A Poem Thread

trees got me down

black is the deepest and darkest color
it reflects the pain beneath my soul
what is my soul?
those who have to ask don't know man.
a fool for a client is my best friend's lover
a pierced scrotum aint no scrote at all
i wore a cape to high school muthafuckah
didn't need no thirty round clips
i had my muthafuckin 'tude dude
but when i saw veronica's eyes dive in between the battleship of lockers i softened like butter.
i'm talkin butter on the counter baby... not no refrigerated shit.
oysters on the half shell
all the cliches within her... were strangled.
stifled in an encumbered chunk of viscous buttery goo
encyclepedic knowledge was her forte`
her soul: darth vader
an insidious mixture of life... and gloom
dark roots reaching towards her grave
cumbersome breath.. her chest heaves anon - fertilized by rotting flesh
the leaves turn brown
they fall

Please, if you're not laughing, you should be (well, I did). This was something that three people wrote, everyone getting a turn. (yes I was one of them). I'm not sure which was me now.. :)
One good buzz

Crack is like god
god is my holly ate fitty
12 cylinders of burnin love
I'm not talkin nitris oxide
what is nitris oxide
it's my mechanistic synonym for crack
which is, if you recall - quite spiritual
i once read a pamphlet on democracy
they try to tell me how to be man
mutherfuckers don't know nuthin bout god
my shoes have walked miles - but not along YOUR trail
my girlfriend knows the path to the righteous
I see it clearly when she be frontin her tightses
bob dole ain got no holly
needs a muthafuckin pill to get that jolly
i love the way my tires squeel when I peel away down main street
is gasoline organic
cuz if it was - there wouldn't be no hunger
i'm sick and tired of watchin the man in drag
muthafucka aint got no style
my cooler - it don't keep my soda cool - and my uncle's a faggot
crack kills
crack kills

Oh man, that one still makes me laugh.
I did it again, today I did,
I wrote a nice poem,
and I sent it I did,
it bounced off the net,
and wound up in space,
there was a nice lady,
that stood in its place,
she beckoned and called,
I smiled and I waved,
I know I must know her,
her name is not dave..lol..
Yeah, ok..

A teardrop falls and splashes against the pavement. Gently in the breeze a leaf is dancing.
Whisked away on the whims of the innocent brought back down to earth on a blanket of
sadness as truth reveals itself.

Passages of time slip through the fingers of the careless. Mothers weeping, children starving,
no one left to see. A bitter harvest of empty promises and broken dreams. Shattered forever,
evil dancing on our remains.

Evil Love

I would rather die than be at your bekon call
Can't stand being forced up against the wall
Your daggers of hate cut way too deep for me
Living with you is living with never-ending misery
My biggest mistake was playing your wicked games
Couldn't see the truth through all your false claims
I'm much wiser now, your true colors have shown
In our ship of false love you are now sailing alone

another one..

little small spirit..
One day a lady, shall reach out and touch.
this little small spirit, that can offer her much....
patiently waiting, for that lady to find,
the comfy small spirit,, in the dark of her mind..
I wait in the darkness, I wait with my chill,
this little small spirit,, I wait for her still....
she still cannot see me,, though I hide with my spark,
that little small spirit,, the one in her dark....
patiently waiting,, been waiting for a time,
that this little small spirit,, can lite up her mind......
to join hands with forever,, and keep away the dark,
and go to that wonderful place,, that always has sparks...
she still cannot see me,, I wait for her to show,,
this little small spirit,, the one she should know.....
The first two stanzas of a three stanza song I plan to use in a story, sooner or later (the third has yet to be written)--

The water flutters
Even as the sun dies
Our wooden ship stutters
Under what infinite skies
The winds fly and push; the Sea is ahead!
To-night we soar, to-night we dread!

A White frown rise
Its face doth gleam
Our hearts we feel aggrandize
Our toils melt into dream
Brown tendrils strain, maudlin water cries!
Our Sails expand, our vessel flies!

And my attempt at love, as yet also unfinished--
(edit: okay, now it's finished)

In Our Dreams

I awake from lonely dreams
Reality and fantasy, now togethered by seams
Pull me from the earth; lift me to your face
Let us narrow what betweens little space
Can breath not wait while kisses smite?
As the moon sets early in winter night?

This frigid night with warmth we stave
We smite until effulgent day
Neither sleepy, neither tired
Once taciturn minds ablaze with fire.
The sun now rises, our separate lives spurn
In reality we depart but in dreams we return
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Watching from a distance
Longing for another existence
Watching as time slips by
Longing for paradise
Feelings as if all was in vain
The tears they fall like pouring rain

True love has left never to be found
Losing everything sadness abounds
Can't run can't hide
Adrift forever against the tide
The abyss of despair
Losing faith feeling scared
Watching from a distance
Longing for another existence
Watching as time slips by
Longing for paradise

The Battle

Facination with things that are not real. A battle fought in an imaginary field.
Masterminds of illusions, mascarade of the surreal. Its all a game that must
be played out. Wielding steel tipped words that mask the fear and the doubt.
Blood flows freely in a river overflowing with lying and deciet. The sun burns
hot, the dragon's fire has been unleashed.

and, EvilPoet, i love your stuff. *steals evil's pen and paper and mind*

being sufficiently inspired by you guys, i think i will write some poetry this afternoon. it's a good day for it. i just wish i had a fireplace to curl up in front of. darn it.
:) ooooh, i would love for you to do that. however, make sure it's not x-rated. ;)

btw...i did not know you were a writer.

:D :eek: :D oh, wait...you didn't mean, "build" me a poem. you meant..a fire. ok. well, i can handle that, too.
poem of love for pumpkin

I imagine you looking into my eyes 2nite and I get the feeling you feel the same way too
Im asking you why cant we b 2gether if we were destined to meet?
How can I live without you?
I ask myself..You & I both know we were fated to be.......
You keep me wondering and thats 1 more intriguing thing about you that makes me love you more....that, and the fact that you dont treat me like a whore
*cough* what can i say? that is beautiful AND brilliant. i can't, however tell if you are being serious or not...:p :D brilliantly beautiful. did you write that just now? i love your creativity, and, your usage of numerals to represent certain words. ha ha....now, i will leave you wondering if i am being serious or i am merely jesting.:)
*steals evil's pen and paper and mind*

I don't think so! *whacks pumpkins over the head with a
wetnoodle and takes back the stuff she tried to jack* :mad:

:cool: We now return you to the original topic ...
Happy hippy poetry

Happy hippy poetry, the kinda new agers write.
All about auras, crystals, and outer body flight.
Taking control, vitamins, rebirth, and killing ego.
Gurus talking, chanters chanting, and ufo's.
Enlightenment in a box. Healthy recipies for tofu.
For $29.95 you too can have your spirit renewed.

Acensions, dimentions, altered realities.
Incense, candles, and synchronicities.
Crystals broken, auras fizzled out.
Looking for answers to clear the doubt.
Self help, meditations, and soul cleansing.
Tantra, yin yang, and messages pending.
Be all you can be, change all that you can.
For $69.95 you can have an easy to follow plan.

I wrote something basically pornographic once, but I think it has value... should I post it? it's really really really gross....