Political Cartoons Vol. 2

Victim status seems to go with a religion that has their "savior" hanging from a torture device, a savior ordered there by his Father. This persecution thing is a total and complete Freud.
In other words DON'T VOTE period
Those would be completely different words.
Unless you're too lazy and ignorant to figure out who's less honest and less competent, of course.

Voting is natural selection. Darwinian evolution works. So does Lamarckian evolution.
That's how we got W&Cheney.

I hope you guys are getting paid. The guys who took over the Republican Party have been spending big money to get people to not vote, their votes to not count, their counted votes to not swing elections - it's worth a lot of money to them. Don't carry their water without getting paid.
Not cartoon but...

Trump in London with the Queen and asks
How does your government run so well?

Well it seems the people choose intelligent people to represent them

Is Theresa May really intelligent?

The Queen ask a assistant Please send Theresa May in thank you

Theresa May comes in

The Queen ask

Your mother and father have a child who is not your brother or your sister who is it?

It would be me

Trump thinks this is smart and back in the White House asks Pence.

Your mother and father have a child who is not your brother or your sister who is it?

Can I get back to you on that?

Pence ask around and no one on his staff answers until the tea lady hearing the question says to Pence

Excuse me sir the answer to your question is me

Pence looks at her and ask Who are you please

Sally the tea lady sir

Thank you

Pence goes to Trump

Sir the answer to your question is Sally my tea lady

Trump looks at Pence

Your a idiot, the answer is Theresa May