Covid Vaccination and Recent Spike in cases?

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by KUMAR5, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    i think Modi is doing a very good job considering how difficult the problem
    aside from that i generally like him from what i have read of his policy's and decision making processes.
    he is embracing technology & attempting to move the country forward against a great deal of opposition and old culture which does not wish to change but needs to for survival.

    in M
    the rate is closer to 3.6 % i believe add on denial of services from that extra medical burden and the real rate is probably close to 5 or 6% at a guess
    very dense population lots of people to people close contact as normal daily business and life's.
    changing that means a change in culture
    the people must WANT to change if they want better outcomes & they must co-operate & make the actions of change, together as a peoples choice.
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  3. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    Many many thinks are still unclear and vague in Covid. Hence it is not useful to involve in unnecessary
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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    post the new variants
    with links to the news links
    and statistics
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  7. Write4U Valued Senior Member

  8. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    Pls refer to above quote esp. last function of antibody(bolded by me).

    Does it mean that Antibodies presence in our body can be a reason to cause inflammatory response and their
    long term presence as long term inflammatory response? During Covid treatment at one stage it is anticipated that
    much damages and clotting happen due to immune and inflammatory response. Therefore anti inflammatory treatment
    with Steroids or other meds are opted. Does it mean that such inflammatory response is antibody mediated?
    If so what about long term antibody existence post infection or post vaccination? Can siuch long term antibody presence
    cause long term inflammation in body? Main or cultural goal of vaccination was to acquire immunological memory instead which secrete antibodies when memory cells are stimulated and as a short term event.
  9. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member



    8. ?
    i have listed and numbered your questions
    so it makes it easier for scientists to answer them
    and i have highlighted what looks like wild mixing crossing over 2 different things

    after effects of both
    9. ? vaccine effects ?
    10. effects of SAR'SCoV-2 ?
    11. after effects of vaccines ?

    you do not make it very easy for highly skilled people with very limited & valuable personal time to answer your questions

    i hope this helps them read what your asking so you get better answers to all the different things you seem to have mixed together

    (?)what is the effect of antibody's being in the blood stream continuously ?
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  10. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    If someone is concerned about blood clots because of vaccines better take all women on the contraceptive pill off because its more likely to cause clotting

    while there is a small risk of clotting in some individuals who take the AstraZeneca vaccine, this clotting risk is much less than with many other things, including contraceptive pills – and significantly less than the risk of clotting after a COVID-19 infection in mind, it's,after a COVID-19 infection.

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  11. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Useful comparison to get risks in perspective.

    However, if mRNA alternative vaccines happen to be available, younger people (under 40) should probably have those in preference, as they do not seem to carry even this small risk. (As I'm over 60, I've had 2 my shots of the Oxford/AstraZeneca one without a moment's hesitation.)
  12. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    Okay, whatever. Let us how these are awnsered now?
  13. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    Concern is antibody mediated inflammatory response not of specific vaccine. All vaccines should be a reason to producing long term antibodied and so long term last function of antibodied as I quoted in my previous post
  14. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    An overactive immune system

    If you are born with certain genes, your immune system may react to substances in the environment that are normally harmless. These substances are called allergens. Having an allergic reaction is the most common example of an overactive immune system. Dust, mold, pollen, and foods are examples of allergens.

    Some conditions caused by an overactive immune system are:

    • Asthma. The response in your lungs can cause coughing, wheezing, and trouble breathing. Asthma can be triggered by common allergens like dust or pollen or by an irritant like tobacco smoke.
    • Eczema. An allergen causes an itchy rash known as atopic dermatitis.

    • Allergic rhinitis. Sneezing, a runny nose, sniffling, and swelling of your nasal passages from indoor allergens like dust and pets or outdoor allergens like pollens or molds.

  15. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    Pls also look the above quote.
  16. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member


    Have you read anything rather strange about what happened in Cambodia?
  17. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    evolution of people
    increased diagnosis of autism
    complex immuno deficiency issues
    air pollution
    anti bacterial resistant bacteria created by excess antibiotics
    lack of access to health care creating complex medical conditions which spread among people

    A.I.D'S medication is probably a solid income stream now
    so is the contraceptive pill
    so is tax free megga churches
  18. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    No. Pls tell.
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  19. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member


    Cambodia probably does not have the money or medical resources to test all their dead

    Cambodia sits between westernised asia, china & india
    it trades with all political types but has been hit EXTREMELY hard by African swine flu and their growing tourism just before that which was getting regulated was wiped out.

    strategically they are well placed but have a difficult split political system of ideologies
    they are more socialist than capitalist

    china has solid business ties
    usa & some other western countrys have solid business ties with them also

    but all that was set o fire by swine flu & covid19 driving a lack of tourism

    there under reporting of covid will be massive
    not from deliberately doing it
    instead because they need the money for food.

    ad some other low currency country will be very keen to use them as a safe over seas tourist destination to circulate people for holidays.
    some western countrys

    but who is going to be in control ?
    good question

    they are probably starting to get covid into their upper class who are the only ones with money to be tested

    what do they need ?
    medical infrastructure & consumables & roading & utility upgrades for tourism to allow satellite tourism in their remote areas to get electricity & toilets

    i am not bothering to look for any conspiracy theory's
    im sure there is conspiracy theory's in every country of almost every different possible color or flavor.

    they probably need transportation & generator fuel tanks & infrastructure
    they will be best with a socialist mixed market democracy which services village social representation.

    their western coast line could be developed into a isolated 5 star coastal resort concept to bring in top dollar tourism with medium low higher capacity for larger style groups from china & Russia where groups of familys & sports teams can spend a few days or a week or so.
    preferably working class income class who are informed of the environmental rules and cleanliness to be enjoyed & co-operated with etc.
    electricity is a bit of an issue
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