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I see lot of bad grammar and spelling in online stuff, and I usually put it down to poor English on the part of the writer, but this video gives me pause.

This looks more like robo content.

The a/an prepositions (1,2,5) would be technically correct, since 'an' always precedes a word that starts with a vowel. But if the author spoke the words, they'd know they're wrong. A bot might not know this if it were unsupervised.

It also seems to have mindlessly pieced together noun phrases without regard to their countable versus uncountable-ness (3,4).

As if the instructions for compilation are as a simple as:

  1. Choose Header: "This is equivalent to a/an"
  2. Choose from list of things:
  • used 2018 Porsche
  • CDK700
  • 4 years living in NYC
  • 2 years cost on piano class
robo captions.jpg

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I'm thinking that the posters were produced by a bot / automated program.
Something where you plug in a number and it comes up with what it is equivalent to.

So it is likely using simplistic rules, as you suggest, and likely also written by a non-native English speaker who doesn't know better.
They could just attach the article to the item instead of the header:
a used porsche
a CDK700
4 years living alone in NYC
2 years cost of a piano class
a European castl​
Maybe, perhaps, possibly, probably
Do they mean the same thing and can be interchaged?

1. Maybe it is going to rain.
2. Perhaps it will rain in one hour time because the sky is dark.
3. It is possibly to rain today because of the dark cloud in the sky.
4. Probably it will rain very soon because humidity is high. :D
In a pure linguistic sense they can and cannot be used interchangeably. It depend on the sway or toward which it leans.
Eh:maybe it will rain. It creates a different sense with same meaning eg, when u think it is going to rain and when you think it is not going to rain.
Perhaps it will rain. When u think it will rain and when u think it will not rain.
When u think it is going rain using "maybe" and when u think it is going to rain "perhaps" can be used interchangeably. But when u think it is going to rain "maybe" and when think it is not going to rain "perhaps" cannot be used interchangeably. I hope this is correct.