DOES Size Matter? women finally speak out

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Wow, catfight.
Why am I not surprised that invert_nexus is involved?

Does the answer have something to do with your miniscule wang?

(You used to respect me. Has it come to this? My damn enormous penis gets in the way again...)
while i am confidant that my size.... is addiquate... i am conforted by the knowledge that size doesnt really matter... since a womans vagina is limited too the first 3 or 4 inches or so.... in which case... my confidence... continues strongly..

6 AND 1/2 inches should be enough... and i should'nt have to try and enlarge it.

Satyr said:
I wonder if brain-size matters.


In the case of humans it is not the brain size that matters. It is the density of neurons and dendrites that matters.
Satyr said:
If I tell someone, who happens to be black, that I dislike him, is it because he’s black or because he’s an asshole?
He’ll, of course, try to save himself the indignity by thinking that it’s my prejudices that make me think so little of him when its him all along.
A shared insult in better than a solitary one.

you know, that is so true. :p
Absane said:
Did you use a pump before measuring?

my exhusband had a pump. this is a true story! believe it or don't. won't change the fact that it happened.
alright. when he started he was 6.5, 7". about 6 to 12 months, using it almost every night, he gained size to about 9". we theorized that what happened is he continually stretched the flesh making more room for bloodflow. eventually, the stretched skin stayed stretched out making his erection bigger. i believe this because in his flaccid state he was bigger, too.

i also believe regular use helps. my current husband (just 2, guys :p ) has increased in size since we've i think arousing the male to a fever degree and making him sustain it awhile before release helps in the same way: stretching the skin. that means no minute-man stunts guys. :D
i recall reading somewhere that there are phases of erection. My take on that info is: flaccid>>semi-mojo>>hard, but with give at the base>>rock solid, locked-in-place, full-mojo ;)

Seldom do men reach that elusive last stage due to the trascendental nature of it (most men are too busy feasting on the visuals). It's the grail of hard-ons and only the most tantalising fore-play and activity flow suffices.

mmm, that worked for me :D
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So does increasing penis size by artificial means (eg pumps) lead to an increase in the perception of sexual satisfaction by women?
samcdkey said:
So does increasing penis size by artificial means (eg pumps) lead to an increase in the perception of sexual satisfaction by women?

in most cases, myself having been a victim of it :D , bigger makes women think of a more manly man. with experience under my garter i know that that is a crock of sh*poopy*t. most men with larger penises are too busy showing it off to learn how to use it properly or have some sort caveman complex...but i'm going to google it. :D

touchwood: i know exactly what you mean by full-mojo. it can take a man from moderate to choking. ;)
all the results followed pretty much the same thread: size matters only to the one using it. in other words, women don't really care aside from the visual and psychological aspects. it doesn't make much difference in feeling. here is an excerpt :

I think penis size is indirectly related to the user's ability to please woman. If he feels his penis is too small - or even too big for that matter - and feels they can't satisfy someone for reasons outside their ability to remedy short of surgery, they won't perform well solely for that reason: their lack of confidence to please. Girls like confidence in and out of bed most of the time and lacking such will adversely effect a male's performance.

As for physical evidence regarding penis size and woman's pleasure, a woman's vagina is the most sensitive a few inches inside. However, it really can vary based on individual physiology and individual preference. Some woman are very tall while some are short as well as some are into that deep penetration from a larger size while some are hurt or uncomfortable by such a deep penetration. Not being a woman, I can't really form an opinion based on personal discovery or understand the idea of having something penetrate a cervix I don't have. All I can really say with any authority is that most healthy-minded woman don't need a foot long or even a half of that to be happy sexually. The average I think ranges somewhere from 4.5-5.5 inches. Don't quote me on that though. I also remember the sensitive nerve ending inside the vagina are roughly 3-4 inches in, so anybody on average can reach this without any problems.

What a lot of others don't seem to realize is that penis size, length and girth, is greatly enhanced compared to the owners perception of it. I've heard girls very level-headed and adjusted speculate how guys with normal sizes don't seem to realize how much bigger it seems to them. Guys carry it around all the time and get desensitized while girls who only see it at certain times are surprised at an appendage like that sticking so far out of a body. Basically, they know it's *supposed* to be there, but never imagined it to be something so "large" considering it seems so innocuous while flaccid or concealed as a small lump inside your pants.

There's also some research I did recreationally one day that speculates to the woman's pleasure in relation to her G-Spot. Some attest this spot doesn't exist, but my personal opinion is that it does (Not that it matters). Said research entailed a study where a woman's G is better stimulated with a shorter, thicker penis rather than a long one. Even if it was long and thick it wouldn't work as well on average. The deeper penetration holds little physical pleasure apparently - it's all about the visual and psychological aspects.
I agree that the psychological effect of having a large penis is the only real effect that it can have (that is, as long as the erect penis is at least 3 or 4 inches long.) Those extra couple inches past a woman's G spot fill the psychological role of not only giving a man confidence in his masculinity, i.e. sexual dominance, but in proving that dominance to the woman as well. Its simple-minded to judge according to the appearance of something, but hey, in caveman days a large penis probably looked more promising to a woman who wanted to conceive.

But wait a minute. I have enough experience to know that it truly is "the motion of the ocean" that matters. I have only been gratified with one sex partner and I know it has nothing to do with his size. My guess is that it has to do with the fact that he actually cared enough to put the effort into his "motion" to please me.

That said, I don't think we've yet come to fully understand the fickleness of a woman's sexual pleasure or orgasm. Plenty of women these days are not so shallow in their judgement. Any woman in her right mind will not just judge a man by his arm muscles or his penis.

Has anyone begun discussion about why the size of breasts matters so much? Isn't this a much bigger issue, and not just a figment of imagination?

Just feel lucky, guys, that women don't care so much about physical form as ya'll do. Its much deeper than that.
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