Genonymous Terms

What does the movement of a volume describe?

A tesseract

In Psychology

1- An affect is the state of mood at a certain moment.
2- A feeling is the affect of long duration.
3- Love is the feeling that inclines us towards something or some person.
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1- A trait is a more or less permanent psychological quality.
2- Personality is the set of traits that distinguishes one person from another.
3- Psychopathy is the personality disorder that alters the social behavior of the individual.
In Engineering

1- A building is the construction made with resistant materials to house people, animals, things or activities.

2- A house is the building or part of it to live.

3- A kitchen is the room of the house where the food is prepared.

- Becoming and movement (S)
- Duration, age and period (S)
- Now and present (S)
- Movement, action and change (S)
- fleeting and ephemeral (S)
- Movement and rest (A)
- Time and space (A)
- Day and night (A)
- Before and after (A)
- First and last (A)
- Birth and death (A)
- Beginning and end (A)
- Soon and never (A)
- Past and future (A)
- Temporary and durable (A)
- New and old (A)
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