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Thread Xfer

"Indian gays recommended to help themselves with yoga" — Thread transferred to EM&J.

Notes: It's often a tough call whether a certain discussion belongs in Science & Society or Ethics, Morality & Justice, but there are also occasions when there just isn't any science about the topic post.

Of course, that might also be the fact of a topic post being a cut and paste of a known propaganda factory. By rule, topic posts should also include some manner of commentary from the Sciforums member opening the discussion. We have to some degree let this rule slide, since the democratic (anarchic) result is that we would eventually have to expelling a noticeable number of our regularly-posting members for this lazy and, often, intellectually dishonest method.
Posts Deleted

"Climate-gate" — Eight posts struck as off topic.

Notes: These posts consist of one erroneous post and the subsequent inline discussion thereof. However, one thing needs to be stated clearly: We are sympathetic to mistakes, and even make our fair share. But some things just don't look like mistakes; not when they're that badly botched. And, well, those we are less sympathetic toward.
Thread Merge & Redirect

Visual Symmetrics: The Road to Reality: Multiple threads combined into one, as they were essentially consecutive sections of the same monologue. Thread is more philosophical than scientific, but neither is it formal philosophy. For now, it is redirected to Free Thoughts.
Overdue Housekeeping

"Space cannon ? or really freak accident ?" ― Thread redirected to Conspiracies.

"Deep Pockets & Lawsuits: Lawyer laws" ― Thread redirected to EM&J.

"PROMISED THE MOON" ― Thread closed; we should probably remind members that these cut-and-paste posts that look pretty much like spam really aren't appropriate.

"?!science of civilian TASRB and it's illegality by civilians." ― Thread redirected to Conspiracies, for now.

"Notes on Modernity" ― Thread redirected to General Philosophy.

"The illusion of choice - who owns what" ― Thread redirected; I'm going with B&E on this one.

"Is Currency Evil?" ― Thread redirected to ... oh, let's go with EM&J.

"defend from vs. defend against/from" ― Thread redirected to Linguistics.

General Note: Some of those are months old; given that S&S is a lower-traffic subforum, I tend to be less of a stickler about relevance. So, no, I wouldn't complain. But I would note that some threads would find greater participation in more topically appropriate subfora. As it is, these were on the first page after I did a periodic cleanup of spamtracks.
Thread closed and moved to Cesspool.

"Rape a male"

Infraction issued, thread closed and moved to Cesspool and a request for further review and recommendation of further action, including thread deletion.

I should not need to say this, but encouraging the statutory rape of children and trying to claim it is beneficial is not acceptable. By any stretch of the imagination. It is also illegal. I will not link the thread in this post, for obvious reasons.
"Life According to Amish/Mennonites"↗ ― Two posts edited.

Note: One post edited for problematic content; second post edited to scrub quote of problematic content. In both cases, the originals remain on file in soft-delete, and copies have been edited. This measure, intended to preserve the historical record, is a personal standard of the moderator, and should not be expected of any other staff member.
Necrophilia note

"At what age sleepovers stop?"↗ — Thread closed for necromancy.

Thread necromancy is rarely useful. One demonstrable problem with thread necromancy is how often old threads are revived for stupid reasons by people who can't afford to bother with basic decency.

Quick thought: Imagine the idea that threads had a limit, so that participants needed to post within a certain time; or perhaps someone would need to check in and post every couple days or else the system automatically closes the discussion. Now, why would we do that? Well, why would anyone deliberately foul a thread? And that's the substantive question. Time-limiting threads isn't actually a good idea, as such, but the basic consideration, here, is that reviving a thread just to foul it is antisocial, a rude and disruptive manner of being seen pissing on everyone else's contributions.

There are few good reasons to revive a thread after years have passed; leaving them open might be the habitual default, but it also accepts and allows for the potential value of those few reasons.

And don't get me started on that thread in particular; some people did their best to make something useful out of it. Reviving a thread like that for the sake of being seen is worse than useless. And, yes, we understand, sometimes that's the whole point.
Closure & redirect

"Immunity and free"↗ — Thread closed, redirected to Cesspool.

Notes: Pointless word salad without further clarification does not a useful topic post make.
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