Can former atheists explain what atheism is?

So you wish to believe, anyway.
But then your view of what atheism is is pretty much irrelevant to anyone other than you.

This is an atheist perspective, for whom there is no God. Only a speculative comprehension, which as effective as a man explaining what it is like to be pregnant, and give birth.
It is not the the man is entirely wrong if his speculation happens to touch on something that could be confirmed by a mother.
But he cannot actually know.

In the same way you may touch on little things, that a theist can agree with, but it is not based in knowledge of experience.

I get that it looks like wishing to believe, but in all honesty, it can’t look like anything else to an atheist who tries to explain it.

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Atheism is the result of a subconscious affirmation, that there is no God.
For some people, maybe. There are a lot of very different atheistic beliefs, cultures, and people, in the world - no doubt your attempted accusations and wrongfootings are valid for a few of them.
Otherworldly se there is absolutely no reason for one to become an atheist.
Most of the atheistic people on this planet, historically, were never theistic. They needed no "reason".
No they’re not.
Atheism is the result of a subconscious affirmation, that there is no God.
You have a wildly creative - and unfounded - conviction about what goes on in other peoples heads.

Or, to phrase it as a Janism: You're a theist; you are unable to understand atheism. Another bed you've made for yourself to lie in.

You contradict your own mantras at every turn.

For Pete's sake Jan. You are modeling a hypocrite and a fool to all.
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You're saying that because you believe that. It's not a fact (which you appear to be claiming).

Ok I can meet you there. I believe it as fact based on my research. It may be a fact, and I may be right, but at this point, it’s what I believe. I guess you would have to know what I know to assess whether I am right.
I was never indoctrinated in any religion, so atheism was what I had. I used to say "I'm not religious enough to call myself an atheist", but that confused the believers.
Personally, I don't see any difference between theists and Atheists. They are both enslaved by a set of beliefs.
If a self proclaimed atheist thinks about god, is he/she an atheist or an agnostic?
an Agnostic Atheist?

Sure I do.
Given that atheists as a whole don't have a "set of beliefs"[sup]1[/sup] you obviously don't.

1 At least not a set that defines them as atheists. There may be other beliefs along the lines of "The sky looks very dark and cloudy therefore it'll rain soon" but that sort of belief is nothing whatsoever to do with atheism...)
So if we were to go strictly by terminology here then that would mean all protestant Christians must also be Satanists. :eek: