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"One helluva sexy beast." - as described by a blind, deaf, dumb, dead person.

"Stop a woman at random in the street, show her a picture of this fine male and you might elicit one of a few common responses; gasps and exclamations of what a gorgeous man phonetic is, how their dreams and desires as a woman would surely be fulfilled within minutes of an intimate meeting with phonetic and that he's the sexiest man they've ever laid their eyes on." thought Phonetic as he once more looked blearily at his hideous face reflected back at him in the mirror.

"Why, oh why am I so ugly?" He thought for the hundredth time today. "Why don't girls like me? Why can't they understand the sexy beast within this mottled frame?"


No :(

Just no!

Clearly, the jealousy of an individual played a part in the vandalism of this once informative page. (Or, maybe it was just updated to more adequately reflect reality.)