Documentary thread

I thought it might be interesting if members linked to a documentary that they believe would be of interest to others.

Choose a documentary and give a brief synopsis of what its about so we can decide whether we are interested in viewing something around that particular topic. If its interesting it could lead to threads around the issues raised.

I have two in mind:

Frontline has many good documentaries on a variety of subjects but I did see one recently called 'A Class Divided'. Its about a discrimination experiment carried out on school children in the 70's where the class was divided into blue and brown eyes and the children were treated differently. It was later carried out among adults with some very interesting results. Just go to search video and type in 'A Class Divided'

Another one is a documentary of food production and seed control called 'The Future of Food'.

List a documentary on any subject you find of interest.

I did see The Future of Food....
several times actually.....
in my opinion it was indeed brilliant.

If you would like some background information to the realities discussed in that documentary you might wish to invest nearly two hours of your time in
a really annoying and rather depressing film that may leave you somewhat suicidal if you watch this on the wrong day.... under less than ideal conditions?!

Why Big Oil Conquered the World

But... if you are NOT up to watching a truly depressing documentary at this time.....
perhaps due to your experiencing suicidal thoughts at this time then......
you might well be wise to leave this film to a later date!

If it is any consolation......
the implications of that documentary could perhaps be dealt with on discussion forums where some very bright people
confront serious cognitive dissonance?!

"Unified Field Theory of Modern World Problems....."
The Money Masters (1996)

Director: William T. Still
Writers : Patrick S. J. Carmack and William T. Still

= = =

The Secret of Oz (2009)

Director: William T. Still
Writer : William T. Still