a brief musical interlude

So after a while it's ok to add one?

Mute the first 50 seconds, unless you like Garrison Keillor's stage voice:

Chopin said, somewhere, that there is nothing more lovely than a guitar except, possibly, two guitars.

i luv this single. i really, really do.

here is his official.

i post a lot of clips of artists that i praise but i rarely subscribe. he's the first one i've subscribed to out of all those i've posted recently. that's how much i respect this artist and think he is special. he is also very entrepreneurial/self-starter.
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Yup. You just know a hot single when you hear it and they are right, it should be on the top 40. Jay park was recently signed to Jay-z's label. The korean wave; slowly but surely. Another asian-american. This one is korean.

He went through some thangs. One is he made some criticisms that did not go over well while in korea and essentially became blacklisted, came back to the states, ended up having to work in an auto garage and now he has the respect of both korean and americans high up in the music industry, even backing him. Very much a self-starter.
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There are too many kpop solo artists and groups to list but taeyang is a strong dancer and so is jaypark. They are both among the best rappers in kpop as well. Well, its down also to opinion but for more westernized palates. The truth is there are a lot of talented people out there, known/unknown, yet to be discovered and never will be. It comprises the whole gamut. Heck, i could sing amd dance when i was young and when i see kpop female groups and theoretically had i been born at the right/time and place, i could have done what they do and especially a much stronger/versatile dancer from what ive seen from most. But thats not the most important aspect as it is celebrating the ones that do make it and identifying with the artistic expression. There are so many that are not well-known but branch off in other areas. Scott kim is another asian-american who is a princeton grad who was a backup dancer in one of justin bieber's music video. He can also sing/rap. There are so many like that out there with some talent that are unknown or will be in the background. There are many factors and variables that go into destiny and especially fame. There is particular stage presence, charisma etc besides the issue of politics, timing etc. Hell, my son doesnt even want to be in the limelight and he can dance, rap and sing as well besides his composing and playing multiple instruments (primarily piano and violin but some sax and drums). He is into the production.

Jaypark is the first asian-american to be signed to roc nation but he is very talented. He deserves it just like the others that did/do, on the basis of talent itself. He did soar on the billboards.

Another recent single by chinese-canadian henry lau's 'that one' is also more westernized in style/tempo and fits current contemporary genre. Most kpop veers more electronic, eclectic or futuristic which i really like but its not marching to the exact beat to the west in tastes at all times.
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For any classical music lovers, listen to this chorus from Bach's St. J0hn Passion, at the 1hr 14:30 mark:

The choir I belong to performed this passion last night, and that chorus is the one we all enjoyed most of all, difficult though it is to sing.

It was a physically and emotionally draining experience and I could barely sleep last night, having so many earworms going round in my head. But great to have done it! Bach was such a genius: almost every number is packed with unexpected harmonies , rhythms and drama.

Aomg is a troupe jay park created which is basically a group of dancers, beatboxers and rappers. but he is also a good guy as he was the whistleblower on how some management teams would actually hit or berate dancers that made mistakes during choreography practice, even though it wasn't him as he is a gifted dancer, he still stood up for them. because of him, things changed in the industry in korea and they no longer do that because of the exposure but he was blacklisted for awhile for openly criticizing and condemning the practice. now, he is even more respected because of his character, not just his talent. jay park is one of, if not the best rappers, dancers and singers in kpop.

okay, WARNING: this is explicit. it's not explicit for most mainstream western audiences who have been exposed to music videos but it can be for some; there is a lot of skin exposed and twerking. this is like an underground scene/party. this is still risque for mainstream korean audiences but not for americans. it's not surprising since he grew up in the states: seattle.

this is basically just rap.

here he is being more innocent.

dance version is better

family friendly review
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there are so many of them. it's kind of cute though that there are so many kpop groups. i kind of see kpop also similar to an accessory/artistic background/expression and it provides a platform/ opportunities for young people with talent to express/showcase.

i like how they are just named a combination of letters or numbers like 2pm, vav, got7 etc. it's unfussy, clean, and to the point. why? because there are too many of them! but that's the ingenious part. it is actually true: the more the merrier.

the reason there are more clips of male kpop bands are because they tend to be better dancers overall. they tend to go more hardcore. the female kpop groups are mostly for their looks and of course, they can sing. there are very good female dancers (professional backup or choreographers) but they are not always the ones in the spotlight for that reason.

this whole genre has a place as they fill a niche. it's sort of like when you walk into a hipster clothing store in a mall and the background music fits. this frigging glitter is necessary and it's best light and breezy like whipped cream. it's 'pretty' modern noise (beats elevator music, that's passe), it makes sense in the context, fits current culture/landscape and i want it there like flowers in a vase or a mural on a wall.
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i would say this is more appealing/mainstream to koreans or asia modern style.

artistically, this is straight dope but i wouldn't be able to jam to this on a playlist. some songs are just too male oriented yet there are songs that seem geared toward males only that anyone can relate to but this one, even though the beat is sick, can't add it.

it's not the lyrics but the beat/tempo which can be appreciated artistically but still not able to personally make it on one's own playlist.
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This is a win for the Town
This is a win for Korea
This is a win for Asian Americans
This is a win for the overlooked and underappreciated
This is a win for genuine ppl who look out for their ppls
This is a win for hard work and dedication
This is a win for honesty and authenticity
Thank you for the acknowledgement and recognition Just gettin' started

jay park's instagram comment after signing with roc nation. this guy is brave as he does and will face quite a bit racism and prejudice in the industry in america.

the criticisms are usually along the lines of how asians should not be rapping or singing western style because it's appropriating culture yet he was born and raised in seattle.

these type of racist comments and opinions are said openly/flippantly and disrespectfully as if it's not. society is hard-headed to adjust or change.

and why can't asians rap? evidently they can and do. and why can''t asians sing western style songs? they obviously can and do. lmao.

i don't know about other westernized countries because i did not grow up in them but america is the most prejudiced as far as ethnicity or race particularly against northeast asians (chinese, korean, japanese). that is not an opinion. it is a well-known fact. no, it's not african-americans (that's in the past, not in the 20/21st century). it has been north-east asian because they are considered the most different. fact.

warning: not pc.

let me explain culturally why that is using the term 'swag' common in dance lingo. professional dancers know if you have too much or only swag, you can lose in polish or precision.

americans are overly and proudly big on swag, sloppiness (as cool), and general irreverence to an almost dumbed-down extent but not so much on precision/polish in their mainstream culture and so naturally northeast asians are not viewed as having as much swag as more fecund ethnicities such as african-americans, south americans, and to some extent south-east asians, particularly filipinos. caucasians are not part of the criticism since they run the show.

it's going to be more difficult for northeast asians to be respected or accepted in mainstream entertainment industry because there are more cultural and nuanced differences between northeast asian culture/ethnicity and mainstream american culture.

BUT: americans are also a progressive, eclectic and ever-evolving culture (and with varied subcultures as well as types of people) so there are many americans who do like kpop or can appreciate it.
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case in point: this all because he wore dreadlocks. that's how petty. nevermind, when others buy hair that's not theirs. i mean it's just hair. people can't wear a certain hairstyle?

one realizes that you have to be very careful to NOT take americans seriously, generally speaking.

the openly racist commentary is common against northeast asians particularly. that's not just blacks but also whites as well as hispanics speak this way about asians as not 'one of them'.

actually, they kind of sometimes gang up in a group which makes them look very stupid from an asian or the other's point of view. they look like a misshapen assortment of odd/blemished/reject fruit. the reason why is because they are too disgusting to realize or notice their own faults. it doesn't matter if their group consists of idiots, craven or ugly themselves just as long as they are not asian, they think they are superior.

for instance:

They all look the same to me. If someone tells me aliens look like asians, I will believe them in a heartbeat. Those slanted eyes give me the creeps

and such:

I feel sorry for some of these delusional kpop fans....be a fan of a group of people who imitate and copy stereotypes of blacks....absolutely idiotic....

These people have proven time and time again that they are only good at doing 3 things....lying, copying and being racist....some of you need to wake up...

because this obviously is not racist (to them) but it's totally okay to be racist toward northeast asians specifically in america, right? though a retort did reveal the hypocrisy.

and it would be absolutely wrong to fire back something ugly using negative stereotypes since all ethnicities and cultures have them, right?

it's considered wrong because americans assume they are better than others and therefore entitled to judge others with impunity. that's how the average american thinks. literally.

hmm, just saw my asian doctor today and she ain't appropriating anyone's culture. not everyone is interested in wearing dreadlocks or listening to rap. omg, that's the worst offense anyone can do.

I hope you were never a fan of rock, pop, jazz, rap or r&b sung by a single white person because chile I hate to break it to you but Justin, Adele, Ariana, Bieber, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Backstreet Boys, NSync, Britney Spears, and pretty much 90% of all the white artists you stan? They a group of people who imitate and copy stereotypes of blacks.

Absolutely idiotic.

americans are not innocent: at all. just as there are some good people, there are many nasty, hypocritical, prejudiced, rude, cruel/mean, spiteful, ill-wishing people of all races too. it's actually pretty hard not to become a racist in america because there are so many of them as the dynamic goes that when you are mistreated or denigrated, it produces the same reaction in the other and vice-versa.

i'm not even going to include northeast asians as being the most racist or just as racist because i've not seen that, as people try to claim. there are racist asians but in general, they are not as cruel about it. they are just not as petty as other races and that is what i've noticed. repeatedly.

They are not about going around and getting their jollies off of denigrating, gossiping incessantly, using nasty slurs and putting people down. if they don't want to deal with a race, that's just it but i've noticed other races love to berate other races as much as they can like it's some type of hobby. they are a lot more petty about it. so in that sense, there is a difference in that asians tend to be more mature, generally, from what i've noticed and there is a qualitative difference.

let me reiterate just how obnoxious americans actually are: they are lucky that they have as much power/land/military to be as obnoxious/nasty/ annoying/ stupid as they are because they can really try your patience since they are a really spoiled and nasty bunch of people (majority; not everyone but still it's true) who mouth off constantly/stupidly/carelessly with no conscience and if they didn't have as much power and protection, anyone who is sane or has half a brain would want to beat the living shit out of them until lights out.

granted, we all do it sometimes but even i have more conscience generally about what i say than most americans from what i've noticed/experienced.

You'll have "rappers" in a korean hip-hop/pop group that are scared to come to the US because they are scared of black people.

it's too bad that so many idiots in america have so much power to influence mainstream society with thier goddamn stupid opinions/mouthpiece that everyone else with a few more brain cells has to navigate their constant shit.

this is a typical person you want to slap because they don't have to ever think. as if a rapper in korea can make a career in america with all the prejudice. why would they want to? the whole thread was pretty much racist, degrading, disrespectful and attacking (this is considered normalcy). as if this bitch who was denigrating them from getgo would give them a welcome. jay park was the first to be signed to a major label and it's 2018.

A lot of their choreographers in KPOP are black or have stolen moves from blacks and they steal a lot of fashion from black Americans, especially the street fashion

wow. americans are a very jealous/spiteful type of people. i've noticed that. they are extremely petty too. and they are upset why? no, the street fashion and general fashion is not exactly the same.

if they see someone with slanted eyes and light skin, then it's stealing but if they are brown with round eyes, it's not. if someone is hispanic, then it's not stealing, for instance.

that's what i've noticed all throughout growing up in america that i've found to be odd is that a country that is so blessed with resources and land yet the people are the pettiest. that never made much sense to me.

i've noticed americans are very jealous and spiteful people which is a contradiction to their excess.

but asians don't care if others eat asian cuisine, use chopsticks, enjoy kpop, watch asian dramas, use asian products etc. because it does not infringe on our or other's lives/culture or right to do or choose what they want.

do these people not understand the conept of commerce and trade? why are they offended instead of being flattered?

would it be better if asians said all your shit is unworthy? why is it that when others like or take an interest in asian culture whether it's dramas, music, cuisine, fashion etc, asians are generally are happy about the cultural interest or exchange.

do you know how many people watch kdramas, listen to kpop, eat asian cuisine, use chopsticks, korean-made electronics, and recently asian botanical skincare? asians are not angry about it.

they are happy about it as well as sharing a bit of their own culture with the world and that seems to be a more healthy reaction.

what the fuk is wrong with these people, that they don't want anyone else to know about, keep all aspects of their culture to themselves or not be inspired at all by their culture?
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but overall it may be best this way. in that there is an over-arching cultural exchange on the commerce/trade level but there are different currents in the stream that don't cross. i don't think it is all that necessary that asians have to make it in american entertainment industry, especially mainstream, as it's a much seedier scene in america and a lot more corrupting influences. there is a lot more negative, perverse or stupid forms of peer pressure in america whereas in korea, being straight for the most part is the name of the game.

it may actually be a blessing in disguise for asians to just go to asia to represent asian artists and it make sense overall. in korea, besides the fact it's more strict, the celebrities have to follow a schedule of training and staying in good health. essentially, eat healthy, get proper rest and exercise so you show up on time to your projects/appointments and can deliver. they are also more careful of their reputation and all those seedy relationships and hook-ups that american celebrities engage in that are all sorts of a mess, korean celebrities don't. they don't because they are smarter and the good thing is in korea it's like living in a small town as everyone knows everyone so you can't easily get away with it either. so their conservative culture in that aspect is healthier. i mean, of course there are people who cheat etc but it's just not viewed with the same type of soddom and gommorah audacity/praise like in america.

in america, it's even celebrated or seen as cool to be as shallow and slutty in relationships or it's not viewed with negative judgement or criticisim which is actually a problem. actually, come to think about it honestly, american mainstream culture and ethics is pretty much trashy overall. there are things korea shouldn't emulate about western maintream culture.

they are also more down to earth/realistic in that it's a profession/job and not the inflated egos of celebrities in america to unrealistic proportions. it's a lot more healthier, retains realism and sanity.

in korea, it's a job, they don't cowtow to the whims of celebrities. that's actually grounding and healthy.

i know right no what makes american hip hop good is mofos coming at your ass. unlike korea where mofos are scared to diss another group or create a beef. they talk that childish s#$ like flowers in your hair and i want to give you a hug type of music. what grown ass person actually talks like that. dont get me started on the flower boy groups who flame like a bonfire at a texas a&m game soft and moist like a mutha. i think i need to re-title kpop and call it moist ass music.

the opposite is true. this is exactly what korea needs to retain or any culture in that you appropriate or emulate the good and leave the garbage. it's good if asian culture retains some innocence, conservatism etc. american mainstream culture is pretty much garbage and so are most groups of people unless you are dealing with very educated, ethical and serious people. that's just the unfortunate truth.

you know a culture is garbage when the public promotes things like 'girls gone wild' (what decent parent would be okay with that?) or 'gangbanging' videos are considered normal and use of profanity is acceptable and considered normal speech. there is also a bizarre focus on having a huge ass or just asses in general to an inordinate extent like it's the most important or valuable trait a person can possess. no joke: like if god was handing out brains or asses, people would choose more ass, that sort of thing. absolutely devolving and utterly stupid culture.

there is just a general lack of refined or real manners, care or respect in mainstream culture and if you do operate that way, you will be run over. only place you won't will be if you are in charge or happen to be dealing with evolved people.

mind you about the hidden backdrop and the ones with the real power though: yup, white people. well, not all white people, there is white trash in power too.
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asians will rap because they can. it's as simple as that. if rap was just meant for one ethnicity, then it wouldn't be able to be emulated. asians can rap in english as well as in their own language. just because one invents socks, doesn't mean others don't have feet.

they are utterly stupid. not these rappers, the ones who criticize/hate them because they are asian. i would be flattered as it means that what my culture/ethnicity has produced artistically has spread worldwide and influencing others.
90% of their ideal girls (the males) are white women and they follow majority white people and the occasional black mega-star like Beyonce/Nicki/Rihanna online but for the most part want nothing to do with your average black person.

just like americans do.

At the same token, this is also the environment where the person with the "whitest" features is heralded as the best looking and put on a pedestal and people go through serious plastic surgery to look like nothing like their former selves and closer to the white people they love so much.

why northeast asians specifically targeted only amazes me consistently. i'm amazed at the patience of northeast asians in america with all the annoying bullshit they have to be subjected to constantly by not just whites but all other ethnicities because northeast asians are the cultural scapegoats in america.

this is the same in america and still, not all koreans or asians have plastic surgery or whiten their skin or get eye surgery. not everyone cares about that either, either way, anyways! most asians i know have not had plastic surgery. i was born with white skin and with double eyelids. many asians are. pfft!!

this stereotype is some fuking annoying shit that any asian with light skin or double eyelids must have had surgery.

this assumption that asians are trying to look white is insulting because it that were true, they would all be going in for boob implants, rhinoplasty to make their noses larger, restructure their forehead etc and that is NOT what they do. in fact, what i've noticed is that asians try to look like the most attractive asians naturally just like caucasians get plastic surgery to look like the most attractive causasians. there are plenty of asians that are born pale and with double eyelids as well as very symmetrical features and that is mostly what i see emulated most. yes, they color their hair but everybody likes to change their haircolor and have fun with it.

I don't think blacks who enjoy kpop are automatic race-traitors/c00ns though. You're allowed to like whatever you like but I say be prepared for the consequences of it. Recognize that kpop is not built with "black fans" in mind, it's built for other Asians who like black culture but prefer it with a white/asian face-same reason a lot of white girls like it (also the expectation that they can easily attract a kpop star if given the chance) Kpop acts have BEEN wearing dreads and cornrows/braids...go back to 90s kpop and take a look...just now that they are trying to go "global" people are seeing and calling them out on it. When I lived in Asia I listened to kpop/jpop cause it's impossible to not hear it but I could never support it because of the racism. Black kpop fans never help themselves though...and in my experience, they are the type to seek validation in approval from others and are using Asian men is more a crutch than anything...it's the only reason why you have grossly obese black women (and white women) throwing themselves at Korean men or korean stars....but that's a whole other topic.

everything in this statement is a lie or subversive. for instance, though kpop is of course not geared specifically toward blacks as if that's a crime but it's not if white artists do the same. i'll explain the blatant hypocrisy below and why. black people can be very racist as anyone else and they just target another ethnicity or race as a scapegoat. the ones that aren't like that don't have small minds and that's why they go global and work with others that are of different ethnicities and cultures as well as in other countries. why not? it's business and they can make money and it spreads commodities.

the poor thing could never support it because of the racism. oh my. because it's so racist if asians do not specifically gear their music toward blacks if they use any aspect of it but ignore and give a pass to everyone else, specifically whites or maybe hispanics its okay as well because they are brown? they tend to be gangsta anyways? i don't know their stupid logic. again, it's asians who are the most singled out in this way.

the last part is the funniest because the truth is the opposite. they are projecting because grossly obese women throw themselves at african-american men because they tend to prefer thicker women in general, not korean men and certainly not asian men in general. those are not the types to be attracted to asian men, anyways. the truth is if a female is attracted to an asian male or is not opposed to dating an asian male, they tend to be professionals. not always but in general.

a lot of black people have this master type mentality still with caucasians that they will not target the hand that feeds and abused them, sort of thing, even if they do the same appropriating aspects of culture because they have more a history and close intertwined/symbiotic/interdependent relationship, especially african-americans, so they target other ethnicities.

asians understand the value of commercialism pretty well though and are pretty naive to much of this small-minded pettiness and resentment. they just think it's 'cool' and buy it up or get inspired by it and make it their own or add their own twist. actually, that's normal but i suppose some blacks don't want aspects of their culture to be celebrated around the world because they have thier heads stuck that far up their asses, they can't see it's a beautiful thing and it's actually a compliment. it's more that people like the above who are blind, their perspective is small and don't help themselves. well, they help themselves but it has to be in context of that black power/panther type values. it's sort of their own version of nationalism or black nationalists so they view those blacks that go outside of that circle or widen that circle or world to be not helping themselves because it's not exclusively about or benefiting blacks primarily only. well, it does too but they are too stupid to see it in the larger context.

for instance, others are taking shitty aspects of gangsta culture and you have young impressionable kids the world over emulating that and it's glorified to the level of mainstream acceptance/respectability, even in other cultures and countries and you are fuking upset about that????!!!

in some ways, they should feel guilty or concerned or put a warning label like this is not the way people should live or it's just mostly hype and bravado for most westerners but no, they want to down others turning something shit into something beautiful or considered acceptable.

people's stupidity knows no bounds and what i mean by that is how one side assumes the erroneous and ignorant stance of 1) offended and 2) not registering the wider implications and how it's basically extolling african-american culture worldwide and being celebrated.

and these bitches and assholes are offended. that's what i mean by amazing level of stupidity.
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alternately, i don't know why their performance was praised so much as it wasn't really that good. also, there are a lot better kpop groups but they are the most popular at the moment like mcdonalds. who can't handle fries and a soda?

i personally don't 'seriously' listen to most kpop as it's bubble gum music to me but i do appreciate the genre for what it is. i like it as background noise especially.

actually, i don't listen to most mainstream music. but i promote it as a cultural phenomenon.

you can watch a music video and notice it's artistic or creative merit or notice the talent of certain artists even if it's not something you personally would listen to but just as a producer or scout, you just know that it's marketable. that's how artists think. you don't have to personally like it all. you can still be detached as in not specifically to your taste but still praise and still want to promote it.
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I like a little more sophistication:
Pat Metheny and Toots Thielemans - Always And Forever 1992
i agree elevator music is relaxing though. i'm not posting these because they are all to my personal taste. i'm just doing free promotion.

you can hear why these did well in the states as it had that kind of hook. me like yuh (english version) is a better track, though it wasn't as popular.
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