List Your Favorite PC Games

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X-Com 1 (Enemy Unknow, but in USA the name was different i think)

Deux Ex 1

Thief series

Alone in the Dark

Old games like : Super Mario, Fist II, Bubble Bubble, StarQuake,

I bet that the game Call of Cthulhu will be a good game for me. I love that kind of gamr
for me : im talking about online gaming because playing online is the best.

best RTS game is c&c generals zero hour.

its awsome , and thousands of people are addicted to playing it online.

best fsp game is BF2 battle field 2 online and bf2142

they are incredible games specially when you got a fast pc and fast internet.
muhammad: i have some questions for you:

1) about battlefield, i heard that the game as some internet problems, maybe with the server or something like, so the game will not flow very well.

2) if there are not problems anymore ( i heard about the problems in the 1st times of the game) do you think that with net of 512 (ya very slow) it can run ok?

3) for playing that game do you buy the game or do you nee also to pay a per month amount?

thanks ( i need to know this because once i tried the game and it was awesome!)
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I had many aliases. For a while I played as Boobs, Aswokei, Assfly0, Black Solenoid, and a few others I can't think of.

I've played for 2 years maybe?
I stopped playing FarCry about the time HL2 came out; maybe December 2004 or so. The online community was already beginning to decline at a pretty steady rate at that point. I played in a clan called pointless gaming as IdleMind.
'Far cry' was really repetitive but the graphics were ahead of their time. Half Life 2 was just plain repetitive. I hate it when you pay 25 quid for games that you would rather insert in your anus than complete.
As far as first person shooters go, Far Cry was the least repetitive I've ever played, as well as the most non-linear.

That's the one thing I didn't like HL2. It was very linear. You always go through the game in the same way, go through the levels in the same way, and go through the same procedues. That's why those games have such little replay value. I think of those games as an interactive movie. Extremely fun and engaging the first time you beat it, but pretty much worthless once you do. Not really worth buying unless you're gonna do a lot of multiplayer.

Far Cry was really pretty awesome as a single player, compared to the others I've played, and as I mentioned, the most non-linear and open-ended.

But what really sold it for me, was that its multiplayer. Simply, the best multiplayer FPS game I've ever played. It was very smooth, fast paced and it had good hit detection. The other thing I liked was that the game would reward people who had good accuracy a lot more than other games I've played. You can kill a person extremely quickly if you're good; otherwise you're hopeless. Of course head shots are best. This is extremely discouraging for noobs. I also liked the binoculars and the sniper rifle. Even though the levels were large, you could make kills from extreme distances.

I would piss a lot of people off, because they didn't understand how important sound was, because the game's sound goes from pretty loud to very quiet, so I'd use good headphones and snipe people off in the distance for a while. Someone would get pissed and try to sneak up behind me, trying to catch me while my guy was prone on the ground with his sniper rifle--but I'd hear his footsteps before I was even in his line of sight--so I knew he was there before he could see me. So when he got near, I'd sprint off and shoot him in the sides--flank him, in other words.

Then I'd continue sniping.

Idle_mind--Yeah, I did the clan thing too for a while. I was in 760. Don't know if you've heard of them. Got boring though.
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