Picking a new PC; advice?

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Just in case she wants to upload a video from her cam at some point. Video and graphics is both visual arts and she might need a firewire port.

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Worldwide shipping is expensive and shipments from over the pond are taxed customs tax, so yes, there is here.
Pardon. This thread is waiting for me to do more research.

For now, I can tell you this: I'd love to build from scratch, but, like Russkies like to say, my hands grow out of my ass. I've never put together a piece of electronics and I'm not going to practice on some expensive hardware. On top of that, I've heard there are compatibility issues with hardware, and there are different cooling systems about which I only have a vague idea, etc. Also, design applications take up a load of resources, especially if the files are over 20 mbs. I don't need a laptop, I need a desktop PC.

Another point: Mac G5 is not outdated. They had Mac G4, G5, iMac (for kids), and this baby: http://www.apple.com/macpro/ , which is still a G5 but very very buff and drool-inducing, priced over $13,000. I know I'd be satisfied with something less powerful than Mac Pro, but I don't know how to factor in the fact that Windows does everything through the anus.

I will not be getting Vista, that's for sure. I have Win XP.

P.S. Through all of my adventures with PeeCees, Stryder has been most patient and helpful and I would not have survived without him.
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Why would she need a firewire port for her graphics? seem to me she is doing print graphics so i would just disable the firewire anyway. I have noticed that firewire is not as reliable as USB2 (on PC's) especially if you keep ejecting. like you would a drive or audio card.

while you make a good point and is specific to what is being asked, it is always smart to anticipate possible demands that might occur in the future. scalability and whatnot. a computer system is infrastructure. endpoint infrastructure. if one can afford it, load that sucker up with hardware.

it is the smart thing to do
whitewolf, what is your price range? that's probably the biggest factor in choosing your computer...
...Yea, price. 3,000-6,000. But if that won't bring me a machine that is effective for the intended professional use (refer to software I listed), I'd rather refrain from obtaining it, because my current desktop is more than enough for what I currently do on it.

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I would suggest you get another Mac. Photoshop runs much more efficiently on Macs than it does on Windows, and creative types tend to work with Macs.

A MacBook or Mac mini may be good enough for you for photo manipulation, but if you're doing video editing, 3-D modeling or intensive multi-tasking, get a MacBook Pro or an iMac. If you're really doing massive operations, go with a Mac Pro. The downside of Apple products of course is the price. For you, application lists should be plenty for the Mac.
I thought he said he can't just get a Mac 'cause he has to get a whole new set of design software and stuff, which means that he is not using a Mac right now.

whitewolf, if you want a desktop in that price range and not have to build it, there are plenty of online options. Take this place for example : http://www.widowpc.com/2005/06/gaming_desktops.php

Don't let the whole "gaming desktop" stuff scare you away; most of these kind of sites sell a lot of graphic design desktops as well. Is this the kind of stuff that you are looking for?
Xylus: Modern Macs can dual boot Windows and Mac OS X if he needs Windows software, and Macs tend to run Windows better than their PC counterparts.
Good point midnight, I'm actually typing this on Vista from my Mac right now...
A Falcon Northwest system will outperform a MAC with XP64 running... XP64 is available right now on EBAY for like $136...

if you're serious about performance go with the best...


though the FreeBSD OS on Mac is superior...
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