Covid Vaccination and Recent Spike in cases?

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by KUMAR5, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    This posdibility nowadays also can not be denied because there is a heavy load on them as too many cases are coming.
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  3. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    Okay, this would had actually happened. Vax involvement in her case then will be just case had not progressed to serious level.
    Btw, can't Vax produce fever symptoms after 15-25 days of its injection when long existing antibodies will develop or exist in system?
    Btw, whether long existing antibodies IgG in body is also pathological in anyway becuse it should bit new and unnatural to body as of now? Alike as long existing antibodies to othet virus exist eg EBV?

    Well calculated. We do moved outside in this period, should had contacted the virus. I simply based the observation of very mild symptom. Thanks to vax. It should have been a real infection but remained mild due to Vax.
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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    can a person who has been dead for a week sitting in a fridge in the morgue
    come to life and get up and then carry on their normal life as if nothing had ever happened ?

    has it ever been documented anywhere ?
    have you met anyone who this has happened to ?

    do you know people who believe this type of thing is not only possible, but happens even though they don't personally know anyone it has happened to ?

    Hercules & Exchemist are far better informed to answer your questions on vaccine science chemistry & micro biology

    in india ?
    which country ? which province in which country ?
    are you referring to maharashtra ?
    is the trench warfare zone of covid
    it is a war and the Indian people are loosing it like the south American people
    India’s Maharashtra tightens COVID curbs as hospitals struggle
    Maharashtra state and its capital Mumbai are the current epicentre of the country’s infection spike.

    RainbowSingularity, Mar 13, 2021

    a large % of Indians think covid is not a serious concern and think they can prevent catching it by eating curry
    look at all the protesting farmers in Delhi who were openly spreading covid and dying from it in their protest
    then saying on camera they are prepared to die.
    imagine how they spread the virus on their farm among all their workers who have no choice
    12 Apr 2021
    Hundreds of thousands of Hindu devotees have gathered by the Ganges river for special prayers, many of them flouting social distancing practices as the coronavirus spreads in India with record speed.

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    13 Apr 2021
    India’s Maharashtra state has announced tighter coronavirus restrictions including in the regional capital, Mumbai, as infections surge and oxygen supplies run short.

    India is experiencing a ferocious new wave of COVID-19 with about a million new cases reported in the past week.

    The new restrictions will force all “non-essential” shops, malls and e-commerce deliveries to pause operations from Wednesday until May 1.

    Shooting for movies, television shows and advertisements in Bollywood will also grind to a halt, in what will be a blow to India’s flagship film industry.

    Bars and restaurants were shut earlier this month, and public gatherings of more than five people are banned.

    The new measures follow Maharashtra’s move to impose a state-wide weekend lockdown that confined the state’s 125 million people to their homes until the end of April unless shopping for food or medicine, or travelling.
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  7. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    Yes but whether virus is an live or dead entity? I think, no. When Vaxs are able to develop antibodies, does it not mean these fo go into the host cells? Once inside the cells, they also have capacity to be modified. We know what go into the cells but dont know what come out from those cells?

    Yes but now it is spresding like jungle fire to ehole of India. Yes people here becsne careless but one thought relevant to OP is also there. Here mortslity rate is abnormally low. It has also created suspicion about false positive report in vaccinated people.
  8. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    Covid Vaccination and Recent Spike in cases?


    it sounds like your wife caught the new more lethal strain the day she walked out of the house after the lock down
    2 weeks after the vaccination(high viral load indicated by Hercules post guess)
    so the vaccination saved her life

    you seem to be deliberately ignoring answers to questions so you can then mix in another question to the same question
    which Billvon Exchemist or Hercules has answered in technical precise detail

    after spending some considerable effort to produce
    just been answered
    and then ask the same question again, with a different subject attached, as a question
    to make the answer, impossible,
    because you have changed the subject and mixed in a completely different subject

    but you are trying to keep running right over the top of the answer
    so you can throw in another question
    which is completely scientifically different
    while you ignore the science that has been used and typed out by those members responding to your questions

    really ?
    show me a link to this science you are talking about please
    i am not sure what you mean
    where ?
    "what" is low ?
  9. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member


    Yes it should have happened. I accepted it later on their clarifications.

    Sorry you misunderstood me. I was trying to clear my suspicians. Moreover there were some logical reasonings to these suspicions.

    In today's news paper data for yesterday appeared as under for India, maharastra, Mumbai..
    Country Total new cases/ deaths
    India 161746/879
    Maharastra 60212/281
    Mumbai 7898/26

    Is it not low mortality rate?
  10. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    what is a high mortality rate ?
  11. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    For the person who dies 1

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  12. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    Initially of covid it was sbout 5% than it bacame stable at about 1.5% upto Feb 21. Now you comoare it with above data.
  13. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    One big lab also clarified, it is neither possible to get false positive RT PCR test report from vaccine nor
    vaccine inactivated virus or particles can reach to nasopharyngeal region. Only active Covid virus can bring
    positive report, It is also in line of posters here, indicated. Now it is fully clear to me. Thanks for your contributions.
    WE/my wife was lucky to get mild infection or lethal infection but resisted to progress to serious level due to vaccine, she
    had taken.

    WHAT about acquired antibody vs immunological memory based immunity by vaccination? Is developing antibody based immunity as by COVID Vaccine also have some short or long term adverse effects?
  14. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Yes I think that must be the explanation. But she should be fine now.
  15. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Yes, I have a personal anecdote to illustrate this. My 93 yr old father was vaccinated at his nursing home, 1st shot, BioNTech/Pfizer, in January and subsequently caught the virus in March. He got rather breathless and was off his food for a few days, but no fever, no need to go to hospital, and has now made a complete recovery. Without the vaccine, he would almost certainly have died. The old coffin-dodger of the family has dodged yet again.

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  16. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

  17. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    Yes, you are right. She is fine and in normal health.
  18. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    Great. Lucky. Congrats.
  19. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    do you have a link to this ?

    are you referring to co-morbidity and if so in which country ?

    did it ?
    where was that ?
    post a link to where you read that from ?

    what data ?

    did you post some data ?

    where ?
  20. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    anti-vaxer territory

    the human species has died in the hundreds of millions to viruses and bacteria
    those viruses & bacteria shape humanity
    their effects directly impact culture & models of thinking

    equally immunologically humans are constantly changing
    the immune system is not a single 2D material object like a brick sitting on a wall

    the body as you say
    yes it is very complicated

    this is cutting edge fringe science stuff

    not a subject to mix in with public anti-vaxer media

    there are several different branches of this science also

    mainstream practicing
    herbal/nutritional/ nephropathy
    cutting edge experimental
    fringe experimental
    fringe theory
    mainstream theory
    etc etc
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2021
  21. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    Simply death rste due to Covid-19 in India. Anyway, since I got satisfactory awnser to my OP, I think, no sense of unnecessary dragging the matter or pulling skin from the hairs. Thanks for your contribution.
  22. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    you want science
    but india is too big to test all its dead & dying

    the hard data is statistical probabilities that many want to use to over throw power so they can be king monkey of the jungle

    modi needs to maintain the will of the people in general
    and he appears to be doing that to his credit
    millions want their religion even if it is a death sentence for many of their own community

    that is THEIR right to choose that as their own culture

    death rates of co-morbidity including excess deaths from blocking hospitals and taking up doctors and nurses and by that denying them to others
    is quite possibly close to 5%
    the real kill rate is recorded to be roughly 3%
    that has moved from
    2% to roughly 3% with the new variants

    now younger people are dying and the older weaker have already died in central citys
    so now the kill rate should be falling
    but its not
    which is serious concern for protecting vaccines

    the rate you quoted as 1.5%
    was a guess
    based on a 1.1%
    which was based on a 0.1%

    as it turns out
    science has been going as fast as it can
    but the death rate has climbed past their expectations

    current in maharashtra is around 3.1%
  23. KUMAR5 Valued Senior Member

    In open forum, we should not involve in individual's personal odds and evens.
    PM Modi is quite popular, industrious liked and helping most of the world inspite
    he started from very low level and with all sided strong oppositions. It is not simple for
    any common and uncommon person. Hence we can also appreciate his credits and contributions to
    nation, to world and to humanity.

    Rest about Maharastra, I think you know that what even our government, media, public etc do not know
    so I can not discuss or comment on it.

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