Some photos

just forwarding some information you may be interested in from Phil Plait
he writes the Bad Astronomy blog
"The Bad Astronomy blog is all about real-world science — it covers the entire Universe, from subatomic particles to the Big Bang itself."
Thanks for thinking of me.
I actually know about Phil etc.
And now back in the city so no photos for a while as the clouds have set it here...even had some rain last night when I arrived...and we can do with some.
I have purchased some software that I am very excited will enable me to merge photos from different cameras and telescopes which hopefully will take things to a higher level.

The software holds promise that one could gather data from a large number of folk and really crank up the total exposure time and hopefully bring out more detail.
I hope to have something soon from using the software but it could take a week or more...
This is the first result of merging two different images.
There is a lot wrong with this image but it is a great start.
I have about 15 groups of images from two scopes and two cameras.. maybe more...that is using data I have collected although its probably best to get fresh data..if not for the smoke.

This is a photo I took of a portion of the sun through my Coronado PST some time ago.

Is this nabula the result of a single mega explosion or is it a collapsing structure?
It is an emission nebula....from wiki...An emission nebula is a nebula formed of ionized gases that emit light of various wavelengths. The most common source of ionization is high-energy ultravioletphotons emitted from a nearby hot star. Among the several different types of emission nebulae are H II regions, in which star formation is taking place and young, massive stars are the source of the ionizing photons; and planetary nebulae, in which a dying star has thrown off its outer layers, with the exposed hot core then ionizing them.
I'm looking forward to the work you will be able to do in your dedicated observatory. Preparation is 90 percent of the work.
I remember my b/w photography days and the delight it was to have a dedicated darkroom. Did my best work there. Won a couple of ribbons at the county fair. Just gives that feeling of satisfaction.....:smile:
This month's out cause of cloud plus I can't get up there for a while to set up ...which will take a while.
Do you have any of your photos?