Still thinking Lori...



This is for you...
Does anyone have Lori's email address? We should make sure she finds her way to the new forum.
Yeah, I used to, however she doesn't have
that one suppose to get a new
one but am not sure if she has yet or not.
Which is probably why she hasn't made her
way here... since she does not have e-mail.
Yeah, she will be missed... maybe she will
come back.
I hope she does....I sure enjoyed "discussing" with her...

You guys are so sweet. I really enjoy talking to all of you about these crazy things. You should have known that I would find you! I worry about some of you too much not to. I hope that doesn't sound condescending, but I'm not going to leave you alone in your thinking that aliens are our buddies. No way, dudes! I will be here "preaching" til I get raptured, or Y2K crashes our computers! If I do disappear from this site, I will be part of a mass disappearance, and that will make you all think twice. I care about you guys, all of humanity for that matter. I don't want you to be hurt any more than you have been already, and I don't want you to be deceived. I'll be waiting for all of you in heaven one of these days, and I can't even tell you how happy I will be to see you there. Not to mention how happy Jesus will be too! I know I must sound soooo corny, but I really mean what I say. So ok, let's get back to work on figuring this out this big ol' cluster-f%$k!
Wow, Flash. I checked out the story on Kelly. All I can think of is fruit, and no, I'm not hungry. You know, I'm not having much luck on the net, searching for instances of "protection". I'll keep looking, though. I don't think that I'm still thinking anymore. This stuff does make my head spin sometimes, but details aside, I have made up my mind about what's going on. Now...what to do????
Hey there buddie...happy to see you back amongs the "beleivers" !!! LOL

What is this thing about Kelly and "protection" re: message to Flash...May I ask ???

Good to see you !

P.S.: By the way I noticed you are not takes 2 seconds..and once you are you may edit you posts..that is if you need to... !!


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Ok, now don't laugh, but I'm talking about a protection from abduction and alien mind control through the name of Jesus Christ. These beings are under His control ultimately, and I have heard (not enough of) instances where people have driven aliens away from them in His name. Sort of like an exorcism?
:) Well, you have certainly been missed..
there is no denying that... I guess you make
all of us think in one way or another. Even
though some of us do not makes us
search for the truth..finding confirmation
in what we believe to be true and why.
I have found a new possible source of protection..and have ordered a book.. I
will let you know how it turns should
arrive by Weds. It has to do with wicca..
it is wayyyyyy cool. There is info on protection in it.
Keeping an open mind...
WICCA!!! AHHHHHHHHH! Alright, Flash, do it your own way, but just please promise me you're not going to go and pray to some god of the volcanos or something, OK????? Actually, I'd be very interested to know what this book has to say, but are you going to try every OTHER way first, or what? You're stubborn, aren't you? Keep in touch, home-girl.
whoa whoa whoa...calm down there girl...
for once this is something I finally can
believe can grasp..ok, heres the truth..
My brother had a party in celebrating his
new home... there was a woman there who
did a house blessing according to wicca
info... I can honestly say that I felt a
warmth of some spiritual guide there...
I never had that at a church or anything
God related.
Although I have been called stubborn before,
this is not what it is about.. are you
calling me stubborn because I am not turning
to God..and praying and stuff??? What am
I suppose to do?? Say, Ok god..if you are
real then...???
Ok, so I've been called stubborn before too. That's the hard thing about religion, isn't it? You have to believe before there is proof. Why so hard??? No, you can't do that...I know. Just keep on truckin' sista.

PS - Hey, you know karate? Way cool! I've always wanted to learn how to kick someone's ass but good! You know, only if I HAD to, of course...

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hahaha.. I bet you could kick someones
ass even without the knowledge of
some form of martial arts...
call it intuition..LMAO
Yea, I know, with my sword of a tongue, huh? I mean that I know you can't say...well, God, if you do exist, then... I guess it just doesn't work that way. You can't ask for some sign or something to prove anything to you. Believe me, I've tried!
well... what I meant is that you have a
fighting spirit... yeah, I guess your tongue
shows that LOL...
ok, so what you are saying is that you are
following and believing in god BLINDLY???
that does not make sense at all
No, not like that. I decided to believe based upon life experience, and what I know about Christianity and other things. But what I'm saying is that if you pray to God, then it won't work unless you really believe there is a God who is listening, and you have to have faith. Faith comes through understanding and seeking the truth. Which is what you're doing, right? I'm just saying that it won't do any good to pray like...Well, if you exist, then answer my know what I mean? me this is kind of like which came
first..the chicken or the egg?
if you do not believe, it won't work to pray
if you believe- then it will...
so you get faith by seeking the truth..
but damnit Lori, I have sought the truth..
and you know what .. it turned up a big
fuc*n fat zero...
If god is real..why does he only make
himself real to certain people?
why does he make it so hard to find him?
Yea, the chicken or the egg is a really good analogy. Sorry, dude, I didn't make up the rules. Shit, rules? Hey, if you want to give it a try, then by all sure as hell couldn't hurt, right? Doesn't it make sense to you, though? Especially given what we know about science and natural laws, that there are also spiritual laws? You don't believe that there is an absolute right and wrong? Do you believe that you have a soul or what? Look at what relativity (concerning right and wrong) has done to society. Or is it that you do believe there are spiritual laws, you're just giving credit to aliens instead of God for creating them? That's the exact scenario that's going to send this world to hell in handbasket. I mean, think about this. You know that Satan, at one time, was leader above all other angels (or something to that effect). You should be able to help me here, with your Sunday school training, but what if Satan was responsible in some way, and under the consent of God, to assist in our creation? You know, like the aliens are saying that they did. Like the site that links excerpts from the Bible to the idea that before Satan fell from grace, he actually ruled the earth under God's authority. Then, the aliens would be half-true in their story, right??? Yea, only they're leaving out the good part!