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Plazma Inferno!

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Dear SciForums members!

SciForums Encyclopedia is now available to you!

It use same form as Wikipedia, and it will be used for information about forum and its members.
Access link for SF Encyclopedia is:

Also, you're be able to access it via link on the SF main page.

To access and to contribute to the SF Encyclopedia, you have to register. I suggest that you use your current forum name for encyclopedia too.

Many of you had chance to work with Wiki system. For those who hadn't, there is useful link:

Also, ENC tags are now available when you want to put direct links to the Encyclopedia in your posts. You could link it on existing topics in Encyclopedia, or you could create new topics based on particular word in your post.

This is an example of using ENC tags:


And, that would be look like this in the post:


Where the 'AMD' link lead you on the Encyclopedia page that contains topic about 'AMD'.

But first, we must input some content in the Encyclopedia.

So, you could post here your suggestions about Encyclopedia's Main Page and possible categories that could be add.

Wes should be proud to know that he's the subject of the very first (and at present only) article on the new wiki.


That almost looks like a signpost on the road to...


I'm an old so-and-so, and a lazy one to boot.

Probably a good thing - the latter characteristic, anyway - as what the aforementioned article prompted me to think of was an entry on the "goat-humpers" thing which meandered thru these environs a bit ago.

Perhaps one on the "Lost / Golden Age" of sciforums...

"...a time before the arguments got truly styoopid, and the advent of Unrestricted Trolling...

A Halcyon Epoch before the Invasion of the Mod-Force, and the ceaseless "reform" oriented clamp-downs...

When Titans of pettiness rather than petty titans sauntered the now greytoned halls of the buzz-saw logo'd and "rebranded" for'm, lashing out with unbridled ('cos there wer'n't a battalion O' Mod-bods) ferocity at whomever dared utter a peep of contradiction to their Nigh-Divine proclaimations on the nature of the universe...

Now - the blood of Numenor is spent...

I mean- uhhh...

You get the picture...

:crazy: seriously resisting the urge to vandalize that wiki.
*restrains himself*

there should be a feature that hides the encyclopedia from view until you have 100 posts (a reasonable benchmark of activity and dedication to the forum itself).

i know people that would search for links like that to vandalize beyond all repair.
This should be interesting...

Not a bad idea. I just hope it doesn't turn into a flame-fest.
I didn't see this thread until now. Amazing. Thanks Plazma! :D

Also, that ENC thingy is really spiffy. I saw it before while making a post today and was all "What the fuck is that?" and didn't want to click it to find out. Way to be creative with the software!

We can't upload pictures to the wiki. That means that this might lead to gaps in the articles.

I noticed earlier that there's no direct link to the upload page. But are you sure the required page is there, but hidden somewhere? I haven't checked, but seeing as many of the other pages don't have direct links laying around where they're easily found, it wouldn't surprise me.

EDIT: Oh, I see what you mean now — it's disabled. Plazma, please enable it!
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I have encountered an odd glitch in the software. When I tried making an article for the Art & Culture subforum, it made an article called "Art" that had no content whatsoever. Apparently the ampersand breaks something.

I've worked around this by making these pages redirects to articles with the titles modified ([ENC]Art and Culture[/ENC]). But it really annoys me. And it's not listed at Wikipedia as a known technical restriction in article names.

Can this be fixed?