In the cricket

He He:)

The ferkin donkey got a duck again!

How did we lose that match?
At one point it looked like the Ozzies weren't going to make it to 150.
Have England and Australia swapped teams since the Ashes?
We seem to have forgotten how to play.

What are the odds on an Australian whitewash?
Well the world cup is under way and nobody on Sci has mentioned it yet (bunch of tossers by and large). The first quality match is on. Windies have started in a blaze against Zevrigga. Only Serfricka could uncover a chap with a name like Saf Du Plessis, I'm sure he's a god faring lad with a firm jaw and a sense of humour like a German accountant and a blonde hair on his slightly too large scone and thick black hair on his boot camp taut belly and a voice like a kelpie with Aspeger's but I could be wrong.
Morne Morkel is bowling, is this some kind of spartan style toughener upper for Afrikaans kids to give them clown names and see how they bear up?
Bravo doing well.
England v India.

Indian team revives the good name of cricket by an act of sportsmanship.



They were afraid of my Pixie Curse