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Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by kmguru, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. kmguru Staff Member

    Saw this...very interesting....(I was told by a rishi that the whole thing is like a mobius strip...never beginning and never ending...just changes the the process)


    Hindu Concept of Creation of the Universe
    The Hindu tradition perceives the existence of cyclical nature of the universe and everything within it. The cosmos follows one cycle within a framework of cycles. It may have been created and reach an end, but it represents only one turn in the perpetual "wheel of time", which revolves infinitely through successive cycles of creation and destruction. Within this cycle of creation and destruction of the universe, thesoul (atman) also undergoes its own version of cycle called samsara, the cycle of rebirth in which individual souls are repeatedly reincarnated.

    In the beginning there was neither existence nor non- existence; there was no atmosphere, no sky, and no realm beyond the sky. What power was there? Where was that power? Who was that power? Was it finite or infinite?

    There was neither death nor immortality. There was nothing to distinguish night from day. There was no wind or breath. God alone breathed by his own energy. Other than God there was nothing.
    In the beginning darkness was swathed in darkness. All was liquid and formless. God was clothed in emptiness.

    Then fire arose within God; and in the fire arose love. This was the seed of the soul. Sages have found this seed within their hearts; they have discovered that it is the bond between existence and non-existence.

    Who really knows what happened? Who can describe it? How were things produced? Where was creation born? When the universe was created, the one became many. Who knows how this occurred?
    Did creation happen at God's command, or did it happen without his command? He looks down upon creation from the highest heaven. Only he knows the answer -or perhaps he does not know.
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  3. wellwisher Banned Banned

    My theory is, the ancient theories of creation were a projection about the formation of modern human consciousness, where will power and choice appear. This modern addendum to consciousness transcends natural man (pre-human), causing man to leave the integration of nature; paradise. The pre-humans looked like humans and had human DNA, but their mind did not yet contain that extra spark needed to form civilization. Rather, they were immersed within instinct; formless mind based on habit and instinct.

    The animal does not ponder the universe, but lives in the now of their instincts and sensory systems. All those things that lies beyond the sensory systems, is without form. The new mind of humans becomes concerned with these questions, with the universe taking form in the image of their imagination and projections.

    In 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered America. America was alway there for billions of years, but it was not conscious, until they became aware of it in 1492. We celebrate 1492 instead of 1-6 billions years ago, not because America formed then, but because this is when consciousness perceives it. The formation of the universe, is when the new consciousness of man became aware there was something large beyond the senses. This is celebrated as occurring 6000 years ago; instead of 1492.

    Water is symbolic of thoughts, with the symbolism saying the universe was initially liquid and formless. This means no thoughts were yet evident because the pre-human mind did not yet have that extra of something. Fire is symbolic of emotions, which implies an emotional connection appears, that leads to the transition. In the bible the waters separate from the waters; thoughts begin to differentiate.

    When the brain creates memory, aspects of the limbic system adds an emotional tag to memory. The fire that appears is an emotional tag that differentiates the waters or thoughts, with the emotional causing these thought to linger in memory.The Hindu myth uses the emotion of love as the limbic tag to memory. They don't use fear. The initial spark was an attraction to these new thoughts, rather than an avoidance funneling the mind; still paradise. Limbic fear tags, appears later with law of good and evil.

    The soul is our memory grid with the soul beginning to form from an initial limbic tag of love attached to memories. This was the seed of uniqueness of choice and will; eagerness to learn and embrace. Yet still part of nature and instinct; paradise.

    I have an interesting in learning from those who where there when the new human appears. By knowing how we began, one can follow the helix and find how to return.
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  5. kmguru Staff Member

    Sounds good on your theory....going back to Hindu system of things...here are some items, you may want to incorporate....

    We live in a four dimensional Universe where three is matter and one is energy. Time is separate

    In the last 14 Billion years things rise and we have tons of life forms starting from today....so they are there...some are bigger and some have just started....

    I understand there are life forms who are from 10 Billion year old systems. Usually they started out from Plant life and hence can take a long duration but later become human type....

    Stuff like that. I also think based on Hindu system that there are entities who live between Universes....perhaps they stay there even if certain universes vanish to be reborn....stuff like that...ad infinity....

    Or, just forget and find out when you go to heaven....again that is part of the Eastern Views...that predicts basically the correct ideas....

    It would be of interest....Thank You....
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  7. rcscwc Registered Senior Member

    This is called Hymn of Creation. But do you realise that it raised questions galore. It launched philosophical inquiry.

    Later on, when there arose philosophical schools, they conducted inquiry on different lines. Sankha school discounts God and replaced it with Purush, different from Brahmma. Sikhism adopted it as Creator Purush, Karta Purukh.

    Shankar posited universe as an adjunct of Brahmma. That Brahmma IS, so Universe IS. Steady state like.

    Ramanuj posited a theory of emanation and absoption. So on.
  8. kmguru Staff Member

    Thank you....The situation happened long ago. What is needed is that we humans understand the Energy part of our lives that goes back to the Creation and anything that moved from Creation to the past Creation and Multi-verse etc. That is where these people could not get the answers. I talked to a life form that is five billion years old, he/she did not have it.

    When the time is right, I could have the Western guy come in or provide value via automated systems (if that is possible). I have seen him three times.

    That brings to the idea that we need to understand the four dimensional life forms we exist in. Three part is space and the one part is energy...throughout the Universe. That is what rebirth makes it. Then we need to understand when life began like 10 or 13 Billion years ago, what those entities are doing and the properties. By the way, those life started with Plant Kingdom....

    The Hinduism ideas are all theoretical because at the time of writing this down, they were very low in technology. The High Technology was about 95,000 years from that time, who are now in Mizar Star Systems. They are what Norse Mythology describes...Thor etc. Even before that we had five Extinction Level Events and before that we could have people in Mars (no one knows, I just get a hint) Then all the other life forms who are now UFOs. It takes 200,000 years from intelligent biped life forms to develop and hit the space age. Not the sea creatures or the Plant life...even if they are sentient.

    We came down from the space age from 100,000 years ago and hence will have it in 350 years out for interstellar drive. Otherwise it would be 200,000 basis. And when you develop certain technologies, that basis stays with you in rebirth. You need permission to go forward from the big guys.

    We have to use the theoretical ideas and move it forward....that is what I say....and we have the Permission. I will be back on life in 350 years and work on the next generation devices heading out to may be Mizar Star Systems...to see out Earthlings. Actually when we have it, galactic law requires that they will show up (if they want to) and so do the Enemies. In the mean time, our UFOs circumvent the contact laws here very carefully.

    Have fun and enjoy your time on this planet....and get ready for the next WAR. (beyond Ramayana and Mahabharata)

    If any of you did not understand it...think about it, and we can pick it up in five years....or more...Otherwise we can talk....Thank you all.

    Anyone, who wants to collect it for a modern version...please go for it....I have some knowledge for it is too much...
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  9. youreyes amorphous ocean Valued Senior Member

    if you think closely what love is and what it accomplishes, you might understand why love is seen as creation of the world. Love binds people together and gives birth to new life. It is an analogy that can be seen throughout the universe.
  10. rcscwc Registered Senior Member


    As per Hindu philosophy, matter has three characteristics.

    1. Satva. It means that matter has real and true existence.

    2. Tejas. It is principle of energy. Matter is possesses energy, which gives it mobility and change. Matter has to move/change. It clearly means, if you think deeply, a fixed reference does not exist a la Einstein.

    3. Tamas. Inertia. It resists motion/change. Without tamas/inertia, no atom will remain an atom. All its components will fly off. Suns, stars, planets, galaxies cannot exist without inertia, but without tejas, they will collapse.

    Therefore all three principle are required as pre-condition for creation/formation and existence of cosmos.


    You can explain even love with those properties.

    1. A real, sensible body is a ore-condition.

    2. Tejas/energy is a must for expression of love.

    3. Without tamas/inertia, love will be momentary ie of vanishingly small duration and will be forgotten after that.
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  11. kmguru Staff Member

  12. kmguru Staff Member

    Happy Dewali....As to Rama...I do not care but Laxmi...I am with her....She is from the same Krishna Group....Thank you....


    As to four arms...she does have that...definitely...Now I know, where Indians got the 330 Million Gods number from....
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  13. fogpipe Registered Member

    Actually Columbus was 2nd 3rd or 4th in line from what i have read and when he got to the americas there were about a hundred million people with a thriving culture already there and Columbus thought he was in India. Arguably the people already living in the americas were conscious of doing so. I will grant that Columbus had a great PR agent, but personally i find Columbus day the 2nd most embarrassing holiday in the US calendar, right behind thanksgiving.
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  14. rcscwc Registered Senior Member

    Relevance with respect to my post?
  15. kmguru Staff Member

    Very nice...and Happy Dewali....

    Adding some stuff that may or may not work now but someday some areas could come true....

    I always had trouble, where gods are and why is it Indian have multiple gods but Buddhists did not have any and Western point is different and hence I came up with this answers.

    For a 200,000 year of development of intelligent specie we form Space Fairing civilizations simply because we have spirits that come on board to develop the program.

    We are still a part of four dimensional energy-space continuum where part of us are in the Cloud for like 12 Billion years. Plants, animals all are in that process of Life. Hence the Energy state is our real home. Some call it Heaven.

    Sanatana Dharma understood that. Then comes the question. What happened to life forms that got developed since 10 Billion Years ago? Where are they in the Universe?

    Well, Hindus believe that we had Ramayana and Mahabharata that had Space Age structure (basically same as Norse Mythology). So, there were people from those earlier races that showed up when we had the space systems. Hence I think those were the gods since they could be a Billion or Five Billion society....

    So, where are they? May be the UFOs are a part in it. But the Galactic structure could be that when we set up our space structure and philosophy, they will again show up....

    Hence new stuff could happen soon....

    By the way, we had five Extinction Level Events and hence we had serious entities that could be coming in to our society from Heaven....may be, may be not....
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  16. kmguru Staff Member

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  17. Rajagopals Registered Senior Member

    I thought this was stated in many old eastern philosophy texts and elsewhere more or less in a similar way. My lousy translation would go like this.

    The one and only thing (call it God / Shiva or almighty) at the beginning wanted to exist as two entities to see if that would increase love (Shraddha in Sanskrit) towards self or between the two entities. Shraddha in Sanskrit also means faith, love, affection, reverence, focus, attention etc. Till then, since there was only one thing (God), there were no space (since it lagged boundaries), no dimension (since it lagged direction), no time (since it lagged any event) and no matter (since it did not recognise itself fully [lack of love which triggered the beginning]). The moment it became two, it caused the time to exist (after and before), created dimension and space (between), created matter (an entity with momentum), created reality (reason for existence) and created good and bad (chaos/entropy/uncertainty/evolution). Shiva and Shakti loved each other and wanted to be untied and exist as one.

    It is said that the sound (ohm or whatever) caused a vibration that triggered the split. Strangely not all sounds are produced via vibration. Anahata sound refers to the Vedic concept of unstruck sound (the sound of the celestial realm). Buddhist prayer wheels produce such an anahata sound, possibly the reason for many to carry this around.

    The rest is more evident and is made clear by many already.
  18. kmguru Staff Member

    Perhaps may I add...and we can dig in to it...as I have Kabbalistic Knowledge....

    Multiverse in Hinduism

    Every universe is covered by seven layers — earth, water, fire, air, sky, the total energy and false ego — each ten times greater than the previous one. There are innumerable universes besides this one, and although they are unlimitedly large, they move about like atoms in You. Therefore You are called unlimited (Bhagavata Purana 6.16.37)

  19. river

    What has Kabala have to do with Hinduism
  20. kmguru Staff Member

    I knew someone will say that...

    "Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that reveals how the universe and life work. On a literal level, the word Kabbalah means “to receive.” It's the study of how to receive fulfillment in our lives."


    Specifically Kabbalah group uses higher level of Knowledge that is very well connected to Sanatana Dharama (that these days are called Hinduism)....Thanks.
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  21. rcscwc Registered Senior Member

    A lot of NOTHING.
  22. kmguru Staff Member

    You may be right, let us ask Moses, he is in Latin America now...he will tell you if it is NOTHING or Something....

    May be it is a Human thing on "NOTHING"....
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  23. Amar Nath Reu Be your own guru Registered Senior Member

    There were baboons, chimps, orangotans and apes (or at least their ancestors), along with other animals, but I do not think they can tell you much about when humans appeared. Of course, study of their anatomy and physiology can tell us many things. What? You want to travel the helix back? Want to be a virus?

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