Yes!!! Nits!!! all the kids i went to school always had nits - eurrgh thinking about it makes my skin crawl!!

And those big long wormy things - tape worms(?) Big bugs are bad - but nothing compared to ones in you - id die, if i got told i had one it would be "Bamb" heart attack no question!! Yuk!!

Oh and Maggots are realllllllllllly gross too.

And tics

And Jeny-long-legs

And ladybirds!!
Anything that lives IN you is unacceptable.


Hey have you guys heard about that tapeworm diet pill? Yep.
I think Bluesouls the only man here. The rest of us are mice.

Did you know that everyone has at least one worm infestation every year?

Makes you wanna drink something acidic to kill the varmits
Hey has anyone else ever been bitten by a spider that left an egg sack in you? I did ! It was terrible too! I didn't know it had left an egg sack in it until it swelled up really big and turned blue! I had it covered in a big bandage and when I went to pull the bandage off my leg started bleeding and the blood was almost black at first so I sqoze(sp) it until the blood turned red again and then I noticed the egg sack start to push out so I kept sqeezing until it finally came out! EWWWW! It left a whole in my leg that looks like a bullet wound scar.

By the way before it swelled up real big I went to the doctor and she said " oh don't worry it's just a little insect bite" YEAH RIGHT!:eek:
I had a brown recluse bite once. my leg had to have the circulation cut off to keep the poison from spreading. My foot swelled five shoe sizes...and they say I was lucky.

If I had been unlucky, dear friends, you would not be reading this quality post.
Did you know daddy longlegs are the most poisonous spider in the world? there little fangs are just too stubby to bite us. they have to actually stuff their prey into their cute little mouths.
really? I thought it was the austrailian funnel web spider. Saw those suckers on Ripleys. Man they look mean.