a brief musical interlude

she is pretty popular with western audience. they eat this stuff up. it reminds me of halloween in a haunted house. it's not something i would really listen to though but it's great clubby music because it's got that hard vibrato/bass. i would definitely want to hear it in a club scene.

that's the thing, all music has it's context but i sure as heck wouldn't want to listen to it at home or cruising or during normal day to day. she is the lead of 2ne1.

honestly, i've listened to kpop girl groups and most of their songs are not that good, imo. their soloists are usually better. but in the time of taylor swift, selena, bieber, cyrus shallowest crap, that's what mainstream wants. for instance, out of all their songs, the hook on this one is great but it's better than their voices or i could care less about the lyrics. i don't even care to hear them for most of the song. i just want to listen to the beat which i don't think they did justice to. it's not their fault as much as the producer.

this song needs more of the beat to tell the story because their voices just drown it out. i also noticed all their voices don't blend well with this particular hook. they should have let just one or two take the lead and the rest backup. the flow is not right. well, there really isn't any.
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this is a decent song. it's happy, wholesome and their vocals are good.

big bang is another group that has a huge following.
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warning: pg-13 or more like 18 +

mark my words: kpop will take over the world eventually and be loved as much as american pop, r&b, hip-hop and rap.

they are not just nerdy, prim and proper stereotypes. no person really is. what kind of idiot thinks people only have one side to their personality or psyche? lmfao!

she's funny.

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you know how many people all over the world love kpop, k-dramas and asian sex symbols? a lot, guys too and growing everyday. ya'll didn't know about that, did ya? they even love it more than me. i'm just promoting it. lol

gone are the days of the short, asexual and unattractive asian male stereotype. you have a combo of brains, talent, money and looks. and the extra bonus with asian males, especially of the new generation? that seductive balance of masculine with sensitivity. what more could you ask for?

yeah, ya'll got some new competition. Get ready. lmfao!

some of these people have their posters all over the wall and they are not all teenagers. fangirls, fanboys and fan women and men. lol
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over 200 mil views. i get it, sort of, but especially why younger audiences would find it appealing or this type of music. it's fresh and has energy. also, they have good stylists/wardrobe and sets for their mv's; eye candy.

the reactions are funnier though.

I personally dont know exactly why bts has the following that it does. I think there are better kpop groups myself.

Big bang is another group that i think is better or a bit edgier and that might be the reason for the humongous fanbase of bts calling themselves the army as they can appeal to the largest audience. Don't get me wrong, bts is damn good but they aren't the only ones in kpop that are.

G-dragon of big bang is known for his eclectic costumes and weird style. I personally like their music better also.

theoretically, if i was a teenager, i would be part of fanclubing, complete with posters over g-dragon/bigbang and exo possibly. of course, people of all ages and backgrounds like their music as well.

bts is a bit too bubble-gummy in persona to me and their tracks are more reminiscent of heavy metal and pop influence whereas bigbang is more pop/r&b flow.

Honestly, its drop it like its hot and i can listen to their tracks in all contexts while cruising, cleaning house, on the job, in a mall, clubs/bars, or just chilling.
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i think they are more attractive too. the one with the husky voice: wow.

i like their voices. it's just better. *shrug*

their songs are just gorgeous.

they are hotter to look at, more listenable, their style and even wardrobe is edgier (love their clothing) and their voices are more interesting: in my opinion/evaluation.

of course, i would never say that to the army of bts fandom as i would be ripped to shreds because they are very beloved in their own way.

but i can't deny that when i hear most bts tracks that the first thought which pops into my head is 'you have got to be kidding me' since i cannot download most of their tracks and would never want to listen to them except in a nightclub scene.

but because of their more bubblegum or innocent persona/presentation, as a parent of a girl especially, i would be more comfortable with her fangirling over such a group.

from what i've noticed as a theme in just about every area of life is that the best is often not showcased, but good enough. sometimes, but rarely.

but that's not the case with everyone as their is diversity in tastes/genre as their are hordes of people who do listen to them all the time including other types of music i don't prefer such as heavy metal, country etc.
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he is also a good rapper. i like that backdrop of sassiness in his voice.

even their lamest (imo) songs are still enjoyable to listen to. it's got that cool edge to it.

i've never heard a bad song from them. they are really good to pretty good.
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most hated. this is an excellent good song too. there will be haters, ill-wishers and those jealous of your position or talent.

they are not saying the n word, it's an actual word (nega) in their language meaning you, me etc.

chinese has a similar word that means 'no', i think.
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no matter what, kids are kids all around the world and pop culture will be a bandwagon they will jump on. you can't expect kids not to. americans commercialize and want the world to buy their stuff and that's how they spread their influence and of course kids in other countries will be influenced as a result. they do it in america and other kids around the world are no different. interestingly though and often forgotten is most pop culture is produced by adults that are pulling the puppet strings and commercialized.

i like this group and how the their voices harmonize. they sound almost like a perfect recipe. they are disbanding for awhile as they will enter mandatory military service.

big bang (imo) represents the quintessential kpop.