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:EDIT: I meant to say Asians can be that big...
No doubt there have been tall and heavy Asians. Sumo wrestling is witness to that. But the exceptions prove the general rule.
In those cases it is not racial prejudice but specific skills and abilities which translate in earning big money. In fact there was a famous Chinese center Yao Ming among a few other Chinese basketballers who played for American teams.

The average height of men in So. Sudan is 6'4" but that is a local phenomenon . However this is offset by the average height of all African men.
Jul 26, 2016 ... When it comes to height, Dutch men and Latvian women tower over all other nationalities, a study reveals. The average Dutchman is now 183cm (6ft) tall, while the average Latvian woman reaches 170cm (5ft 7in). The research, published in the journal eLife, has tracked growth trends in 187 countries since ...
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Bells, it looks as though whatever it is that goes FUNG! in Birch's brain from time to time has gone FUNG! again.
Thought I'd pop back in just for a looksee...

But that FUNGing Birch is still about - how's that working out for you Bells?

I'll check again in a month or so.

if you take a step back, sane people will realize a few off things. bws is protesting the lock of a thread they helped lock. second, the op examples went over most people's heads and was considered controversial or unusual, except to those who are more socially aware except for redundant media hype. rarely is racism against asians is usually considered less or not happening just because they are more passive, rarely talk about it as well as tow the line etc when that is not true.
The reason you are "sick and tired of having to repeat that point" is because it is factually, fundamentally and utterly wrong.

If you went around claiming that the Earth was really a turtle, and we all live on its back, you would probably also get "sick and tired of having to repeat that point" too.

you are either a flat-out liar, biased or stupid. i'm serious. which is it?

people do not mock, especially black people in america because that has serious backlash from the public because of their history in america. every even somewhat socially aware american knows that and to not be racist towards them. besides that, if you are american and you don't know people by now that people could care less that african- americans are black, then you are blind as a bat. they are part and parcel of americana through and through.

asians, however, is open season and it's been that way all along.

and since it's gotten to this point. i'll point out what no one is willing to say. african american males get profiled by police mainly because they commit so many crimes statistically in certain neighborhoods such as the hood. these are not white collar crimes that the majority of whites commit which dosesn't mean they are innocent at all but because it's a civil matter, not calls that require police intervention as most often. that doesn't excuse police brutality or mishandling but one of the reasons why it appears that blacks more oppressed is because this in the media more often. that's not always racism so much as circumstantial. simply, there are more immediate/direct altercations that go on between police with black and hispanic males.

however, when it comes to incarceration rates etc in relation to whites, they favor their own or more biased in comparison to blacks but they are like that with any race. it's just that african-americans as well as hispanic males show up more in petty and violent crimes statistics. i know because i've lived in areas where the police were around every corner due to drugs and petty theft/crime/assault in predominantly poorer areas. if it was asians, they would be more profiled. i think in nyc, where their are more asian gangs, they are more profiled.

this doesn't apply as much for those blacks and hispanics who live in middle class or above neighborhoods. they don't have as much a problem with being racially profiled because it's usually not about race or it's an exception. why would they? the police aren't getting those calls.

the truth is hispanics and blacks statistically, but even whites are more aggressive in nature and therefore commit more, especially violent crimes in america. also, because they are a larger demographic. don't fuking paint that lie that means they are more oppressed, therefore they must have had to resort to crime etc. bullshit!! not in america for the most part.

don't fuking blame asians for this shit and neither does it mean that there isn't just as much racism against asians, its just not in that way but still insidious as they have to walk an even narrower tight-rope as they are more discriminated against in mid-tier jobs where qualified but discriminated against over hispanics, whites and blacks because they can get away with it as well as social services is hostile toward them, college admissions just due to race more than hispanics, blacks and whites because there is this undercurrent of resentment and belief that asians somehow have it better. No, they don't as most are poor immigrants, have extremely strict work ethic when they came as well as there are asians who are destitute, fall through the cracks or have problems like anyone else. just the fact that a minority collectively is successful makes them a target of racism itself among other things which has nothing to do with others and neither do they know everyone's situation nor do they deserve to be overlooked or punished/racist attack for other people's problems or because of other asian's success which is also a common reason/resentment/excuse to attack asians.

overall, blacks or hispanics are not targeted for racism hardly at all except for the occasional kkk/white nationalists types but they go after anyone. however, whites, hispanics and blacks have directed racism toward asians regularly while most asians don't do that hardly ever because they are too busy minding their own fuking business!!! that's the straight, honest unapologetic truth!!!

you don't know what you are fuking talking about while asians have to get pushed around for other people's own fukery as if it's their fault!
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lmao. yeah, black and hispanic women are so oppressed in a country that gives free birth control and medicaid to the poorest and of course, they are forced to pop out a village from their womb and oh so oppressed. they are so oppressed to be baby mama's with several fathers. ya know, that must be an indication they are so oppressed. maybe practice abstinence then. i've gone years in between partners and just because one lacks self-control doesn't mean you are more oppressed. oh poor them. i've had as much or more of an atrocious life as some of them. some haven't even had a bad life and some of them still do that shit. unbelievable, huh? hispanics, blacks and whites also get easier scholarships and free money than even an asian in the most despicable of circumstances in america. pfft.

then asian women still have to suffer the indignity of being labeled submissive and easy sexually in comparison to other women when that is absolute hogwash. even there are hordes of white women are are sluts but of course they aren't going to make stereotypes that malign themselves. oh yeah, that terrible driving and statistically in america, it's white girls between the ages of 16-19 who cause the most accidents because they are wild and drinking/driving is a national pastime. pfft.

but of course society has to make sure asians feel badly about themselves or that they are nerdy, ugly, weak, emasculated etc because that's so fair.
but of course society has to make sure asians feel badly about themselves or that they are nerdy, ugly, weak, emasculated etc because that's so fai
Well after havingknown several Asian friends, I don't belong to the group of hecklers. I jude people by their mind, not their appearance.

Asian philosophy seems to be a social tendency to show repect and condideration for others , and work ethics in the Asian social community, added by rigorous parental oversight of sticking to rules and educational preparation for entering the larger US society.

Again, the exeptions prove the general rules, of honor, commitment and dedication to their chosen fields. Asians are considered to be above average of inherent intelligence and practical application of their knowledge. This is why many Asians reach many positions of great responsibility and deservedly so..
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Thought I'd pop back in just for a looksee...

But that FUNGing Birch is still about - how's that working out for you Bells?

I'll check again in a month or so.


I must say, it has been so much nicer with birch on ignore... a huge reduction in visible junk posts ;)
Mod Note

Birch, I am really sorry for all that you have endured in your life, I really am. You have been through hell and back and no one should have to go through what you have gone through from a fairly young age. Absolutely no one.

But that is not an excuse for your abject racism and bigotry. At all. Your rhetoric reads like it's out of a handbook for the KKK. And I mean that literally. You have espoused the same type of ideology and stereotyping that they often spout.

And like them, you willfully choose to ignore science, because it does not fit your bigoted and racist ideology.

So here is what is going to happen. I have brought this up with my colleagues. Normally, if someone new came out spouting the type of utter rubbish you just spouted above, it would be an instant permanent ban. Since you are a longer term member, we have to have a bit of a discussion.

In the meantime, I am sending you off on a temporary ban, while they determine what is to happen. My vote and suggestion is for a permanent ban. Because this type of racism and bigotry has no place on this forum or in society for that matter.

Meanwhile, this freak show of a thread has gone on for long enough. Thread closed. And Beer, you open another thread to complain so you can continue to flame and troll, you'll be joining her.

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Well, it seems that due to accrued points, the system set it as a permanent ban. It is up to my colleagues as to whether that is overturned or not.
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