I wish to have with a hot redhead tall girl.

Granted.....but then the plug falls out and she instantly deflates

I wish I had a robot at my house that did all the cooking and cleaning.
Your wife troll (An actual troll) manages to override her brainwashing program and becomes upset at being forced to do the housework so reverts to wearing the trousers, you're now the trolls man bitch.

I wish England would lose at world cups..... (ha ha!)

you are only allowed 1 wish, and allowed to do only ONE corruption..

I wish ppl would learn how to play this game!! hahaha

*you cannot answer more then 1 wish. you need to corrupt the person before you, and make your wish. then leave it alone till someone answers your MUST corrupt the persons wish, and you must ask for a wish*

I wish people would read the OP where it says the rules are simple, and note that it says nothing about being allowed only one wish.

Also better grammar.
My wish is the corruption:

I wish people cannot corrupt my wish.

Congratulations. That wish is uncorrupted.

(Of course, you don't get anything else.)

I wish to invent a perfect and recyclable energy source.
I wish to invent a perfect and recyclable energy source.
Manufacturing that energy source, however, will raise the temperature of the planet by an average of 50 degrees C and destroy all oxygen in the atmosphere.

The rules are simple:

I make a wish, and the next person to post finds an ironic way to derive bad consequences from granting the wish, or to otherwise tag a downside to it, and so on and so forth.

If a wish is uncorruptable, there are two courses of action: corrupt it anyways, or answer the wish with "not granted".
granted! but you now have AIDS...

I wish for some extra cash to go out with the girls tonight!
Your extra cash is with me but you can't have it.

I wish I didn't spend that money
you GET ur brand stinkin new ford mustang!!! but you parked it in the wrong area and everything stolen from it, then the tow truck won't give it back!

I wish this weather would make up its mind!!!
Granted: you wish for all the Twilight fans to come to your house and bug you.

I wish I could be in Star Wars.
I wish I could be in Star Wars.
Granted: you get to play the guy right at the back in the crowd of 50,000 onlookers. Each and every one of whom (except for you) are 6 foot or taller. No one can see your face and you're not listed in the credits.
No one believes you were in it.