Political Cartoons Vol. 2

while it wouldn't be a lock for a win its still something like 15 or 17% of the population. it would nudge the needle and to pretend it would not have an effect wouldn't be honest. it would change the balance of power between different voting blocks and that is something with consequences. so while i do feel your statement was hyperbolic you were right in pointing out it would have an effect that would more than likely lean in the direction claim.
You're still thinking they'd vote unanimously?
do you know what wasted votes and the efficiency gap are?

Moving from the electoral college to a pure popular vote would allow the "wasted" democratic votes in cities and metro areas, which do tend to vote democratic by wide margin, to be used to cover more republican votes shifting the advantages from more dispersed less populated rural areas to denser more populated urban areas. it has nothing to do with how people vote but with how their counted. so for the effect im talking about it doesn't require a change in voting habits like your accusing me of claiming. this how the republicans control the house and senate despite democratic candidates garnering more votes in total by a large margin.