viscosity of the non-gravitating tachyons all objects consist of such as friction or motions of the atmosphere of Earth. On the other hand, the quantum mechanics is linear, i.e. superposition and quantum entanglement are linear because in the luminal Einstein spacetime can be produced fermion-antifermion pairs, especially electron-positron pairs.

Range of electrons to move in a superconductive manner is equal to the radius of the Bohr orbit in the hydrogen atom - it leads to the threshold for density of bound and free electrons for superconducting materials (about 1.5 kg per cubic meter).
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How Can We Heal Physics?

This is a review article.

There are tens unsolved basic problems in cosmology and particle physics. It suggests that the two main theories, i.e. General Theory of Relativity (GR) and Quantum-Physics/Standard-Model (QP/SM), are the incomplete theories.

To solve the hierarchy problem, we need a theory of size scales, not the postulated supersymmetric particles. There are the three self-similar scales i.e. the Planck scale, nuclear scale and a cosmological scale.

A few additional symmetries that follow from properties of the inflation field (i.e. of the initial state of the superluminal Higgs field) lead to the self-similar fractal-like size scales that look as the analogs of quasars i.e. there is torus with central condensate (bigger tori are built of smaller tori). Such structures of basic bare fermions in the three self-similar scales (they are not the mathematical points) eliminate from theories all infinities, singularities, approximations, mathematical tricks as the mathematical indeterminate forms, free parameters, and reduce number of initial parameters to 7 only.

The local/global duality of time, the non-linearity--linearity duality of phenomena and the non-local phenomena in GR and QP/SM lead to the two-component spacetime with radically different properties of the components - it causes that unification of GR and QP/SM within the same methods is impossible. Within the Scale-Symmetric Theory (SST) we partially unified GR and QP/SM via the size scales - besides the three gravitating self-similar scales, there appear two non-gravitating superluminal scales that are associated one with gravitational fields and the second with quantum entanglement.

The carriers of quantum entanglement, due to their internal helicities, produce only single jet composed of antiparallel half-jets. We need very big number of such carriers to create the volumetric gravitational field - it is realized via neutrinos.

How long theoretical cosmology and particle physics will move in a blind alley? Two decades is not enough (the theory of size scales was formulated in 1997)? Who is responsible for this i.e. for the present mess in the two major areas of knowledge? No one can see that Nature cannot be such complicated as the present-day theories suggest (the tens of parameters, many wrong basic results as the spin of proton, infinities, singularities, approximations, tricks)? Is it arrogance?

we can find very interesting article entitled “Science at a crossroads as supersymmetry theory falls flat”.

The LHC experiments show that the string/M theory is not realized by Nature. In this thread, I wrote many times that the superstring theory cannot be realized by Nature in a way proposed in the mainstream string/M theory – see my discussion with AN.
AN was an advocate of the mainstream superstring theory whereas I tried to show that this theory is incorrect.

But most important is what said Nobel laureate David Gross at the Copenhagen meeting last month to the young people in the audience

“Don’t follow your elders’…”
“Go out and look for something new and crazy and powerful and different. Different, especially.”

I think that the elders now know that money on incoherent theories ended.

See my last post. I wrote:
To solve the hierarchy problem, we need a theory of size scales, not the postulated supersymmetric particles.

But I must emphasize that the renormalization is wrong as well as the superstring theory. It is obvious that infinity minus infinity cannot be a non-zero constant. Theories involving renormalization and other mathematical indeterminate forms are as well incoherent as the string/M theory is.
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The True End of Theoretical Physics

The Theory of Everything (ToE) is the ordinary sum of the Scale-Symmetric Theory (SST), General Theory of Relativity (GR) and Quantum-Physics/Standard-Model (QP/SM). The SST causes that GR and QP/SM transform into the coherent theories without infinities, singularities, approximations, mathematical tricks such as the mathematical indeterminate forms and others, and free parameters. Moreover, within SST we can partially unify GR and QP/SM and show that unification of these theories within the same methods is impossible - it does not follow from incompleteness of such ToE but from the fundamental property of spacetime.

Here we listed the basic problems that are solved within such ToE - such list overlaps with the list of unsolved basic problems in cosmology, GR, general physics, QP, high-energy physics, particle physics, astronomy, nuclear physics, high-temperature superconductors, and so on.

Scientific journals should not validate incoherent theories because it misleading scientific community and radically increases entropy in physics i.e. radically increases mess in physics.
All know what the words "incoherent theories" mean, of course, besides you.

I am under the care of Wisdom.

Who takes care of you? Stupidity and Petty-Mindedness?
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Real and Imaginary Time and Evolutions of Thermodynamic Time in the Scale-Symmetric Theory

The modern conception of time is based on the General Theory of Relativity (GR). The GR gravitational time is associated with the escape velocity i.e. concerns the radial motions of masses/energies in gravitational fields.

The two-component grainy spacetime described within the Scale-Symmetric Theory (SST), i.e. the non-gravitating superluminal Higgs field (HF) concerning the gravitational fields and the gravitating Einstein spacetime (ES) composed of the neutrino-antineutrino pairs moving with the speed of light in “vacuum” (which leads to the Standard Model interactions), causes that the SST time for the ES components in ground state (the gravitational interactions only) and for baryonic plasma`(BP) near black holes is neither Einsteinian nor Newtonian.

Here we described the SST time in the absence and in the presence of BP. The SST time does not concern the GR time associated with not granular spacetime. But it does not mean that the GR time, which concerns objects that can change their speed, is incorrect. Just GR is the incomplete theory (the speed of the ES components is invariant) so it incorrectly describes dynamics of black holes (BHs).

The SST time is characteristic for flows of the ES forced by gravitational fields and for flows of BP forced by flows of the dark-matter (DM) structures, especially near and inside the SST BHs.

Here we derived the formulae for the ES and BP gravitational time dilation, we explained what is imaginary time, we described the difference between the HF and ES thermodynamic time, and we present how have changed the thermodynamic units of time during the evolution of the Cosmos.

Contrary to the GR BHs, due to the DM structures produced by BP on surfaces of the SST BHs and the invariance of speed of the ES components, particles can escape from the SST BHs via the jets.
Below is the link to very interesting article entitled

“The Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, or is it?”

In 2011, the Nobel Prize in Physics was for the “discovery” that the Universe accelerates its expansion.

On the other hand, I wrote in this thread and my papers that an acceleration in expansion or expansion of spacetime is impossible. Just the Scale-Symmetric Theory (SST) shows that there expands the dark energy (DE) only, not the ground state of spacetime (GSS) created during the inflation (density of the DE is and always was much, much lower than GSS: today it is about 1 part in 10^54 parts!). Just the assumed expansion or acceleration in expansion of spacetime should change values of the physical constants.

Now, a much bigger database of supernovae shows that:

“….the evidence for accelerated expansion is, at most, what physicists call 3 sigma. This is far short of the 5 sigma standard required to claim a discovery of fundamental significance.”

It suggests that within the Cosmological Standard Model, contrary to SST, we do not understand the “vacuum” energy.
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Topological Phase Transitions as the Cause of Creation of High-Mass Narrow Resonances with Low Standard Deviation

Topology is the branch of mathematics that attempts to describe the properties changing stepwise as, for example, number of holes in objects or conductivity of thin layers.

Topological phase transitions play an important role in the Scale-Symmetric Theory (SST). They describe the successive phase transitions of the Higgs field - there appear the spin-1 binary systems of closed strings responsible for the quantum entanglement and loops and tori composed of the spin-1 bosons built of fermions. The single loops or tori are the objects with one global hole whereas their components are the bi-holes. Surfaces of the tori are built of smaller binary systems of tori i.e. one-global-hole objects are built of bi-holes.

But in SST, the topological phase transitions concern as well the transition from electromagnetic interactions (there is one Type of photons) to nuclear interactions (there are 8 Types of gluons). Such transition causes that there can appear composite resonances built of 8 or 8x8=64 vector bosons with total angular momentum equal to 0 or 2. The strictly defined numbers of the high-standard-deviation vector bosons (8 or 64) in the composite resonances cause that they must be the high-mass narrow resonances with low standard deviation! It leads to conclusion that we must change the statistical methods applied to the topological composite resonances.

Here we described 3 groups of such resonances – the groups are associated with the mass distances between neutral and charged lightest baryons (i.e. nucleons), lightest strange mesons (i.e. kaons) and lightest mesons (i.e. pions). Obtained results are consistent with the LHC data.

We predict existence of two low-standard-deviation neutral resonances (5.01 +- 0.13 TeV and 5.78 +- 0.15 TeV). There can be in existence a high-standard-deviation vector boson with a mass of 25.4 +- 0.7 GeV.