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Closure and redirect

"exchemist , research papers"↗ — Thread closed, xfer to Cesspool.

Note: Individually targeted threads are generally presupposed inappropriate, and assessed from there; personally attacking or demanding threads generally do not pass muster. Don't go seeking that special something that makes your yet-to-be-posted attack thread different; you probably won't find, and even if you think you did, you probably did not. Even when you know you're right, this course never really succeeds at anything but raising vice. If it's that important, be useful.
Posts struck

"Existence…"↗ — Four posts struck as off-topic.

Note: Actually, y'know, never mind. This shouldn't need any notes.
Cleanup: Posts Deleted

"The Post Whatever Thread"↗Twenty-three posts struck.

Notes: Twenty-two posts struck as wilful disruption. One additional post is struck as part of the scrub, as the circumstance it observes is now resolved.
Thread merge

"Crypto Currents"↗ — Multiple threads related to cryptocurrency merged and retitled.

― "Selling USDT and make money - is this a Scam?" [retitled]
― "Electrum and Luno Wallet" [merged]
― "Who has so many BTC to sell?" [merged]​
Closure and redirect

• Thread "Wolfram"↗ closed, xfer to Cesspool.

Notes: Members are reminded that it's just not so difficult to avoid sounding like you're trying to threaten someone.
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