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Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by Angelus, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. iced_earth Anathematized Registered Senior Member

    i'm back and i bring the wine of odin!!!

    hey! some of you might not know me but i posted here along time ago (several months ago.) any way im back or at least posting a bit college is eating me alive double majoring is hard. lol any way here yeah go.

    The Dead Poets Chronicles

    The Dead Poet I (after death is known?)

    I am thee light of a star
    And I am already dead
    By the time you hear or read
    The words that I’ve said
    I’m infested by insects
    In the box, condemned
    Lost and absent of my voice
    For my work is fed
    To minds in search for answers
    A light that will shed

    Upon the face with knowledge
    Unlocked for innoc’nce
    But for me the brilliant light
    Never shines to kiss
    I am in eternal rest
    No sounds of excel’ence
    Will fill my ears -now long gone
    Anathematized in bliss?
    Never knowing if they heard
    Of my edifice

    The Dead Poet II (Censorship)

    Hold back your tongue who alter
    All works’ to disguise
    Tricking those to see only
    Through your painted eyes
    Waver your wand of blackness
    Cast it Anathematize
    Me damned, to my dwelling
    Beneath her, glory wise
    I wait in it’s depth biding
    My work to mobilize

    See now in the inane’s orbs
    A chime rings’ the bell
    In knowledge’s cond’scending
    Valued citadel
    Past the crevice and river
    In it’s gloomy hell?
    Now make your move, a vulture
    Waiting sense I fell
    Ignorance is bliss, exposed!
    Now open your shell

    The Dead Poet III (forgotten)

    Dreams fade like dust to grave
    The great holocaust
    Histori’s important lessons
    Removed: void, and lost
    Nightmare in language is
    Knowledge, black to wast(be)
    Altered in the victors view
    Ease to power; Faust ?
    The deed in translation was
    Endure this cost

    Simulate the original
    With missing figures
    Solitude for the writers,
    As Thinking inures
    For the proles stupidity will
    Bring them, as lie lures.
    Beckon time’s past, -it isn’t slain
    Yet the bottle sours
    If no one recalls the pages
    They wane in forth hours

    The Dead Poet IV (to be whole)

    ext’nding out of the concourse
    to fill caves with fire
    the missing warmth. -a key stone
    the rise of desire
    a beat left of the plexus
    leading to aspire
    I’m confused and startled of
    this. I must inquire.
    but would perception ruin?
    I raze the prior.

    she elevates me above
    all that is in choice
    the sweet serenade of regard
    that is her calm voice
    brings me to heaven and its
    Plato. i rejoice!
    the emerald panes light fills
    me, and gave hoist.
    beautiful! now love dwells in
    me. Without a choice

    The Dead Poet V (Betrayal )

    the magnificent poisoned
    me, the trickery
    a Trojan horse to spite thine
    the monstrosity!
    of all things constructed there in
    the felt artery
    -this Pain constitutes action
    and tests ability
    but what can I do -it hounds
    my mind, to obscur’ty

    thrown form its pedestal
    exposed to deceit
    -this labyrinth of feelings says
    I’m lost in repeat
    never have I felt this hurt
    -the tears won’t retreat
    I must hold together, mind
    help me! ere defeat
    I’m bitter and gloom. absence
    of her. - incomplete

    The Dead Poet VI ( The Aqueduct)

    she stood in autumn marble.
    nautical twilight, star-struck
    in splendid animation. rose
    humic haze abduct
    her glory. as erosion takes
    the blocks mortar tucked
    away; to reveal the stream.
    putrid things construct
    here in the artery inside
    the great aqueduct

    she’s now open wide to see.
    the decoy is nude
    as the running insides catch
    the light, filthy spewed.
    unto me, Wonder to heart
    and eyes. I pursued
    blind about you; amazement
    from your multitude .
    I’m awake, from love and hate
    beautiful and crude

    The Dead Poet VII (Solitude)

    shackles hold me down, impair.
    wrapped tight in darkness
    and the light has long sense gone
    alone, terror, bliss
    listen to particles and
    rigid thought fragments.
    -the obsidian cloud smothers,
    swallows, chews, and spits.
    me out, while falling to hope
    the heart escaped this.

    the mind erects the great wall
    to protect and thwart.
    howling it calls from beyond
    immured, yells of tort
    setting there. it’s enveloped.
    the embargoed fort
    a pale remnant of thy love
    finished screens’ distort.
    Deafen. The intellect now
    reigning in this court

    The Dead Poet VIII (Nepenthe)

    shrouded a light will embark
    the journey epic
    and sabotaged, to forsake
    all glow and its wick
    the mausoleum of fire
    shell drown in the brick
    wane to nothing, empty and
    rise the intellect.
    slay the sentiments of life
    never resurrect

    nepenthe the woeful brew
    shell now diminish.
    take the darkness -east touch west
    and let this finish
    my strife to obtain ardor.
    woe will abolish
    with this I relinquish love
    - a world to banish
    the rotten fruit of something
    more; a lost, felt wish

    copyright 2002 jonathan ryan alligood
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  3. EvilPoet I am what I am Registered Senior Member

    Butterfly Screams

    A butterfly screams deep from within. A soul cries out gasping for its breath. Split into millions of pieces like grains of sand slipping through the fingers of time. Memories scatter to the wind, all that once was lay tainted. Sacred trusts broken. Acrid is the breeze that burns hot with death and decay. It lays like a heavy blanket of toxic mist over the land. A sloe that produces bitter fruit poisons the partaker and there is no cure for its sickness. It is deadly and insidious, ever so subtle as it spreads out like the roots of a tree. Roots that are seeking water yet roots that only find desert blown sands.

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  5. Qiothus II Majikal Man Registered Senior Member

    First off, Iced_Earth, I really like your stuff.


    The calm reasurance
    waiting through darkness
    No answers, no clues, no idea
    It's all been done far from me
    Yet it always comes back, so close, so close
    Again I sit and write fucking poetry
    This time, literally, this time hopingly
    Awaiting some form of peace, some quick understanding
    Maybe today.
    One day soon I'll know for sure
    and no longer will these bugs' incesant chirping and clicking offend me
    So understated, this time so little is left
    Yet I can still stand
    I think if I lacked...but I would still stand on my bleeding stubs.
    But for now, lifes madness and brutal cruelty caves my heart, lungs, soul, flesh
    I can't even cry for those creatures, I can't even cry for myself
    Ha! what a bastard of thought I have become.
    Schooled now must I be; hopefully a proper lesson will envelope...
    My patience still stands on the numb and bloody stubs.

    Take not from my mouth what I have spoken or from my hands what I have writ, for he whom plagarizes my efforts shall be hunted by forces beyond fathom.
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  7. slim Texican Registered Senior Member

    are there no good things to say,
    reliving the bad, constant, everyday?
    composing poems of old, bad belief,
    thinking, depressed, not seeking relief..
    depressing to believe, depressing to say.
    reliving the bad, everyday..
    happy poems seem scarce, happy poems to leave,
    for someone to stay sad, with no good to believe.
    a sad waste of time, to stay in the rut..
    the power to fall, the power to lift up!
    is given to many, but many do shirk..
    rather stay in depression, where bad thoughts do lurk.
    I'd rather write the good, and stay from the bad..
    I seek to be happy, and stay from the sad...
  8. Qiothus II Majikal Man Registered Senior Member

    Nice try buddy, but if you lived a day in my shoes, you would feel just like I do. I hate to be miserable, but miserable seems to like me a hell of a lot.

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  9. touchedbydeath Registered Member

    A cave with cable

    A cave with cable and a couch that’s all I need,
    And maybe a fridge with food for three,
    And might as well have indoor plumbing put in,
    Go ahead and have heat and ac,
    Cause, you know a fan is no good, for a big screen TV.
    Well while you’re at it you might as well get a big bed,
    And, what the hell put a big window at the head.
    ‘Cause everyone might not know it but even you like the sun,
    All though you don’t show it, even an old bear like you, likes fun.
    And now that your cave is no longer just a hole,
    Might as well expand no need to live like a mole.
    So come out of that hole and build you a deck,
    And throw in a pool, come on what the heck.
    And then by now the neighbors move in,
    And that’s where all the competition begins.
    Everyone will have to have the best,
    Everyone will have to have better then the rest,
    It may start out with a dog and a wife,
    And would you know the dog is the one with a short life,
    So when you lose the family pet,
    You’ll do anything for your wife, but what can you get.
    Another pet would not be the same, just another dog with a different name. it may take a while for you come to see, it’s not a pet but a human life she needs, a perfect little angel right down to the feet,
    It's not until later that you learn the truth, just about time they get their first tooth, all they are is an eating machine on feet,
    Then, as if that’s not enough, someone has the ideal, lets teach it to speak. And then just get giddy over every last squeak, then the day come they say their first word, it sounded like bastard but hey that’s what I heard,
    My wife said it was different and that’s not what she heard. she said, he said bathroom, with diaper on head, and off to the bathroom quickly they fled. You might think this is a big deal, but he’s 17 and thinks he’s a squirrel.
    But that’s OK I just can't complain its not that I can’t I just don’t know where to begin, can't blame the boy he’s heart in the right place,
    If he were smart he would stay in outer space.
    Yes that would be nice just to live and be free
    And that’s all I would need
    Is just a cave and a couch with cable TV…

    Sorry for the spelling and grammar, guess I have became dependent upon spell check.

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    Last edited: Jan 28, 2003
  10. slim Texican Registered Senior Member

    HA..Haaa.....Good one ...touchedbydeath. Just what the doctor ordered.. humor with a Twist!

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  11. touchedbydeath Registered Member

    Things may look gray

    Things may look gray today, but not when
    You look at things from another way,
    You may look back on that day, and come to realize
    A different way, but have not regrets, Look back with no shame.
    Just remember you were never the one to blame.
    Hold your head high and get on with your life,
    I truly believe you will make the right man a great wife.
    When kids come along…and I pray that they will,
    Show them more patience and use better
    Parenting skills…just remember,
    Sometimes it is not enough just to pay the bills.

    Give them lots a space because they need to grow,
    But how much at that time only you will know,
    Use you life as a blue print, as bad as it may be,
    That way you won’t make the same mistakes as me.
    You can be the one to break this circle of misery.
    This will be your chance to be better then me.
    By this time in your life you will come to understand,
    Some of my harder choices, And my heavy hand.
    I make no excuses, please don’t misunderstand.
    I admit all my mistakes and stand up like a man.
    I was often wrong, but my heart was always there,
    Sometimes too much emotion, Sometimes too much care.

    Someday you children will come to you and say,
    I need my freedom, my independence, and a place away.
    At this time I can tell you, take a deep breath; Even though it feels like your heart has been ripped out of your chest, just keep in mind my words to you
    On this day, Things may look gray today, but not when
    You look at things from another way.

    Dedicated to my Daughter X LIZ X
    May her life be forever blessed.
  12. EvilPoet I am what I am Registered Senior Member

    My Garden

    I had a garden once
    Right outside my backdoor
    The soil was worn and broken
    The poor garden had been ignored

    Then one day I saw some green
    Then I saw some more
    Soon seedlings began to sprout
    The garden had been restored

    The flowers they were so pretty
    The trees they did grow tall
    I worked on it each and every day
    Winter, spring, summer, and fall

  13. EvilPoet I am what I am Registered Senior Member

    Howling at the Moon

    Whispering on the wind
    Secrets I hold within
    Silence only I can hear
    Screaming, take away the fear

    Skeletons of my past
    Shadows the night casts
    The darkside lays in wait
    Watching me, I can't escape

    I'm a prisoner of gloom
    Far away, feeling doomed
    I can't go on, feel consumed
    Discarded and marooned

  14. Don H Registered Senior Member

    Protecting the lie

    What ever gets done or created
    are in the cracks of my life,
    the little spaces in between
    the waves of epiphany and anguish.
    Someplace where a root
    can take hold or seedling sprout.

    Conceiving a child
    finding a treasure
    thinking the master piece
    being lucky beyond
    my measure.
    These things are from a space
    so small as to be
    another dimension.

    That is where I live.
    Against the grain
    of spacetime and in between
    everything else I am told
    is important.

    Then there is you beyond these electrons
    out there in the real world
    In between this and that
    getting skinny feeling fat.

    In between being born and dieing
    Between a memory of falling in love
    and the passion you may expect.
    giving little and getting less respect.

    In between the truth of a true artist
    and the lie you believe on TV
    Choosing neither one
    Cuz you want to feel alive and have fun.

    Paying more
    getting less
    feeling bored
    then depressed.

    The wealth of soul in a poor mans song
    is paid with dreams rising above it all.
    Dreams more beautiful than mansions and manicured lawns
    paid for by poisoning pawns.

    Protecting the lie is the core of most jobs
    Telling the truth is for Artists with soul.

    Checking the kids
    every few minutes
    while writing this song
    people in cubicles
    shred the memos
    of what they knew would go wrong

    Protectin the lie is the core of most jobs
    Telling the truth is for people with soul.

    The folks in Centrailia aren’t feelin rich today
    The Chem plant deformed their kids genitalia.
    But you don't hear'em talk about it any
    Hypolancia's a quiet tyranny.

    To protect the share holders,
    they lost their job.
    I guess we got a new Constitution
    for shareholders.
    The old one got robbed.

    Protecting the lie is the core of most jobs
    Telling the truth is for people with soul.

    The Pharmaceutical plant just blew up
    But you know they paid their fines
    Those that reported problems were fired.
    so they didn't die in the fire.
    The innocent protectin the lie, lost their lives.

    kids here were molested beneath the steeple
    Power rich lies made the young grow feeble.
    Can't blame the parents they know the score.
    Its just that people are too scared or busy
    tryin to feed their families more.

    Protectin the lie makes people crazy as Hal
    Folks in this town do the best they can.

    They know they’ve been led.
    They know how they’ve bled
    They know a lie when its said
    like protectin the lie,
    they’re told, takes soul.
    no no no no no


    Protecting the lie is the core of most jobs
    Telling the truth is for people with soul.
  15. EvilPoet I am what I am Registered Senior Member

    Humanity drifts aimlessly in a sea of apathy as time propels forward. Beauty, hope, and dreams are all slipping into obscurity. The bile of man's shadow side has risen to the surface. A bottomless pit of hate, greed, betrayal, and deciet. Brother against brother, tearing meat from bone. Taking away, taking away until there is nothing left but echoes of days gone by.

  16. moonman Registered Senior Member


    Transcending the road
    before and behind
    crows circled with forbode
    The air was tense and tainted
    And the watcher waited
    As was foretold
    But behind the mask
    the road was tranquill.
    One might ask
    How could this solitude
    So defensively elude
    And again was time
    As time it was again
    To travell on that road so bleek
    And to find what the crows might seek.
  17. Angelus Daughter Of House Ravenhearte Registered Senior Member

    Song in progress...untitled

    I'm livin a nightmare,
    a nightmare of livin without you.
    I don't know if I could go on
    breathing when you're gone.

    These doubts are tearing me apart;
    tearing at my brain and ripping through my heart.
    I don't know if I can take another step
    with all this baggage that I've kept.

    You're beauty's blinding me
    and I can't see anybody else.
    When I look at you the walls I built
    turn to ice and melt.

    I don't know anything,
    my brain just empties out.
    There are no thoughts, no words,
    no memories, and no doubt.
  18. %BlueSoulRobot% Copyright! Copyright!! Registered Senior Member

    So in Love

    enwreathed in twitchless veil
    sitting motionless
    upon the stone-dry floor.

    unblurred in all its
    ugly tendencies
    slighted of a life's troubles
    it does not need.

    sly gleam, rising up
    silence like a papercut scythe
    death crept to the foot of her bed:
    and blew her a kiss.
    --- --- --- --- ---
  19. EvilPoet I am what I am Registered Senior Member

    I'm infinitely sad, sadness completely engulfs me
    I'm infinitely lost, confusion has firmly taken hold
    Free falling end over end into an abyss of destruction

    The darkness silently consumes me little bit by little bit
    Like a caged bird who has broken wings and can't fly
    I'm locked in a prison of deep despair, shackled by fear

    My high hopes and rainbow dreams lie in shattered pieces
    Tiny shards that scattered to the wind like dust, lost forever
    I'm fragmented and decaying, a mere shell of existence

  20. -=#h@@rdkoor#=- Registered Member


    Digging a way into forests dark and well-hid
    Knowing the essence, prepared for the unknown
    But never seen, never faced the end of this pit.
    Always choking before arrival, though once it’ll all be shown

    Along the way I notice trails, traces of other tries
    Open spaces, plenty around, only to mislead and hold
    One from exploring further, seduced by open blue skies
    But experienced a traveller I am, I keep finding things never told…

    Following my own code, written in bloody ink, words of wisdom and truth
    No chance this jungle can replicate these solid riddles
    Sought out with dangerous preciseness, skills and unseen youth

    I know it’s a long hard path I like to follow
    Taking hours, months, years, perhaps a lifetime
    Necessary to keep myself from feeling hollow


    During the day, every day
    It thinks, it hides, it analyses
    Every night, when u cant say
    It looks, it lurks, it dispises…

    Split seconds, split thoughts
    Slit wrists… itself it fought
    It wants to care, it wants to love
    It wants to share…
    the pain that has been brought

    It wants to know, it wants to see
    It wants to hurt, it wants u to be…
    Reading its mind isnt easy
    Labyrinths of twisted truths
    show u what u want to see
    shadows and glimps
    but never the real “it” to be

    I looked at it, and felt sorry
    I watched it and felt its sorrow
    I think like it,
    it I want to burry
    I thought like it
    I’ll kill myself tomorrow…


    A Master I am, so powerful,
    So gigantic that I can’t even stop
    Myself from creating terrifying pains
    “Ifs” and “If nots”, shitty bull…
    BS, bitch, a Master I am,
    Master of chaos, darkness,
    Incredible pleasures for my
    Misery, self inflicted wounds
    Injuries with which I try
    To find truth, certainty, reality
    Instead of flying high
    High on drugs, high on dreams
    High on impossible possibilities
    A Master I am in hurting,
    Twisting nerves, yelling
    Spilling energy on useless
    Things, thangs, stings, fangs,
    Pisces, pies, pizzas and sighs
    This Master of Kaos, never resides
    A Master I am in pulling me down,
    Lifting others up while letting me drown
    So raise and show me, tell me
    I am strong, tell me to handle another wrong
    Because I know I am, I am a Master
    In creating, creating all this mess
    Inside, this place I’ld hide
    Yes, my master, at your
    will I almost died…

    Now go fuck off n slit
    yer throat lil boy….

    Enough is enough…



    My soul’s creatures
    They suck…
    My dreams,
    They suck…
    My memories
    They only bring pain
    I try not to feel
    Try not to give a fuck
    But I do…
    I still feel,
    Longing to be numb
    I feel so fucking dumb
    U don’t care
    U push me away
    U don’t care
    U couldn’t stay…
    What have I become?
    I don’t give a fuck
    Just want to be numb
    But I got stuck…



    Days slip through my fingers
    Accompanied by pain…
    This horror called love
    Hurting like a thousand
    Blades underneath my skin
    Resolutely slicing,
    Trying to bleed me thin…

    My eyes,
    They no longer look
    They stare…
    My soul,
    No longer tucked
    But cold and bare…

    Bearing the sorrow
    On the verge of collapsing
    Underneath the weight
    Dreading the day of tomorrow
    Knowing it’ll only bring more

    My eyes,
    They no longer look
    They stare…
    My soul,
    No longer tucked
    But cold and bare…

    But I force myself to adept
    To this lonesome mindstate
    Compelling me to accept…
    Holding on to fate…

    My eyes,
    They no longer look
    They stare…
    My soul,
    No longer tucked
    But cold, bare and…
  21. -=#h@@rdkoor#=- Registered Member

  22. EvilPoet I am what I am Registered Senior Member

    Happy Love Illusion Day!

    Roses are red, violets are blue
    I think Valentine's Day sucks
    How about you?

    Wine and chocolate flowers
    Perfume and trinkets of gold
    Hearts and cupids are available
    Wherever Valentine gifts are sold

    The love illusion does quite well
    Selling dreams you want to believe
    All brought to you by Hallmark Inc.
    And advertising sponsors on TV

  23. EvilPoet I am what I am Registered Senior Member

    Dungeon Masters

    We are the creators, the dungeon masters if you will
    As we go through life it is our dungeons that we fill
    We say one day we will change the darkness to light
    Someday we will make all that is wrong inside right
    But someday never comes and the years steal away
    All the while we add to the dungeon day after day
    Puppets on a string, lost souls drifting aimlessly
    Never being more then we doom ourselves to be

    ©1990 rev. 2003

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