Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by CounslerCoffee, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. Pandaemoni Valued Senior Member

    Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to swing past the Physics & math forum to let them know that you used to like those subjects, but not anymore.

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  3. Der Großmann Registered Member

    I have seen FMA and FMA:B and really enjoyed it, and also a fair amount of Bleach.

    Right now though I am in the middle of DBZ, and quite near the end, on the Buu saga. I suppose I'll watch GT, despite the hate.
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  5. Texiera Registered Member

    death note anyone?
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  7. portuswebs Registered Member

    Rurouni Kenshin
  8. Intersect Registered Member

    None as of now
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  9. orcot Valued Senior Member

    Did anyone ever see attack on Titan?
    They say it's populair but I think it's made deliberately confusing.

    I've seen the first 5 episodes and I'm annoyed by it in the first episode the red giant appears in a giant thunderstorm during the 5 years between nobody seems to be bothered by it at no time does anybody bother where it is. It appears to be something of a Tolkiens eagle that yust pops up to drive the story along.
    When the army fights "ineffectivly" not only are they over powered inmediatly it's heavaly insinuated they never actually killed one. They did but it feels a bid of a cheat they create a false image of dread that yust leaves you confused. At the end all the armys are meaningless the only thing that has some value is the wall.
    At the end of episode 4 cannons are being used to rip the titans heads of and blast them to chunks at this point it's the only thing capable of stopping the titans. The next episode we learn they yust heal even afther their explode witch is again a cheat.
    Then we see that we are informed that the titans aren't smart and are compelled to eat human flesh so whilst they could stumble trough the wall you would think if you go outisde you could yust lure them to wherever. Also apart from the wall nothing stops a titan at walking speed except a random pit we see a titan in a pit and having at least some difficulty getting out considering nothing can stop them and their weak spot is the back of their neck this seems like a huge oversight.
    Sure this thing goed for all out drama but it's yust bad story telling, we're constantly left in the dark abouth facts the protagonists allready know we are left the misinterprid them, the titan who are esssentially a sort of zombies aren't fleshed out and on occasion (red) Giants yust apear/dissapear in the blink of a eye.

    Also boats... they didn't have to bring in boats but they did gues what you could do with a boat in this universe.
  10. akoreamerican Registered Senior Member

    I believe attack on titan is a great anime that will be considered one of the classics, but i guess its not for everyone. if you like star trek you might want to give melancholy of haruhi suzumiya a try.
  11. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member


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    I would hope you've finished (or at least tried to finish) the series by now. There are certainly some flaws in the series.


    (1) Giant Titan ― How, exactly, are they going to look for it? Every time Survey Corps goes out, it gets its ass kicked. There are also aspects that are revealed as the plot continues, but I'm not certain I find that iteration of the question a fair critique.

    (2) Army ineffective" ― That detail is already revealed to you; most of the soldiers have never faced a Titan; after 100 years of relative scurity, only the Survey Corps gets any face time with Titans.

    (3) Cannons ― Part of a plot hole not really reconciled; this is an alternate history in which humanity has some technology we're accustomed to, but not other. The cannons essentially buy time, though it is possible to kill a Titan with a cannonball if you hit it just right. For the episodes we see, the cannons simply aren't sufficient to deal with the numbers.

    ― The other major plot hole about technology is the 3DMG (I prefer the acronym OMG, Omnidirectional Mobility Gear); with as little modern technology as we see, just how are they making all these blades and steel wire? And just how are they compressing that much gas into the supply tanks?)​

    (4) Then we see that we are informed .... ― Okay, um ... first, part of all this is covered by the larger plot (intelligence and behavior). I don't get the complaint about the pit; I'm not certain what details you really, really want, though there is always room for debate about storycraft. And the disappearing act is answered by the larger plot.

    (5) Boats ― Huh? As a random speculation about what you might mean, I would remind that they would first have to get the boat to the ocean; if you were paying attention, the settlement is somewhere well inland. Then again, that might be the wrong answer, as I'm uncertain what point you're actually making.[/indent]

    I should also note that Kotaku↱ happened to publish an AoT article that needs to be read to be believed. I mean, I hold the show in high esteem, but the author of that one is nearly ranting

    The thing is that AoT isn't exactly light entertainment; the narrative power relies almost exclusively on pathos, which makes it a lot tougher for people to follow if they're not watching for those aspects.

    It might also help that I read the fiction of Steven Brust, which is in itself wholly unrelated. But one of SKZB's strengths is his ability to bring plot details you don't see together at the end; after a while you learn to read for what's not written, what's not being said. And the thing is that he doesn't need a Cousin Oliver or some unattached invocation―e.g., introducing a new element at the climax―in order to do so. As a result, I generally don't hinge on these kinds of plot questions. Mr. Brust refers to the principle as, "God bless the reader", though I believe he picked that up from his editor.

    Similarly, the late Jack Cady once explained how he liked writing himself into a hole at the beginning and trying to climb back out before the end.

    God bless the reader? It simply refers to a reader who trusts author and narrator; it is the writer's duty to bring everything 'round the circle and tie up the loose ends.

    The same goes for any form of storytelling. Remember that the end of the series is only the end of its first part; the hope is that season two will arrive this year, though early next is more likely. There is talk of feature-length releases including a live-action project, though Crimson Bow and Arrow is a compilation from the series. Additionally, we should remember that the manga version has been compiled and released in fifteen tankōbon; in other words, there is a lot of material to cover. They have a lot of room to raise myriad questions, and it would seem at least as many opportunities to answer them.


    Amini, Tina. "Attack on Titan, Explained". Kotaku. 8 June 2015. 9 June 2015.
  12. roma_uchiha Registered Member

    There will be soon movie based on amine. What do you think about it? R u exited?

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