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I've been seing a lot of spiders in my room recently and most of them look like this: big bottom, black body and yellow spots on the back.

I cought one and took pictures of it. See attachment.

It resembles the Black Widow spider, however I know that a female Black Widow spider has a red spot on the back and the male is small. I have seen only large spiders like the ones I'm talking about. No smaller ones.
One thing that frieked me out was when a grasshoper (yes, i have grasshoppers in my room), which is about 4 times bigger than the spider was bitten by one, he stopped moving, died I think. Instantaneously.

What are these things? :(
If I were you I would get one or two of them in a jam jar and take them to a university that studies biology.

I believe you might have found yourself a new variant of Widow, with a yellow spot rather than red.

Spider's life expectancy aren't very long in comparison to ours, which means during our life time many hundreds of generations of spider can occur.

Darwinds Evolution proves that the spiders through these generations mutate, and eventually evolve.

Thats why in London the Tube (underground/Subway) has it's own midge and rat which have been populating there since the late 1800's.

It's also why scientists love finding caves that have a population that is sealed within it, because no external influences alter the genepool and because they have the chance to evolve.

For cripes sake don't get bitten by one.
EWWWWWWWW I hate spiders!!!! *runs screaming*

So, how come you have so much ... wildlife :D in your room? :confused: :bugeye:
If I were you I would get one or two of them in a jam jar and take them to a university that studies biology.

Too late. I've slaughtered them all. I don't want to get bitten by one ... :( :eek:

So, how come you have so much ... wildlife in your room?

Wildlife lol :D

Seriously I think the university should study my room. New species evolve here... :D
Last week I caught a hybrid of a cricket, a bee and a dragonfly... :confused:
Take the ugh, corpses in. :disgusted smilie:

What kinda area do you live in? (Village, city, town...? Do you always have your window open?)
Well, it's a town and my window faces orchards and a small eucalyptus forest... and yes I always keep my window open. It's pretty hot herein the summer.

I have that cool thingie that gives bugs an electric shock but it doesn't help and if something big gets caught in it, it stinks like a burned chicken... yuck.

So.. I have no choice but to live in harmony with nature... :)
*eyes the 2-headed dog and 8-legged mouse* Nope, can't say. :D

I've been having these unwanted visitors in my condo too! Except, it's not spiders, it's huge-arse hornets with evil intentions! :eek: I saw one on my window the other day, and when I tried to catch it, it attacked me! And a couple of days before that, I saw a dragonfly land on exterior of my window, but it was no dragonfly that I've ever seen! It had a wickedly sharp needle coming out of the end of its bum (?), and the mandibles were enormous! I drew a picture of it, but I couldn't identify it. Very exotic... :eek:

By the way, BloodSuckingGerbile, how come you don't have a picture of yourself posted at The Picture Thread? You have a camera (as we can see), so you have no excuse! :D :D
I get allsorts in my room. Massive mosquitos, spiders, grasshoppers, flies, wasps, bees, small hornets, you name it, i have it. Sometimes I have to sleep in my living room out of fear:eek:
Dewd, you should have Deena send you a picture of this horrible thing she found in her dorm room. It's a "house centipede", and it's a beast!
Oh geez, I hate centipedes!! The way they slither, their multitudes of legs, that disgusting color and the way they writhe on the floor after you poke at them....*shudder*
A couple of times a year at my family's farm, we get invaded by BILLIONS of small black millipedes. Walking on the verandah becomes like walking on cornflakes, all these little squishies getting crushed underfoot. They get inside, up the walls, on the ceiling... They even drop down on you from the ceiling while you're in bed. Very gross.

I hate bugs, bad childhood experience. I also have a very good reason for fear Spiders too.