Hindu concept of creation -new

Sorry Lord Krishna does not come until 427,000 years from now. Why stop at just four dimensions? Science is thinking of many more.


That is NOT correct. I talk to Lord Krishna almost every week. So, I think, I should know better than anyone on the Planet....Thank you.

That is what I want to tell you guys or a while. I wanted to showcase the truth behind the truth...and no one listens to it....so, I was either not talk or say very carefully what is at stake...

That is because, the climate change will cause a lot of major deaths and disasters in the next 100 years...That is the mundane thing I am working with Lord Krishna.....I knew about it in April but could not tell anybody and then this came out exactly what I talked. You know some scientific stuff.


While Sciforums or for the Hinduism part is not a place to save the Planet (actually Humankind), and while getting beat up, I try a little...but it is NOT WORKING. I was trying to connect Lord Krishna, Rama Empire, What is coming in 300 years, Jesus, Karma, rebirth, and Climate Change all together to create a better TRUTH.....But it is not working.....Yet that is the MUNDANE stuff I am doing . Oh. by the way I am in touch with Jesus...he does not like people calling him Jesus...I think it is Yeshua. And he may be coming in 300 years too, that is our plan. It is a whole ball of wax...and hence I just put a few items for others to jump in the NEW Knowledge.

And if it does not happen, I am OK. Because my truth may not go anywhere this time and there is no need for it. But you can create a Karma and comeback in 330 years with me....in the future. You choice.

Oh...I missed one items but that is not what Sciforums guys want do...It is solving Inequality....in the mix to save the Humankind.

Basically I am seeking those who want to develop the Karma now to come back with me next time - and that is Hinduism (or Sanatana Dharma). Otherwise, I have NO business of being here. And next time will be a great time....a lot of Aliens and new Planets, and Space Ships etc. But getting you guys there is very troublesome.....You tell me...
glad you used yeshu for christ.
suffering is single event , when one suffers all suffer.

That is what he said...the name wise. He does not have anything to say to me in detail as Lord Krishna is talking. Until I come up with a new idea - The Universe loves new ideas that is good and wholesome. Hence we can talk further - if I get some people from this Karma to sign on. Otherwise it will be chit-chat as he is one of my spirit cousins....
Not Lord Krishna, these days the type of people we are getting is Rampal, Asa Ram, Ashutosh Maharaj, Nithiyananda, etc.
one thing we should understand is ORGASM.
in the adult movie we see women squirting that can be a form of orgasm but it is sub set of orgasm.
the orgasm is universe.
think about a universal state where a person does not care about his exsictence, is enjoying and enjoying. that is universal orgasm. lots of psychologists and physicists know about orgasm sub consciously, but this orgasm cannot be defined in terms of logic, cause orgasm itself is universe. to be with universe, to accept universe is far greater and worthy than knowing what universe is. it is impossible to seprate oneself from universe. when a person experiments with universe he is experimenting but is not being conected to universe/god, therefore no satisfaction, search continues.
Let us see what the other guy says...by the way, I am using this idea in my Artificial Intelligence posts in LinkedIn...we shall se what happens.....like Orgasm...